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Search results

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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    No i just completed it recently. Theres some high gain amp clips on my ig under the name ghost_thief but no clips with this board yet. I built this board to use with a DR Z prescription es for when i play p&w stuff, i mostly play metal music and dont need a board like this for that stuff...
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    Sold JHS Panther Cub

    Any intrest in a trex replica
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    Mesa Mark V vs Multi Watt Dual Rec

    I owned a couple of both and i always liked the mark better. Its a great amp.
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    Guitar Rooms...need ideas and pics

    Couple people pm'd me about where i got the skull pillows, they came from target but it was a year ago and i dont think they sell them anymore.
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    Men and Modeling

    Sometimes don when your in the mood and your wearing your cut off jeans and its hot and sweaty you gotta think LONG and HARD do i want a real amp for my tonez ? or do i wanna SWALLOW my pride and play a line6 or a axefx, i personally have not been Aroused by a modeller yet, I want my tubez.
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    Amp Repair in Miami

    I always used gary at alpha kinetics in pompano.
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    The Silver Jubilee Appreciation Thread

    The jube is my favorite marshall.
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    Name A Guitar U Couldn't Bond With~But U So Wanted too!! (include pics if U got 'em!)

    Fender custom shop danny gatton tele, i liked the guitar and it sounded great but i didnt like the fat neck, i never could bond with it and i sold it to deathmonkey.
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    Are people still rockin' PRS Custom 24's or are they outta style?

    I still like prs guitars, i have a tremonti tribal, cu22 and cu24 and i wished i had a couple more. Very nice guitars to be honest about it.
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    Best signature guitar you own?

    I would say its my rossington and pearly gates les pauls, and my esp jh2 hetfield explorer.
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    Guitar Rooms...need ideas and pics

    I dont have bass,drums or recording gear but i do have a mini fridge, some red walls, flatscreen tv, alienware laptop and soon will have a 27in imac, a few guitars and amps and a couch i hate. overall its a good place to hang with friends. I have a bunch of other guitars that are in their cases...
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    What acoustic do you play?...and

    Currently playing a taylor 714ce, if i buy another acoustic to go with it i will get a 814ce or martin hd28.
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    Best Gibson Dealer?

    I also recommed daves, i bought a jimmy page number 2 from him and he was a pleasure to deal with, the music zoo is another dealer i bought from a few times and they also treated me very well, marks guitar loft is another great choice.
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    ESP Eclipse vs Les Paul

    Esp makes great guitars and i have owned about 20 of them and the quality is great, i have 4 eclipse and 10 les pauls and none of my eclipse sound like a les paul, i would say they are more of a sg type sound. I have a fullthickness and regular thickness models but they still arent a les paul...
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    Please Post Pics of Pretty Pauls

    This is a old pic that a previous owner of my rossington took, i gotta take some pics of my own now. Pearly gates vos 50th anni R9 Custom shop boneyard Jimmy page number2 vos 2004 r9 in stanleyburst color Class 5
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    Love for the Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet

    Nice amp, i owned one and it had more tones than the other uber revisions in the past, i still like my revision blue better, i had them both at the same time and compared them alot. I can see how alot of people like the twin jet and im glad we have the choice of the different revisions.
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    A bit of Relief in the Neck Sure Makes a Big Difference

    All my les pauls came with one.
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    High gain distortion pedal-who's the best?

    one thing that gets lost with alot of high gain pedals is the feel, i dont like loose muddy lows, i play alot of fast riffs and i like a tight low end and that is a big issue for me. i hardly see anybody post how the lows are when talking about the high gain pedals, lots of gain doesnt make it a...
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    NGD: R9

    You did good, great guitar at a great price, i liked the changes on the 09 models.
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    NGD ... PRS Modern Eagle Quatro

    beautiful man, i love it.
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    Zvex BOM...not just for metal...

    I tried a bor but i found the lows to be kinda loose, is the bom tighter sounding.