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Search results

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    Joe Bonamassa signature Tele............

    Sure, and I‘m not hacking, but at least Joe Strummer did make memorable music and wrote tunes that are still known 30+ years later Anyway, the point is cash commands....and if someone is buying this it looks lime there‘s a market for it
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    $4k budget for a resonator... which should I get?

    This holds true for me for all „important $$“ guitars. I would only buy 400$ Epis or stuff like that sight unseen
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    $4k budget for a resonator... which should I get?

    Vintage National Style 0 would be my preference
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    Dealers who ignore or do not respond to emails or messages

    I believe many dealers are just fed up with nonsense emails all over the place from „buyers“ that have too much time to loose...if I see something that seriously interests me and it’s not local I call the dealer or the seller to get a feeling with who I‘m dealing. The same if I have something to...
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    Strap buttons: what do you use? Which are the best?

    On my vintage guitars the original ones with rubber washers. Otherwise the Gotoh 17mm or Bass string holders like on Precision Basses
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    Practicing unplugged

    I play unplugged almost daily in the evening as I rarely can start before 10pm
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    TeleBird built...

    might be the same ones, the seller has ash, alder and poplar bodies. Didn‘t think of the weight of ash.... thanks
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    Guitars with no personality

    From the big names to me it‘s PRS. Alwys wanted to like the McCarty seeing David Grissom and Jess Franklin playing one, but never bonded...too beautiful, too precious for me. But for sure great guitars
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    335 pot installation- Satan was behind this

    Damn....just ordered some pups for my Casino. Doesn‘t sound like fun installing them :)
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    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    That would interest me too...my Peerless has some 12K pickups and wondering if the nwe ones are lower output
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    Gasing for a 330 best option?

    Gassing for a 330 myself, but never could find one at a decent price and never wanted to shell out those big bucks for one. So still quite happy with my korean Casino
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    Tele or 335 style?

    Having both as well as Strats and Les Pauls, I like the 335 and Teles better. If you settle on two guitars those two will take you everywhere. That said I generally play a Firebird ;)
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    Have you ever bought back a guitar you sold?

    No, but I would buy back the Oxblood Jeff Beck Les Paul I sold years back
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Honestly? Kinda bored because of this whole Covid...and measured them and they measure about 12 K and it seems all „experts“ agree that is too high for a P90 to sound right. Otherwise like I said initially I like the sound quite well...
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    Epi Casino pickups

    That‘s my thought too...over the years I tried and had lost of so called boutique stuff and in the end it‘s not much of a difference, at least in my ears
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    TeleBird built...

    Thanks for the inputs...still not started yet.. but beeing in europe I will not buy in the US as import taxes and fees are way too high. We have quite a few good sources for electronics and pickups over here. It should be a fun project and cost as such...so before I won‘t find a nice lefty tele...
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Thanks so far. Like stated I want to avoid the US boutiqe stuff as over here in europe it gets way high pricewise. So Duncan or Gibson are way cheaper and easier to come by
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Yes I saw those, it‘s just where I live I can find Gibsons and Duncans or Di Marzios easily and priced right. Buying online overseas is just overkill for a set of pickups..200$ plus about 30$ shipping sums up at over 300 with customs etc.
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    Epi Casino pickups

    Just measured the pickups in my 02 Epi Casino (it‘s a Peerless) and they run about 12 K...I know I read here somewhere that one cannot easily install aftermarkets like Duncans or Gibson P90‘s in a Casino due to different spacings of the poles. I just cannot find the thread here... now would it...
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    How long does (did) it take you and your band to setup for a gig?

    Depending on the beer.....;) But seriously about one hour
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    I've got an itch for a Flying V, but ...

    I once had a stunning Hamer Korina Vector that was the s%&t! But I believe those are running quite high these days
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    NGD: 2020 Epiphone Casino Worn Ebony

    Nice guitar! I just played my old MIC Casino and whenever I play it I just can‘t believe how great these cheap guitars are!
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    what is the most expensive guitar you'd take to a gig

    Fortunately I own a few vintage guitars as well as vintage amps and I gig (oretter, gigged before f“§€“§g corona) all of them regularly. But I carry stuff in my car and don‘t live in a particular dangerous place...
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    Where are your guitars kept?

    a few hanging on the walls of my bedroom and stairway, a few on a multi stand. I like it to have them just to grab and play