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    Effect pedal repair?

    Hey there, I've got a Zendrive and I think it has a chip is blown, it lights up but no sound output. I've tried calling around in my area, Denver metro, but so far I haven't been able to locate anyone who does those sorts of repairs. I emailed Hermida audio a few days ago and I've yet to hear...
  2. C

    anyone have the fender supersonic schematic?

    I bought one recently and am thinking of doing some tube swapping,anyone have the schematic?
  3. C

    static coming from my deluxe reverb amp

    I've got a fender deluxe reverb and you can hear a low noise static coming from it within a few minuets of turning on the amp.it's not very loud and it can't be heard once i start playing but when i stop playing it's there.any idea what's causing it?it not a buzzing sound,it definitely sounds...
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    opinions on the fender super sonic combo

    i'm thinking about picking one of these up today and was just hoping to get some feedback from ss owners.are there any known reliability issues or any other known problems with this amp?i'd like to get some pro's and cons.thanks
  5. C

    Ever used a real tortoise shell pick?

    So i was over a friend of mines yesterday and he shows me this old tortoise shell he picked up at an antique store.he also plays guitar and told me he planned on using the shell to make picks.He had already made one and let me use it on my acoustic,man what awesome attack and tone you get from...
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    help: loud humming noise coming from my mcsoapie

    I have a mccarty soapbar with lollar p90's.the originals were replaced about 6 months ago.anyways everything had been great with this guitar until a gig the other night where all of a sudden i was getting this fairly loud buzzing noise coming from my guitar while in either the neck or bridge...
  7. C

    japanese rosewood telecaster reissue

    Anyone familiar with these guitars?there is one for sale near me and i'm real interested.the guy claims it's like an early 90's,but he's not completely sure.does anyone know if the japanese models were considered decent and is the body made of all rosewood or is it part basswood like most...
  8. C

    opinions on the les paul jr please

    I've never played one but have heard some good things about them.i've got a guy who has an 80's reissue model that in pictures looks good,just wondering if it has the sound and feel that will be to my liking.he wants to trade my strat for,I'd just like to know what the value of an 80's lp jr...
  9. C

    So i'm thinking about a gold pickguard on a red strat

    I have a candy apple red eric johnson strat and the brite white pickguard dosen't work for me,tried mint green as well and although a better look...the green isn't what i want either.now i'm thinking the gold anodized pickguard might look cool...any opinons?
  10. C

    So my EJ strat is terribly noisy....help.

    I just picked up an eric johsnon strat and although it's a great guitar it buzzes like a behive,especially when i hit overdrive.i know there are ways to shield it but i'm not very tech savy and would appreciate any advice on an easy way to quiet the beast down.thanks
  11. C

    how can i get more headroom out of my custom vibrolux reverb?

    This is a nice amp that breaks up too easily,i was wondering aside from speakers what could i do to open it up a little more,maybe different tubes or something.thanks
  12. C

    tone pot value question on les paul's

    I recently picked up a 95 lp standard and it's totally stock.Was wondering what the tone pot value on stock lp's were at that time,was it 250 or 500?thanks
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    what do you guys think of gfs pick ups?

    I'm thinking about upgrading the pick ups on my start and tele and have been shopping around.I stumbled upon the guitarfetish website....can't beat those prices,but is it a case of you get what you pay for or are these the real deal.i'd appreciate any feedback from people who have bought them.thanks
  14. C

    your opinions on the Ibanez artist(vintage)

    There is one for sale in my neck of the woods that I am considering buying because i've heard quite a few good things about the axe.For those in the know what are your views on these and what is a fair price to pay for a curly mapled top example from1982?I also noticed that this model has dots...