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  1. Mikhael

    EBMM JP6 w/o piezo vs Ibanez Prestige RG5120m?

    I would choose the Ibanez, but mostly because I've not cared for the necks on most EBMM I've played; the nuts were too narrow. But that's me; I actually prefer 1-3/4" to 1-7/8" wide nuts.
  2. Mikhael

    Anyone used dimarzio's exchange policy?

    I can't say I've ever done the pickup switch with them, but I know from a few years back other issues I had (not with the pickups, but their rep) were solved quickly and correctly by them. I was impressed with their customer service.
  3. Mikhael

    Why do people hate floyded les pauls?

    I put a Kahler on mine, years back. It was bloody wonderful. I think it's silly to say it "looks" wrong, considering all the goofy guitars out there. It looks USEFUL to me. I think it's funny, the traditionalism that seems to persist in the guitar community.
  4. Mikhael

    Will Relic guitars go out of style?

    Yes. EVERYTHING goes in and out of style. Heck, guitars themselves are not in vogue at the moment.
  5. Mikhael

    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    Neck profile (not too thick or thin), frets and their dressing, straightness of the neck, strings centered on the neck, pickups centered under the strings. Various woods can be interesting, but I don't like a maple fretboard. Nut width no less than 1-3/4". The rest I can live with, or modify...
  6. Mikhael

    Butter Frets - anyone else?

    This much is true. I have a Hamer bought in the 80s that's my #1. The frets are starting to wear on it. I have a Parker P-38 that I've had for a decade or so, and the frets are completely worn out on it. And it doesn't see near as much play as the Hamer. So fret material can vary greatly in...
  7. Mikhael

    Is Guitar or Amp the most important part of your sound ?

    Out of the two, it's the guitar for me. That's what I *play*. The amp is important, but not as much as the guitar. Beyond all that, it's actually the player that's the most important. I can play on Holdsworth's exact setup, but there's no way I'll sound like THAT...
  8. Mikhael

    Paint, Or Not To Paint

    I have refinished a couple of guitars myself. The last one, I wanted to do a professional job on it. And I did! It came out beautiful! It took about a YEAR to do it correctly (I have a day job, family, and two bands). I will NEVER EVER do it again. What a @#$%ing PITA it was!
  9. Mikhael

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    That's me. I use band money to sate my GAS, and thar ain't no band money no mo. So instead, I ended up spending time on cleaning and repairing all my gear - guitars, amps, synths, PA, etc...
  10. Mikhael

    Is the Kramer Nightswan the only short scale super Strat?

    Hamer Chaparral. 24-3/4" scale, 24 fret, glued-in neck. I got one, and it's one of the smoothest-playing guitars I've touched. The original, BTW; later bolt-on units were 25.5" scale.
  11. Mikhael

    Is there a direct influence to the guitars you have?

    Oh, when I was about 10-15 I had the urge to play what my heroes did. That disappeared quickly, though, and shortly afterwards I started trying to find something that fit my playing. I ended up with a Les Paul Deluxe, which I played for many years (until the headstock got broken off). Then I...
  12. Mikhael


    PRS guitars are well built and pretty. Now, if they'd just change the hardware, pickups, neck width, and body shape, I'd buy one.
  13. Mikhael

    Floyd Rose alternative

    Cons? Tuning instability, maybe? Floyd makes a non-locking version, if you're interested. It might fit.
  14. Mikhael

    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    I don't hate them, but I'm not interested in buying one. I play in a band with a bassist, and that's their territory.
  15. Mikhael

    What electrics do people 15-25 yo covet?

    Many of the younger crowd I talk to are into fanned-fret, >6-string guitars, and wonder why I'm not. My answer is usually, "I don't need to; I have a bass player." Anyway, that's what I see.
  16. Mikhael

    Anyone else never use a pick?

    Another hybrid picker here. I use fingers a lot, and can play without a pick, but it's better using hybrid style. Now, on my classical, often I'll play fingers only, but most of my playing is on electric.
  17. Mikhael

    Poll: Do you perform regular maintenance on your guitars...???

    I will rebuild a guitar, simply because no one makes one with the features I want. This includes all the hardware and electronics. I change strings when needed (not often, mostly because I use EB Paradigm and they last quite a while). But when I change strings, I'll do a little cleaning...
  18. Mikhael

    DIY Cure for when the high E gets caught under the bottom of fretboard..?

    Never had that happen, but sometimes the high E gets caught on the ridge of the neck humbucker (no cover). I think that's why Vai has that green tape on his.
  19. Mikhael

    Switching back to .10s on everything

    I prefer 10s. But when I got the tip of my index fretting finger cut off, I couldn't stand anything bigger than 9s. So I lightened my touch a bit, twirled a couple of knobs, and things sound fine. On my acoustic, I use 11s, because that seems as light as I can get with a wound G (which is...
  20. Mikhael

    Whoops! Neighbor Just Snapped LP Headstock... Royally :(

    Had that happen to my LP. Tobias' old shop fixed it. Looked beautiful, sounded like tinny crap. Got rid of it, and never got another.
  21. Mikhael

    Anyone else stray away from "beauties"?

    I don't care for relics. To me, it's a silly fad. BUT I also don't care for highly figured tops, binding, or fancy inlays. That's right, no binding, no inlays, no quilts. But there's a silly reason for this. Every time I've looked at buying an instrument, the plain-Jane version has always...
  22. Mikhael

    Black Guard or White Guard?

    White, or white pearl.
  23. Mikhael

    Other Guitar Forums

    Gearslutz. Not quite as polite as here, but some really knowledgeable people there.
  24. Mikhael

    Not Gibson/Fender/PRS…what is your favorite guitar?

    Easy. Partscasters; you get what you want.

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