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    Bought first Dr. Z. Prescription ES. Impressions.

    It's a Prescription ES head. I think it's the newer kind with the footswitchable Overdose. It's different from my other amps, that's for sure. The cleans seem nice and crisp. I am just playing it through my Mark V combo, which has an MS-12 in it. So far so good. I turned it up for a...
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    mesa announcement

    oh my :p PS Mesa called me Monday night, wanted me to reitterate this is a Joke. I wonder who called a dealer all pissed off?
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    Mission 5E3 or AC15 HW?

    I could get either of these for the same price (by the time I option out the 5E3). What would you choose? Oh, and I am completely confident in my ability to build the 5E3. So don't let that factor in to your decision.
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    Has anyone ever replaced a metal speaker dustcover with a cloth one?

    I have an Altec 4178C with an original cone, but it's started to make some strange piercing noises and I think it's related to the metal dustcover. I've read that people used to take off the cover and put a "standard" one in its place. Has anybody done this, and do you think it would solve my...
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    What tweed/BF fender amp would complement an AC15CC the best?

    The AC15CC is basically the top boost channel. I've done a mod or two, it's got all NOS tubes, I have the Blue, and it sounds pretty damn good. So now I really really really want to build an amp kit. I have thought about a 5E3 deluxe, or a BF Princeton Reverb. Both those kits are pretty...
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    Best NOS EL84s?

    Hi everybody. The longer I play this new AC15CC1X I got the closer I get to keeping it. What are some good NOS EL84s to try? Are there any new ones that are worthwhile? I'm looking at KCA, Mullard duet for $200!! Are they $100 better than, say, the GEs, or other american tubes?
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    Blue Angel - more tweedy or more blackfacey?

    Hi. Does anyone know if the Mesa Blue Angel, when using only 6V6s, sounds more like a tweed amp or a blackface amp? Thanks, Victor