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    Mustang gtx100 vs boss katana mk2

    I plug my cellphone into my katana mkii and have access to all of the parameters in tone studio. There is a 3rd party app.
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    Ex- Big Sky Owners

    For a gigging guitarist I only need one reverb sound. I realized very quickly it was not worth the real estate to have 100,000 reverb sounds.
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    holy crap....the yellow side is a superstar

    I just wish I could route the yellow side in front of the red side. The BB+ has this on a selectable switch. I would just swap my dip switches but I have a high gain red side and wouldn't have enough gain without this option. Definitely one of the best drive pedals I use regularly.
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    FT Various Speakers For Trade (Want 12-65 and/or V30)

    I'm looking for a Celestion 12-65 8 ohm and/or Celestion V30 12" 8 ohm Here is what I have available for 1:1 trade. 12" WGS ET90 8 ohm 12" Weber 12F150 (25 Watt) 8 ohm 12" Jensen P12Q 8 ohm 12" Jensen C12K 8 ohm 12" Celestion Alnico Blue 8 ohm
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    Any Fans of Dirty South Hip Hop?

    Nelly is/was a midwest rapper. But similar genre/style.
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    Any Fans of Dirty South Hip Hop?

    Strangely enough this is the music I grew up on. Of course there was always 90s rock and country but by the time I was coming of age rap and specifically southern hip hop is what I listened to. Including the obnoxious subwoofers in my first vehicle. Pastor Troy Ludacris 3 Six Mafia Lil Wyte Big...
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    Any Fans of Dirty South Hip Hop?

    Trae da truth
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    Loosing the weight

    Trip to the moon might help. GL!
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    Japanese Anime _ What's this all about ?
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    Cooler bias for less breakup?

    The speaker is a weber 12f150 and I wouldn't change this speaker since it is my favorite. I know the speaker isn't the problem because I use this speaker occasionally with a 35 watt 2x6L6 amp and it does not cause any issues with humbuckers overdriving too early.
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    Cooler bias for less breakup?

    I think you may be on to something here and for some reason I have been defaulting to the power tubes. I've noticed in the past the preamp 12AX7 can make a difference in regards to how clean the sound is. Would I be looking for for higher or lower gain 12AX7 in this scenario, to keep the preamp...
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    Cooler bias for less breakup?

    Thank you for the detailed reply. This is a custom built ab763 with only 1 channel and no tremolo. Simply put the amp is definitely loud enough but when I use humbuckers it starts to breakup too soon where I would like it to stay clean. Here are some pics of the transformers and circuit.
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    AN Wonderland Overdrive

    Any idea what speaker is in the cab?
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    Cooler bias for less breakup?

    I've adjusted the bias about as cold as recommended at 50% or 7 watts per tube. 439 plate voltage. 16mv bias. The current tubes are the JJ 6V6S.
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    Cooler bias for less breakup?

    Assuming a push pull, blackface type amp. Will a cooler bias give me more clean headroom? I don't mean maximum volume output of the amplifier but staying clean as the volume increases. Would swapping 6V6s to 6L6s increase the clean headroom? My amp in question is able to properly power 6L6...
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    A little experiment for the Stratocaster players

    Its sounds a little less screwy than normal. Disclaimer: I didn't remove any screws.
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    Strat guys what are your favorite dirt pedals?

    808 silvermod BB preamp RAT EP booster Centura (klone)
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    What's In The Mail, Part 5

    Celestion A Type 8 ohm
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    Which DRRI (or vibrolux) to choose?

    No clue, I've never played the handwired version nor a C12Q. The P12Q has a nice sound, very pleasing and musical. However the low-end doesn't hold up very well under fire from volume and overdrive pedals. IME.
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    Which DRRI (or vibrolux) to choose?

    I've never played the '68 custom deluxe reverb but one of the things I like about the 65 DRRI is how well the clean tone holds up under fire from overdrive pedals. The amp already has smaller output transformer and I don't think I would care for more breakup/less clean headroom.
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    Which DRRI (or vibrolux) to choose?

    If I was buying today I'd do wine red or standard DRRI and then swap the speaker with Weber 12f150. C12K is not bad either. P12Q may be a little farty if your gigging overdrives at decent volume levels. For home use the P12Q is nice. I've not played the '68 custom but I don't like the idea of...
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    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    Has an awckward feminine vibe. Like a pretty girl who just farted.
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    If anyone is wondering what a Katana 100 looks like dressed in silverface. I've got enough left-over to re-do the wrap. Not as tight as I'd like but not bad for my first go at it.
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    NAD: Two Rock

    I realize I never wrote an amp review after my honeymoon phase. Here it is. The Two Rock Studio Signature 35W amp would be best described as a big, bold, clean amp. The second description I would give to this amp is an extremely versatile pedal platform.The overall tonal footprint for this amp...

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