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  1. G

    what would you do?

    Sell/trade it for a les paul junior... w/ a P90... I had a '99 am std tele, which I loved, but I just had to face the facts that I'm a les paul guy too...
  2. G

    How many guitars do you own?

    98 gibson les paul standard 09 gibson les paul junior 10 gibson les paul 50s tribute studio older mik epi les paul special 90s fernandes 'decade' model surf guitar
  3. G

    Whats your favorite finish on a Les Paul?

    Goldtop, w/ tv yellow a close second...
  4. G

    Peavey 'The Classic' 50w twin: anybody?

    Although not as sought after as old fenders (that ss pre doesn't help much either), I believe these amps are pretty rare; not a bad sound out of it if I may add. I use an '06 gibson classic & a '99 am std tele...
  5. G

    Is this a good deal, yamaha G-100 content

    Those heads are indestructable!
  6. G

    Is this a good deal, yamaha G-100 content

    Good price imho; I had one & loved it. Just no match for my 70's Fender Twin, so when I needed to make room, off it went... Matt P.S. - got mine for $100, all original...
  7. G

    Peavey 'The Classic' 50w twin: anybody?

    Anyone have any experience with one of these? The speakers date 1974. I could only find one image of one on the web, & it was a tweed style. 50 watts, SS pre & 2 6L6's. All orig except for 2 new sovtec tubes. Got it in a trade... Matt
  8. G

    jazz bass or precision bass?

    +1, although I prefer P basses to jazz basses, this is a very true statement. You can make a jazz sound (close to) a p bass, but I don't think I've ever been able to make a p bass sound like a jazz bass. Get one of each dammit! That's what the rest of us do! LOL
  9. G

    Post your MIJ Beauties Here (Greco,Tokai,Orville,Aria,Fender...)

    E series ('84-'87) Fender strat...
  10. G

    Show Your Battle Scars...

    That goldtop rules...
  11. G

    I luv my Champ

    Just picked this up the other day for $180; non-orig speaker & missing the upper back panel but she's all mine! I'd love a BF or a tweed, but this'll do for now. Matt
  12. G

    I luv my Champ

  13. G

    blackface champ project

    +1 please don't do that to that great little amp. I could see if it wasn't in any where near as good of condition as it's in...
  14. G

    Late Xmas present: SF Fender Champ

    Thanks, yeah, it sounds great w/ my '99 am std tele; I wish I had an older one, but this will do for now:
  15. G

    Late Xmas present: SF Fender Champ

    The guy said it was a '72, and this site says '70-'75, so I guess he could be right: http://www.ampwares.com/
  16. G

    Late Xmas present: SF Fender Champ

    Got this on the cheap ($180); non-orig speaker (a Japan made "Capehart") & missing upper back panel, but everything else is original & it looks & sounds great.
  17. G

    Why are Fender reissues considered collectable?

    Cool. Yeah, these just say "Gotoh". It's a nice player. Hardly a ding on it. They guy I got it from took real good care of it...