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  1. J

    Dodgy driver in my cabinet

    Hi I have a Marshall 1960AV and there's definitely a dodgy driver in it. The trouble is finding which one. I was wondering, could I potentially just run the Marshall jack plate on the back of the cabinet to a single speaker so I could test each one in turn? From the looks of it, I think...
  2. J

    Has anyone ever had a drum room installed

    Pretty much as the title says? I'm moving soon and there's plenty space out the back and I'm seriously looking at getting a decent room built to get at least a drum kit into. I'm doing a lot of research, but the one thing nobody ever seems to mention is even a slight indication on prices...
  3. J

    New music video

    My band just released our new music video. Check it out, post hurtful things below!
  4. J

    All my gear is gone...

    ...into storage. I'm currently redecorating the house to put it on the market and of course pretty much all my gear is currently sitting in a storage room. It's giving me nightmares. We're talking about 13 amp heads, a bunch of cabinets, all my effects (I had NO idea I had so many - four Ikea...
  5. J

    Cioks Power Supply advice

    So I have a bunch of pedals to power, already have the Cioks Schizophrenic. It's great, but need to upgrade. My choices I'm looking at is either the DC10, or go all out with the Ciokolate and keep the Schizophrenic for other uses. So the conundrum is: - Am I right in saying I can mount the...
  6. J

    Floyd rose help

    Just got a used guitar and noticed some shims under the floyd. https://ibb.co/yNQX7kJ Do they need to be there? Guitar is a Jackson RR1. I doubt that these are there originally. Am I hurting anything by taking them off?
  7. J

    Any decent high-gain bass distortion pedals?

    I'm looking around and most offer not too much gain. I'm looking mainly for something to mix into a bass tone (effects loop has a mix control). I've been playing with the Boss DS-1 and a ProCo Rat, but they do tend to rob a lot of the low-end out of it. Any suggestions?
  8. J

    Reverb pedals

    I have a Boss RV-6 and it's great. Too great! So great, I'm considering a second. The thing is I need about 3-4 different Reverb settings for the whole set, but figured with some judicious inter-song twiddling of knobs, I could get away with two RV-6s and call it a day. I could go...
  9. J

    Cheap drum kit mics

    Probably comes up a lot. I want to do some pre-production for my band and need a set of drum kit mics. I have a spare SM57 I intend to use on the snare and another for the hi-hat. But basically looking for a kit that has kick drum, 3x toms and possibly overheads (I have two AKG C1000s kicking...
  10. J

    Fender FSR Tributes in the UK

    I saw these earlier https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/180924332980008--fender-fsr-tribute-stratocaster-black-limited-edition And I'm sorely tempted. I don't see them anywhere else so wondering if they're something particular to GG, or if they're based on just a standard Fender Player...
  11. J

    Pedal buffer advice

    So this is my rig and set up: Guitar Wireless Pedalboard In Boss TU3 MXR Slash Wah MXR Phase90 Boss CE2w EVH Flanger ISP Decimator Pedalboard out 7m long cable to amp input Amp Send to 7m long cable to pedal board Boss DD7 Boss RV7 pedalboard to Amp return via another 7m long cable So obviously...
  12. J

    Strap material

    I'm looking to get another strap. I like leather but find it's very grippy, i.e. grips to my clothes more than I'd like. However, nylon is way too slidey. Is there any material that's somewhere in between?
  13. J

    The budget gig gear challenge £600/$800

    I assume those amounts equate more or less across the pond. So you have an imaginary budget of £600(UK) or $800(US). You start with nothing! You can go used or new. You need to generate a gigging guitarist or bassist set up for that money. Caveats: If you buy used and think you may need it...
  14. J

    Low profile guitar wall hangers

    I have some Hercules wall hangers but find that they do stick out from the wall a fair bit. I'm planning on hanging some guitars and some as you go up the stairs, but wondering if anyone has a lead on any decent lower profile hangers so the guitar is a little more towards the wall? The Hercules...
  15. J

    Amp/Cab stand for rehearsal

    So in rehearsal, I want to resolve a little issue. Basically if I turn my amp up, my singer will get annoyed understandably. If I turn down, the drummer can't hear me properly and neither can I. Now despite this being a great simulation for your average local gig in which it's half-way...
  16. J

    Marshall EL34 100/100 best tubes

    So I am pretty sure my EL34 100/100 has never had new tubes. And mine are pretty old and tired. So, what should I go for? I tend to use both sides.
  17. J

    Those who went for multifx and sold their compact pedals, do you regret it?

    So I have me a HX Effects finally. Generally happy with it, it does everything I need and nothing I don't. There's a few pedals I'm keeping with it but overall it's solved a lot of my aches and pains regarding pedalboards. I'm keeping my Slash wah, Boss CE-2w and Maxon OD808. So I have gone...
  18. J

    A quick question re using the same guitar sound for two takes

    So about to record the rhythm guitars for my band's next album. Both guitars do the same riffs most of the time, bar little harmony parts here and there (think early In Flames if you will). My initial thought was use my Peavey for one side and my Marshall for the other. But now I'm wondering...
  19. J

    IRs... total noob question

    So I have my PC and hooked up my Mesa Studio Pre to it recently. Obviously as it's just the preamp it doesn't sound great. So I was wondering about checking out some of this IR business on a casual-ish scale. I found GrindMachine's wav IRs somewhere, I'm just wondering can someone give me a...
  20. J

    Was looking at an old Korg X5-D, but is there a modern equivalent?

    Before you run away laughing, I'm producing black metal and would like to add a synth to my collection. The sorts of tones in my head can be readily exemplified by this: I'm listening to demos of the Roland FA06 and Korg Krome. My slight issue is that they all sound a little too "good", I'm...
  21. J

    I'm at an impasse with my effects

    So my board at the moment is the source of much annoyance. At the moment I run a bunch of effects in front and in the loop. The chain is (for info) Boss TU3 > Slash Wah > Blue Hippo Chorus > MXR Phaser > ISP Decimator > Lehle Dual AB (one side goes to Peavey, other goes to Marshall). Then in the...
  22. J

    Transporting stems

    Hi So we are recording drums this sunday at a studio. We have partial vocals done, the rest (Bass/guitar/etc) are scratch tracks. Our drummer is recording to a click. My plan is to take roughly 5-6 stems of the album with me to load into their DAW (I'm on Cubase, they're on Logic Pro). I have...
  23. J

    What's the latest decent wave editing software (Windows)

    I used to use Soundforge back in the day which pretty much did what I wanted. What are the latest toys people are using for touching up waves? A few decent mastering functions would be nice too. I don't need to break the bank, just something usable and cheap (not necessarily free)
  24. J

    Native Instruments Sale

    Looking to grab a few of the NI bits in their thanksgiving sale and particularly after this (or similar) sound. If you listen to the first few seconds, the choir sort of sound is what I'm after. Any recommendations of what to pick up?