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Search results

  1. A

    whats the smallest amp you've ever gigged with (and how)

    Pignose miked up. Worked nice but somehow I couln‘t hear myself on stage :)
  2. A

    What's a fast 12" speaker?

    Celestion Classic Lead
  3. A

    Thoughts on this 76 Marshall on Reverb

    A few mods...I believe you could find an up to 73 JMP non master volume head for that amount, and that‘s a whole other amp, at least IMO.
  4. A

    Attenuator question

    When I played a Master Volume Marshall JMP with an attenuator I always cranked the Master and generally also cranke the pre :) IMO that‘s what attenuators are for. Power tube saturation, which you will not get with the Master turned down...but maybe I‘m wrong...
  5. A

    Favorite Bedroom Tube Amp

    SF Vibro Champ and a Gibson/Maestro GA45 that sounds just spectacular and extremely fat at low volumes
  6. A

    ? For those who use two amps

    Lehle or Radial - these work greatly from my experience The cheap ones can be a hit or miss...maybe they will work nicely, but maybe they will drive you nuts with noise and hum...playing two amps is a beautiful experience. Try one running your effects into and the other completely dry
  7. A

    School me on the Mesa Mk I... reissue?

    Had a couple of those in the early 90‘s. Great amps. I did run mine with 2 EL34 and 2 6V6 (when in tweed mode). As for value I think around 1k must be good to find one. But beware....they are small but feel like glued to the floor....HEAVY!
  8. A

    derek trucks and his current amps

    I think it depends on the venue. A SR in a smaller club or rehearsal room is a loud beast, but put it up on a big, open stage with lots going on and you struggle to hear it. I had the fortune to play bigger stages and had to put my 50W JMP Marshall or my SR running on 8 in the monitors as I...
  9. A

    derek trucks and his current amps

    Just watched the Fireside sessions....wow..great in the stripped down version. Looks like a Pro Reverb or Vibrolux to me...I belive a Twin would be overkill in that environment
  10. A

    Does anyone here use head amp wider than cabinet (i.e. kind of like a T)?

    I had a2x12 narrower than my Marshall head. Sound was great but I hated the look so I got another cab. I know it‘s stupid....
  11. A

    pretty much says it all about the super reverb.

    Have my 68 SR for about 25 years now and it‘s the only amp I never ever even remotely thought of selling.
  12. A

    What happens if you become content with your gear?

    You spend more time playing than hanging on forums like this one ;)
  13. A

    celestion classic lead 80 experts... please school me

    Yes there were GB versions. Had a couple of those in late 80‘s/early 90‘s in a 2x12 cab with a Marshall JMP 50 W head. Those were the first reissues of th G12 80 speakers. Great speakers, loud, and kinda unforgiving, almost like the EV. As for china vs. GB I believe most are urban legends. They...
  14. A

    Speaker sensitivity ( 97db vs 100 db )

    I don‘t have a direct experience with this combo, but once I had a 2x12 loaded with V30‘s and a 4x12 loaded with Blackbacks (the 70‘s Greenbacks). With the same amp, same volume, the 4x12 was lower in perceived volume than the 2x12...but I often set up two amps in stereo where one is lower in...
  15. A

    The Mighty Micro Cube

    Had one, loved it and also used it at a gig once with my Reso using the direct out. Worked flawlessly. Perfect amp for home use an jamming along with music
  16. A

    Help. I need an attenuator for my Super Reverb

    I used a 4Ohm HotPlate for years with my SR and i worked fine and was also said to be safe by THD. Opposed to that I also had an Ultimate Attenuator with the special 2 Ohm switch that let me down two times of two I used it. Nothing really bad but some conmection fried in the amp....
  17. A

    Do you prefer an attenuator or a pedal for at home low volume overdrive/distortion?

    Pedal on a small tube amp for me, because it‘s simplier and to me attenuators are there for cutting just a litlle bit of volume in big amps for band-playing
  18. A

    A good bedroom amp for $600 or less

    600 is a lot for a bedroom amp. If it was me I would go for a SF VibroChamp. A few pedals and you‘re set Otherwise between the Katanas, Yamahas, Roland Cubes you have nice amps for little $ and modern features like aux in to play along, integrated effects etc
  19. A

    Favorite "cheap" amp?

  20. A

    Tremolo not working properly

    So I might check with a new tube...if it‘s not working I might bring it to a tech...
  21. A

    Tremolo not working properly

    Didn‘t think about the caps...I always thought bad caps make the amp also sound weak, which isn‘t the case. I changed the caps a few years back and the amp sounds strongan bold
  22. A

    Tremolo not working properly

    In my ancient Maestro GA45 the tremolo is not working properly anymore. When I switch it on it stays deep and nice for a second then flattens much and is barely audible anymore. Could it just be the tube? Beeing a strang 6SQ7 tube I don‘t have a spare but wanted some input before buying. Or...
  23. A

    Speakers are everything

    Never understood the bad rep of V30‘s...Great speakers and not only for high gain
  24. A

    What is the best Combo amp for all around gigging clubs

    Alessandro Working Dog. I played a Rottweiler once and regret very much not buying it. GREAT sound and extremely lightweight due to the Neo speaker that was in it
  25. A

    Looking for a good 8 inch speaker

    Absolutely great speakers