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Search results

  1. D

    Safely running two amps at once...

    Wireless 2 recievers tuned into.same frequent. One transmitter. No common connection Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  2. D

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV vs Mark V

    honestly, doing a blind test, you'de be hard pressed to tell the difference. They are both great, versatile amps with signature lead channels. I'de be happy with either
  3. D

    NAD: H&K TubeMeister

    Incredibly cool amp head for the price of 1 or 2 cork-sniffer pedals. Sounds perfect with just a cord. Portable, and the BEST part... u can gig without a cab. Practice direct into the rehearsal PA and sound huge. Looks sweet, sounds sweet. Model amp killer. Glad I bought it
  4. D

    Affordable guitars with Piezo?

    Hamer duotone import. WOW
  5. D

    Cabinet identification. Cabs used by EVH and Luke.

    Those are a very basic Electrovoice ported cube. You can cover the center hole and change the cab response. I built a couple of those back when. You can get the blueprint from EV. I MAY even still have one. honestly, just a box
  6. D

    The Best Rangemaster/Treble Booster Clone!

    Don Butler tone-man.com rangemaster originally marketed by him and plexipalace.
  7. D

    Had to pull out my backup amp last night, a Crate Powerblock

    Its meant to get you out of a jam. and mine has, for as little as it is. bailed out a fried monitor poweramp also. don't leave home without one.
  8. D

    Had to pull out my backup amp last night, a Crate Powerblock

    always have a backup. powerblocks make sense. Every gigging guitarist should own one.
  9. D

    Vox AC15H1TV vs XITS X10

    I am a long time vox fan/owner and am exstatic that they made this AC15H. I drooled over it in the Aspen Pittman picture books. I always dreamed of owning one. now I can; without forking out $$$$$$$ and dragging my $$$$$$$ amp around and worrying about theft and damage. It is layed out in a...
  10. D

    Acoustic pedalboard? Pedal Recomendations.

    EV wireless -> Yamaha AG stomp. Superb tone.
  11. D

    Piezo Bridges on Semi-Hollowbodies: Fishman vs. Graphtech vs. LR Baggs

    honestly, go with a company that specialize in it from the factory: EBMM Parker Ovation that way you wont bugger up a nice guitar
  12. D

    Digitech GSP 1101

    hey BUDDAMAN, this isn't a JOIN N SPAM board man; get lost.....
  13. D

    whats is the one effects unit, that u cannot live without

    well. gnx4 i would never get rid of. Its a simple 8 track digital recorder, drum machine, mp3 player, mic preamp, mixer, looper. 1 stop shopping. I can go to any gig/practice/jam with a gnx4, powered EV wedge and the GNX4 and blow peoples s**t away every time. And only 1 trip from the car...
  14. D

    the NEW VOX AC15H1TV Review

    I just took delivery on Thursday. Have played many, many amps in my 30 years o playin'. This is THE vox tone of old. Nicely built pckg. I find some Steves segmented reviews a little hard to follow. I am a prior Top Hat owner and find few similarities to a club royale. Throw a treble booster...
  15. D

    Good all-rounder 2x12 combo

    +1 Lonestar hits on all cylinders. Dont forget the 93V brownout/tweed mode
  16. D

    Mesa Lonestar Mods

    mods? that would muck up my 5 year warantee. Mine loves pedals
  17. D

    Electric Guitars with Piezo for Acoustic sounds?

    Ernie Ball/Music Man has the coolest piezo systems/preamps in alot of different flavors of guitars. There is a style for everyone. I'm VERY partial to my PETRUCCI. Not only best piezo system, but best floating (non-locking) bridge EVER. sucka never goes outta tune. Piezo just KILLS! And...
  18. D

    JCM800 Kicked Arse!

    the 100 watters have more "wicked" factor then the 50s
  19. D

    JCM800 Kicked Arse!

    EBMM Petrucci w/ a D-sonic into a 4104 combo w/G12-65. no pedals. inDEED!!!
  20. D

    Acoustic guitar amps

    GNX4 for me. simple setups I can go right in with all I need for all mixing, processing, looping and recording live all in the box. For "extravagant" setups, I use a yamaha AG Stomp inline.
  21. D

    GNX4 or GT-8?

    NONE of them are PRO units (i.e. built to do show after show; on the road; without fail etc...) If you make a living with these and don't use a backup, your playing with fire anyway. It's as PRO as any of them for us weekend warriors. I have owned a tonelab SE and liked it. They all have...
  22. D

    GNX4 or GT-8?

    +1 for the GNX4. wow. it's got a lot to offer. Tonelab, GT8, line 6 and GNX all have respectable tones, but this has the kitchen sink thrown in.
  23. D

    high gain rack preamp

    I think the ADA MP1 is on more recordings then any of the above and are disgustingly cheap for what they do. Often times players/producers put a Marshall visual disguise on a MP1 tone/recording.
  24. D

    Clean Headroom of an AC30cc?

    why bother w/ a clip? it's an AC30 for crying out loud. It's not a "clone/variation". I'm still waiting on me CC1. I refuse to carry an 85# amp everywhere.