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    Phaser that ramps?

    I'd rather not buy a leslie, and leslie emulators tend to be kind of expensive, so I'm shooting for the next-best-thing. Any suggestions?
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    The Guv'nor

    Finally pulled the trigger on an old Marshall Guv'nor, made in England. Sounds incredible! Can I get an "amen"?
  3. G

    Pedal Shootouts?

    It's been a while since I've last posted on here... But I remember there being some pretty awesome pedal comparisons/shootouts on the "Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things" where members would post side-by-side clips. Do members still do these, and if so, are they still posted in this section?
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    Jazz Band Audition

    I have a week to prepare for a jazz audition. About four years ago I played in a jazz ensemble, but since then I haven't even looked at sheet music. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a resource on jazz chords (triads, inversions, etc), how to identify what chords go together, how to identify a...
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    The vintage pedal that you will never let go of...

    What is the one vintage guitar effect that you love and/or grew to love, and now will never let go of? To clarify, it's the one that you love so much, even if it broke you would still hold on to it just to treasure the sounds it brought you? I don't consider any pedal manufactured after 1900 as...
  6. G

    What is the point of a vibrato pedal?

    I'm not trying to undermine vibrato, I'm seriously curious - how do guitarists use the vibrato effect (pedal)? (I'm not talking about manually bending the string as you play a note)
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    Lots of headroom in a small package

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a small (one speaker) combo tube amp that has a lot of headroom. Any recommendations? I realize that "small" and "a lot" are very subjective terms, so for comparison's sake, a Fender Blues Junior does not have a lot of headroom (breaks up around 4), but is...
  8. G

    Favorite MJM Fuzz?

    What is your favorite fuzz from MJM, and why?
  9. G

    "Through-zero" Flanger

    I only know of two pedals that can give this effect... the Foxrox TZF, and the EH Flanger Hoax. I understand that the EH Flanger Hoax has a volume drop and a bit of background noise, but it is also a much weaker blow to the bank account. Do I have any other options (in the pedal realm) to...
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    Recommend me a recording program

    I'm relatively new to recording, and so far I've been using a very simple recording program, but I've found that it just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I would really like a program that has: an intuitive interface and makes overdubbing easy; some nice (adjustable) drum loops for various...
  11. G

    Questions for DD-20 Users...

    Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to save "SOS" loops, and if so, how it is done? Also, is it possible to use delay and the "SOS" feature at the same time (record loops of your guitar with a delay effect)? Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. G

    Guitar + __ + Amp = Beauty

    Today I plugged my guitar straight into my amp, without effects or anything. ...and it sounded beautiful. I actually felt guilty for owning any pedals at all.
  13. G

    Phaser that beats the Mu-tron?

    Many people agree that the Mu-tron Phasor II is simply the best sounding phaser that your money can buy. I believe that in 30+ years, something must've at least come close! Is there anything that comes close to it, sounds like it, or... beats it? I've heard good things about the Maxon...
  14. G

    Coming up with new ideas...

    Does anyone here have a strategy for making sure that your new compositions are original? Lately, every time I come up with a "new" idea or a new song, I find out a few days later that it is startlingly similar to a song that I haven't heard in a while. And at this point, my ear is good enough...
  15. G

    Low wattage tube amp with good headroom?

    I'm looking for a small tube amp with one speaker. And it needs to have a lot of headroom... meaning, it doesn't distort easily. I would prefer if it costed around $300. Any suggestions?
  16. G

    Boss Silver Screw Pedals

    These can be pretty expensive on the used market (relative to their MIJ and reissue versions)... What makes them so desireable? Input from those who have played through them would be appreciated.
  17. G

    Where to buy knobs?

    I bought an effect without knobs, and I was wondering if it would be easy to replace them. Is there a place that sells knobs, specifically Electro-Harmonix style?
  18. G

    Old Big Muff Pi vs. New

    How does the old one's sound (the version with 4 transistors and the three knobs at the top, made in USA) compare to the newest reissue of the Big Muff Pi?
  19. G

    Fuzzface sound

    I love the sounds of these things, particularly the silicon ones... Unfortunately, finding a good sounding one seems to be a difficult task for those without a lot of money and/or time to go through the worse sounding ones. On top of that, I play guitars with humbuckers, which hasn't been the...
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    Guv'nor Clips

    Does anyone have clips of them using one of the original version (black box) Marshall Guv'nor pedals? Thanks in advance.
  21. G

    EH Micro Synth

    I'm looking into getting an EH Micro Synth. I'm considering ebay, since these things are pretty expensive new. Do the old ones sound any better than the new ones? Their bypass is probably a lot worse, but I can always keep it in a loop. Do you suggest I buy the reissue?
  22. G

    biasing a peavey classic 50...

    Hi everyone, I am new to changing tubes on amps, and I was hoping that I could get some help. My local guitar store charges over $100 for parts and labor to change and bias an amp's tubes... since I've already bought my own tubes for $35 on ebay, I figured that I'd try to bias the amp myself...
  23. G

    MXR Micro Amp

    This seems like a sweet pedal. I haven't heard it in real life, but the idea of a boost to kick on for solos and leads is great. What is the general consensus on this effect? Also, does it increase the gain AND the volume? Does it compress the tone in any way, or cut any frequencies (tone...
  24. G

    "No Quarter" Chorus

    Recently, I've been in the market for a chorus pedal. It is difficult for me to describe the type that I want, but I know that I like the effect used in the song "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin, so I'd like to start there. My price range is not "boutique"... so around $100 max. I was...
  25. G

    Ibanez de-7

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about this pedal on TGP forums... Can anyone give me a general idea of the quality of this pedal? Is it worth $70 retail? Most of the harmony central user reviews say that the echo on this pedal sounds very analog. For those of you who have owned or...