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Search results

  1. M@tt C

    Amp that offers both Fender and Marshall sounds?

    Friedman Runt 50, or a more boutique solution is an older PWE Event Horizon 2 with the Fender clean channel (some were voiced with a Marshall clean). Had a Runt, now own a PWE. Both are exactly what you're looking for. Both can be had used well south of $2k.
  2. M@tt C

    Amp Doctors in NE Ohio

    Another vote for Beamish, but yes- you'll wait a while.
  3. M@tt C

    Sold Scumback 20w M75 PVCs for Scumback 65w BM75s

    I have a really nice pair of 8 ohm 20 watt Scumback M75 PVCs, and I'm looking to swap for two 8 or 16 ohm 65 watt BM 75s. Thanks!
  4. M@tt C

    PWE/Stevenson/Event Horizon Enthusiasts Thread - Part IV

    Hey PWE guys....I have a 100 watt PWE EH2 on the way! I'm not sure of the year, but it has Tachyon and Hyperion switches, the gain switch, blow channel plus the NFB, deep, and presence controls. Super stoked! I had the same exact 50 watt version several years ago, but sold it to fund a Kemper...
  5. M@tt C

    Non Marshall/EVH amps that do the "brown sound"?

    PWE Event Horizon can get pretty brown...... other suggestions above are also excellent choices too! Another is the 3rd Power Citizen Gain.
  6. M@tt C

    Hey guys, I bought a new guitar strap. Show us yours!

    Picked this El Dorado up a few weeks ago for my birthday......
  7. M@tt C

    New! Schecter Traditional Van Nuys

    Schecter is awesome!
  8. M@tt C

    PWE Event Horizon speakers

    Yeah, I spent the past several months getting everything dialed to work well with my now-sold Runt 50! I hate to give up on the Scumbacks (they are just FANTASTIC) but everything points to a brighter speaker being the better match. I might go with a G12M/ V30 combo to start as the G12M is...
  9. M@tt C

    PWE Event Horizon speakers

    Necro thread.....but I now have a 100 watt EH 2 on the way and am figuring out what to do regarding speakers. My Splawn straight 4x12 is loaded with Scumback M75 PVCs on top and G12Ms on the bottom, and my EVH 2x12 has a pair of G12Ms (yes, I like greenbacks!). I have a pair of V30s plus a G12H...
  10. M@tt C

    EVH 412 - stupid question about the variations

    The EVH 2x12 cabs have G12H30 anniversary speakers in ‘em.
  11. M@tt C

    Go Wolfie!

    Loved it!
  12. M@tt C

    Sold J Rockett Rockaway Archer

    Killer OD/ EQ all in one! In good shape, no issues, pre-velcro'd for your pedalboard mounting pleasure. Can be removed before shipping if you like. $160 PayPal'd and shipped
  13. M@tt C

    Sold Friedman Runt 50 Head

    bump, and thanks!
  14. M@tt C

    Sold Friedman Runt 50 Head

    Great amp- just interested in moving on to something else. Near mint condition, smoke free home! Footswitch and Egnater padded amp cover included (It's a bit big but works great). $1350 + $100 shipping Would consider a trade +/- $ for a channel switcher in the modded Marshall or Soldano...
  15. M@tt C

    Sold Rocktron Chameleon Preamp **Now $275 Paypal'd and Shipped!**

    I have a very clean and fully functional Rocktron Chameleon for sale. These super flexible preamp/ FX units are getting harder to find and sound really, really good. I bought this to use at rehearsal and as a backup, but ended up going a different route. Power supply included. New...
  16. M@tt C

    Mezzabarba Skill 30 vs. Friedman Runt 50

    Hey all, I have a Runt 50, but am always scoping out options. Mezzabarba amps are hitting my radar, specifically the Skill 30. Versatility in a reasonably sized package is key for me. Not a fan of full sized heads, which is why the Skill 30 intrigues me. What I like/ need: Clean and OD...
  17. M@tt C

    Steve Vai Can Do It With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

    Wow......just......wow. Incredible, and inspiring!!
  18. M@tt C

    Lukather’s new album .. plays Bridge of Sighs

    I downloaded the album yesterday.....Love it. He does his own thing even on the covers- which is fine by me!
  19. M@tt C

    Super nice PRS strat facsimile coming out

    I really like that....
  20. M@tt C

    In praise of the Peavey Rockmaster

    You can't switch channels without the a foot switch. I got a 2 button one with a TRS cable for $30 from Stew Mac. Shoulda got an LED version though for live use. If you're interested in mine let me know. Side note....there was a thread in the Amps and Cab section about James Brown, the noted...
  21. M@tt C

    Unsung Hero: James Brown of Peavey/Kustom/Amptweaker

    Wow, what a cool thread! I knew James was associated with the 5150, but had no idea he was that prolific. I recently picked up a Rockmaster preamp, and it rips- nice to know the design was from someone so well thought of!