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  1. fishleehooker

    Is the Fuzz Face the best pedal ever invented?

    Yeah the 1.5 and Italian are great too. I actually haven't fully bonded with the II I have but it is great and I have yet to try a III.
  2. fishleehooker

    Is the Fuzz Face the best pedal ever invented?

    I'd say that's up to each person! To me, I kinda like the I and IV right now.
  3. fishleehooker

    FT Pigdog Dirty Mac Treblebooster; Spaceman Nebula Silver

    Pigdog Dirty Mac Treble Booster for trade. I might sell, but prefer to trade it for a different Pigdgog, Sola Sound/ Macari's, D*A*M, Castledine, Tym, Creepy Fingers, Ghost Effects, Stonefly, Stomp Under Foot vintage big box, Basic Audio Bye Bias Germanium or Low Volt. Also Spaceman Nebula...
  4. fishleehooker


    Michael Stevens can build a fiddle
  5. fishleehooker

    Wooshiest flangers please?

    Spaceman Explorer can get awfully swishy
  6. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

    Yeah this was a Slow Fuzz-Rabbit-Hole Coming
  7. fishleehooker

    DUH! Never Played Fuzz thru Clean Channel Until Today...

    Usually I get the fuzz to sound as good as possible no matter where the amp is set and then try to mess with the amp volume a bit to see if it improves the situation or not. Of course anytime I find a great tone, I don't tweak too much as its already great. But I do think I prefer more Fuzzes...
  8. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

    I find it amazing so many people are attracted to FUZZ more than ever. Quarantine? Boredom? Cyclical thing? Its beyond catching-on here clearly, but I see a ton of people under the fuzz spell. I think somewhere someone has a voodoo doll of me laying on a Tonebender or something. Last nights...
  9. fishleehooker

    Is the Fuzz Face the best pedal ever invented?

    Its most fuzzies fave, but I for one thank god it didn't end there. So many greats after that all with different sounds and feels. Frankly to some degree, it coulda started and ended on the maestro. But thank god it didn't. But I do think the Mk I is awful tough to beat.
  10. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

    I do. I actually have about 10 more I ordered before I realized how easy it was to do this with pedals. I have bought quite a few custom guitars and that process takes long enough to only do one at a time, but I found myself ordering these pedals so easy, then getting off the internet and...
  11. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

    God help me.
  12. fishleehooker

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    I thought wrong. Again. :bong
  13. fishleehooker

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    Forgive me man....Gee he really does have the same approach as you, particularly on one track that I don't know name of (I listen to whole albums generally). I have the other albums you are on at least and dig the heck out of them, as I do all Bowie.
  14. fishleehooker

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    I was listening to Blackstar the other day and when one of your parts came on, I thought," yup that has to be Torn." Good to know what (probably) gave you that cool tone.
  15. fishleehooker

    FS New Monsterpiece Fuzz & Overdrive pedals

    The GE Fuzz I got from this batch is a standout fuzz. I am quite tempted to get more!
  16. fishleehooker

    Is the Fuzz Face the best pedal ever invented?

    Top 5. Behind Tonebender IMO. Maybe even Maestro. That's only in Fuzz land. But I do love it.
  17. fishleehooker

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    The difference in price on Trombetta and Basic Audio, as well as Black Toneworks, comes down mostly to the enclosure and demand. Also resale. All pedals that have more money in the enclosure cost more money than small, basic enclosures. A basic Basic Audio pedal is indeed not too much money...
  18. fishleehooker

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    Chase Bliss DUDE pedal. Kinda like the Mood, but more blasted and stoned sounding.
  19. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

  20. fishleehooker

    Strictly FUZZ

    Getting the puppy has made any playing for more than 20 minutes almost impossible. She is getting older and better by the day, but I still haven't had a chance to really try blast on some of the new fuzzes, let alone record. That will be soon though and it will be nice and raw. That's all I...
  21. fishleehooker

    NPD - Williams MkI Tonebener

    All great points. But now I want a Muppet fuzz pedal. Any member of Electric Mayhem.
  22. fishleehooker

    Do most of the really good fuzz units have an external bias adjustment?

    Heck yeah, nice! Yeah a lot of the good ones do in fact have interior bias adjustment.
  23. fishleehooker

    Do most of the really good fuzz units have an external bias adjustment?

    It's on some great ones, but some of my very best from Castledine, Macari's, Ivor, Basic Audio and others don't have it. So no. But it is nice
  24. fishleehooker

    Stevens LJ.

    I have an LJ and a Neo. I went back and forth on the neo and an LJ but love the 2 I got.
  25. fishleehooker

    Treble boosters

    Organic Sounds makes a sick-looking amp-top one. Pretty expensive and not sure how shipping is right now between Japan and USA though. I have a Pigdog Dirty Mac arriving and a Williams coming in the next few weeks or so. Should be fun. I have never played a treblebooster circuit that I can...

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