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    I want a new pedal but not sure what

    Get a delay. Opens up whole new avenues to your sound.
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    Does the perfect Delay stompbox exist?

    Different strokes for different folks.
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    Best Noiseless pickup for a strat

    Reverse-Wound, Reverse Polarity Basically the result of reversing the winding (and thus the polarity) of the middle pickup and then combining it in series with either the neck or bridge pickup, resulting in effectively humbucker comprised of two single coils. Like someone said above, you get...
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    Is carrying a 4X12 really that big of a deal?

    All I know is that after hauling my Marshall 1960A up the stairs to my apartment, it's going to take a damn good gig to get me to move it down and up again.
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    Help me decide on a Strat! (please)

    I was in your situation not even a week ago. I splurged on a used '97 American Standard and I couldn't be happier. You'll definitely notice a jump in quality/feel from switching to American. Partsocaster would depend on how much you spend on pickups, neck and body etc. I added it up about a...
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    Amp photography! For those of us with nothing better to do .....

    Gorgeous Strat! Is it a parts-o-caster or did you have a luthier do that for you?
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    Show us your black Strat

    Here's my new girl (97 American Standard):
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    TC Nova Modulator Thru Zero Flanging

    As soon as I get mine and get some time with it, I'll fill you in.
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    will this devalue my strat?

    Weigh putting in the straplocks tightly and losing a little value that way against keeping everything stock, or having loose straplocks and potentially dropping your CS Strat on the floor. THAT will de-value it. Personally, I would just go ahead and do it.
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    Playability OR Tone???

    ^ This. I'd much rather have a guitar that melted in my hands like butter.
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    OD Pedals: Pedal should fit the amp's tone or visa versa?

    What about an OD and 6-band graphic EQ in one box? OR buy a Tim and stick a 6-band in the effects loop.
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    T.C. Electronics Nova Delay & Modular

    I recently ordered a Modulator. Soon as it comes I'm sure I'm gonna waste a few evenings just trying to figure it out. :JAM
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    first attempt at home recording.

    Cool, thanks! :phones
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    first attempt at home recording.

    Let me start out by saying I really dig everything you're doing with the drums, bass, and guitar. It really sounds like my style of music. I would love to hear the final version of the whole song whenever it's done. As a matter of fact, I like it so much, is there anyway you can PM me a tab for...
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    Buttonless Wah

    The pedal has a curved piece of metal that acts like a torsional spring to "push" the pedal back to the heel position when you take your foot off of it. There's a small rubber button (kind of like you would see on a lot of handheld electronics) that the heel presses down on instead of a normal...
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    Buttonless Wah

    95Q is a tone sucker. I had one for a couple years and recently sold it. There was also a small but noticable delay and volume change beteween when you take your foot off and when it actually disengages.
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    Boss PS-2

    So someone on my local craigslist listed a Boss PS-2 for $40. Is this worth it to try out for a harmonizer pedal? Could I sell it for the same thing I bought it for, or should I note waste my time?
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    PSA: don't kill your pedals!

    I've got my all 3 of my amps and my pedalboard plugged into a power strip, which I kill whenever I'm not using it.
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    Effects Loop Help

    Right now I'm running: Strat -> EB jr -> OCD -> DS-1 -> Micro Amp -> MXR Stereo Chorus -> DD-20 -> RC-20XL -> BBE Sonic Stomp -> TSL60 Would also be great to get the RC-20 to play nicely in the loop so I can record the Marshall's sound instead of record a clean phrase, loop it, and then swap...
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    Effects Loop Help

    So I have a love hate relationship with my TSL60. I love the sound I get out of it, I just wish I could use my delay and modulation in the effects loop. Right now I have them out front and then that inhibits me from using them with the TSL's built-in crunch and lead channels. FWIW, the lead...
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    Recommend an inexpensive, MXR-sized phaser, compressor and vibe pedals!

    Waiting patiently for the OceanEFX Ocean Vibe. Check youtube for the demo vid.
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    anyone use an Analogman Man Deluxe Memory Man?

    Howard helping clear out the old DMM stock before the XO DMM takes over. ;) Howard you wouldn't happen to know if the XO DMM is true bypass or not would you?
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    Anyone try the Nova Modulator?

    It seems like people are straying away from it for some reason. I'm also really enticed to try one, but I've got funds tied up in a Lunar Module and Tim first. Also, I have yet to see a really good demo for it. The TC ones just demostrate one setting for each (trem, chorus, tri-chorus, phaser...
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    Anyone notice that Gibson LP Studios jumped in price?

    Good thing I don't have near enough cash to be able to afford a Gibbo in the first place. :AOK