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    FS Sold!

    Well maybe I just wanted to see if dude was local and buy him a beer and talk gear? lol Dammit, that's the 2nd one that's been bought up before I could even ask something about it.
  2. M

    FS Sold!

    Whereabouts are you located?
  3. M

    FS Sold!

    I was going to buy on of these from Guitar Center's used page for a smidgen less and someone bought it before I could even get a response from GC to answer a question or two. Great sounding amps.
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    3rd Power Citizen Gain CSR question

    I'm looking at picking one of these up since I can't find any of the original HD100s he built back in the day and I've always wanted one of those. This seems to be the next best thing and I'm curious, to those who have played many of these, or owned the two amps, how does this compare? There...
  5. M

    WTB Power Amp - (Fryette LX II, PS100, Peavey, etc)

    I have a Classic 50/50 and Classic 60/60 I want to unload.
  6. M

    Nothing quite like cranking a tube amp to improve your playing

    I don't get to turn it up too often, as the neighbor next door doesn't much care for me bringing the rock, but she's at work and I had nothing better to do. I hate that the Budda Superdrive has such a crappy master volume (at least mine does) that it's either super thin and compressed at...
  7. M

    How do yall feel about non-rounded over guitars?

    Since I've started building some guitars for myself with a friend who used to build professionally I've been thinking; why do I need to use a roundover bit to the top and bottom of the guitar like a Strat has for example. I have had Strats, superstrats, Les Paul style guitars, etc and a Tele...
  8. M

    Any tips for routing purpleheart?

    Any particular brand or size you'd recommend? I may as well purchase one...gotta pull my own weight and not just use all of his stuff. I have my own little pile of stuff I use for doing my guitars to try and minimize what I use that's his. His bits are great for the ash and poplar I've used so...
  9. M

    Any tips for routing purpleheart?

    I like to live dangerously lol I wanted purpleheart and am painfully aware of its freakish weight...itll be a pain to play standing up but I wanted it. Yes it'll be a routing table with a template. I planned on getting surgically close to the line with the bandsaw and there is a spindle sander...
  10. M

    Any tips for routing purpleheart?

    Before I attempt to route this 1 piece purpleheart body blank, any tips? My friend that's teaching me to build attempted to route a 1.75" Tele and the router tore a chunk out near where the input jack will be and it about tore a chunk out on the opposite side of the body around the same...
  11. M

    Floyds or Wilkinsons?

    I'm building a few axes for myself and need to order a couple bridges. I have a chrome OFR from an old parts guitar that I can use on one and most of my guitars are Floyds but I've got a USA Washburn with a Wilkinson and locking tuners and it does great at staying in tune for light vibrato...
  12. M

    Which bridge should I pick?

    The ones we're building, and the guitar in question, is going to be the Suhr Modern superstrat bolt on with a flat top. A little bit after I posted this I saw neck pocket shims on Stewmac and figured that's what people meant...angle it at the heel and just carve the headstock like normal. I...
  13. M

    Does anyone know where any of the 3rd Power HD100s are hiding?

    I don't see these for sale anymore. All I see are the newer amps he built...Citizen Gain, KItchen Sink, etc. I'd love to have one of those original HD100s in white or black.
  14. M

    Which bridge should I pick?

    I am curious about what bridge I should pick for a guitar I'm building, and new to this still. I have a couple Seymour Duncan Full Shreds that aren't f-spaced so they need to go in a non-trem design guitar and most of my current guitars are Floyds or Wilkinson trems, I only have 1 Les Paul...
  15. M

    A few Floyd Rose questions

    I usually just put a cloth under the saddle lock screws so it doesn't scratch the guitar then undo all the strings. I do wanna get his blocks though, I love his vids. I dont change tunings or string gauges or brands so I don't have to worry too much about that pain in the ass intonation setup...
  16. M

    What's the best online course for 80s style playing?

    I posted this over in the general guitar forum but figured this might be a better subforum so it doesn't get buried. I have been playing for like 25 years or so and can play decently fast and all that and can copy and learn most of the songs of all the various guitar heroes but I want to be...
  17. M

    I'm finally done buying gear this year (no more G.A.S.)

    I'll always have a gas itch from time to time...but instead of buying guitars, now I'm just going to build a bunch of them. My friend is a luthier and going to teach me and there's a local lumberyard with tons of good guitar woods.
  18. M

    Assuming that You Own a Humbucker Equipped Guitar Already, Would You Prefer the SSS or HSS Configuration If Considering the Purchase of S-Type Guitars

    Screw middle pickups, they get in the way. Most of my builds are going to be hum and a single in the neck. But if I had to choose I suppose hss.
  19. M

    What online guitar course to buy?

    I want to improve my chops and knowledge and don't want to just rip off a bunch of solos, rearrange notes and call it my own. I want to actually learn and understand why I'm playing the licks in certain positions and not just because that's the way Beach, Lynch or DeMartini did it. I mostly...
  20. M

    Question for superstrat builders

    I want to build some superstrats, pretty much like what Chubtone does. My friend that used to build guitars and still does repairs is going to help me and there is access to a fully stocked wood working shop along with a local lumberyard with plenty of tonewoods and figured stuff for if I wanna...
  21. M

    Got some nice wood to start building some guitars with

    My friend that's going to help me start building some guitars for myself and maybe some friends and I discovered we have a local lumberyard with all kinds of stuff we can use. We won't have to order in wood from an online supplier or get body blanks when the shop has every imaginable tool to...
  22. M

    Difference in Strat and San Dimas templates?

    Is there a big difference in the Strat templates for building bodies and the San Dimas templates? My friend has a few Strat templates but not a San Dimas template. If I build a guitar with him and use just the Strat templates he has and adjust the fretboard for a Floyd nut vs just a standard...
  23. M

    Did I miss something? Has it been that long since I've bought guitars?

    It's not like there is a shortage of instruments though, at least not here in Chattanooga. There are just as many people selling entry to mid level gear. Hmm, maybe I should ask 40% more for my stuff and see if I have any luck lol
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    Did I miss something? Has it been that long since I've bought guitars?

    Maybe one of you guys can help me out...since when did used Epiphone Les Pauls and Mexican made Fenders start going for so much? I've seen tons of them for way more than I recall them ever being listed at. Multiple Epis being listed at like $700+ and the Fenders being listed at like $500 or so...