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Search results

  1. J

    Soldering iron for pickups

    I used to be a big Weller guy. Since I went Hakko, I've never gone back. Excellent soldering equipment. Just to note, don't buy the copies off of Ebay (UK), go straight to Dancap. Those plug-in pencil types may get the job done, but they won't do a very nice job of it. While a Hakko is an...
  2. J

    Someone hands you a guitar at a social gathering...what do you play?

    I just play whatever I want. Usually EVH type licks and the like, just noodle. If anyone wants to hear Wonderwall or "That guns n roses song!", I'll happily hand off to the next guy. I've never learned Wonderwall or Sweet Child Of Mine, tbh I've always hated the idea of crowd pleasing.
  3. J

    Gibson Going Heavy? Might Be A Great Business Move

    Gibson have been dipping toes into the metal market for a while now. There have been a few 7 string models around over the last decade or so. But frankly all miss the mark in various ways. That is, they just don't play or sound good. I don't think the Explorer was ever meant to be a metal...
  4. J

    I still love my JCM 2000 DSL

    Everything in the JCM2000 series sounds great. Maybe the TSL60 is an exception, but I have owned all at various points. My favourite is the TSL100 and still is. As for the BIAS drift issue, I've yet to have a JCM2000 that hasn't eventually exhibited the problem and needed remedial work. Maybe I...
  5. J

    You favorite guitar brands and a brief description why.

    Hyper critical and it's changed over time. So in sort of order: ESP/E-II - Right now, they are the most consistent metal guitar you can buy. I've only come across maybe two in my years that played or sounded really bad. On the whole, great instruments. The only thing lacking is the choices of...
  6. J

    Synth Module for Digital Piano

    I'm going to double down on a few thing already said. Asking your son to just magically be able to play those synth runs with weighted keys is a big ask. It won't be a pleasurable experience. I know, I've tried it myself, Casio Previa to a module, it just was not very nice. Piano is not synth to...
  7. J

    Do any digital hardware synths hold their value?

    They do generally lose value, no matter what. It depends if the synth in question still does it for you. E,g, I have a couple of synths that are quite old and thankfully bought way after their heyday. They do a lot for me, I guess not the previous owners. The only synths I have bought new are...
  8. J

    Tell me about Fender Japan Stratocasters

    I bought a Fender Modern HH strat made in Japan kind of on a whim. It was so good, I bought another one to go along with it.
  9. J

    Rare Gibson ethical dilemma, help!

    I would mirror the idea of ensuring that her story is real. If you are satisfied then it's up to you. Personally I probably would. However ensure authenticity.
  10. J

    Went to buy a Les Paul today. Questions about quality

    Les Pauls are just weird. I think most guitars are in fairness but Les Pauls particularly. I think guitarists today are so used to catalogue ordering, basically buy something sight unseen on the assumption that every single one of that model is identical. It isn't. It did take a good while to...
  11. J

    Helix HX Effects saves serious money

    Hey steady now! This is a big reason I don't buy apple products. The second there's a genuine problem, there's someone to come along to say that YOU'RE the problem! If you're referring to the Hi-Z settings (again it's been six months since I went through that merry-go-round), then yep I've been...
  12. J

    Studio One Dissapointment

    Just as an aside, a question for the pay per month subs. I've had cause - like I'm sure a few people - to dig out old recordings made a decade ago say and reload them to rescue things like samples, loops, etc, My process has essentially been to reload an old version DAW (maybe sonar 5 or what...
  13. J

    Has anyone made the move from Mac back to Windows?

    To be honest, I didn't know you could do that on Win10. Excellent. I only have the one IO at the moment anyway. Really, my PC at the moment has all the horsepower I need. I also do trance/industrial type things and can usually have multiple NIKomplete bits running, a bit of Omnisphere, Reaktor...
  14. J

    Are electric guitars mostly double tracked?

    The guitars themselves were either the E-II Arrow 7 string or the Jackson Broderick Pro 7. Both have EMG 81/85 set up.
  15. J

    Has anyone made the move from Mac back to Windows?

    I went mac for a while. I had a failure in the OS (it renamed my working folder to null). The support I got from Apple from an in-warranty machine went from laughable to frustrating. I took it to the genius store in the West End. I told them that if they couldn't recover the directory, just...
  16. J

    Are electric guitars mostly double tracked?

    I think it depends what you mean by double track. To me, double track is where you play each part twice. So from a metal perspective, let's say you have two harmonising guitar parts in the rhythm, you record one harmony part twice (for the left channel, say) and record the other part twice (for...
  17. J

    4 vs. 8 vs. 16 ohms - tonal difference?

    Honest answer... I can barely tell a difference hooking up my Marshall 1960 cabs with 4 or 16 ohms (assuming half stack running). I just go with 16 as it's less bother. With the DSL40CR, I went with the 8 ohm vintage 30 as a replacement. The 16 ohm just sounded way too nasal for whatever...
  18. J

    Rumor has it a New 5150 is coming.......

    I couldn't really get on with the 5153. My favourite of all of them was the 6505+ though I still keep my 6505 around. IMO they've already made the best 5150. I also have the Invective. It's a good amp and a little tighter than the 6505+. My only real gripe is the sheer size of that footswitch.
  19. J

    What do you like better - combos or head and cab?

    It depends what you need it for. If you need to get over a drummer, then I'd say head and cab all day long. If you have a 2x12 cab or combo, then I fully recommend using one of those amp stands that can tilt it up for you.
  20. J

    Help me find the best guitar possible from this list - I have $3k to spend

    Hmmmm of that list..... I think I'd be buying the Joe Satch. I have a number of ESP and Jackson but call me a bluff old traditionalist, I think I'd have a problem paying that much for a metal guitar that's bolt-on. It's just a little odd to me. That and if you ever do resell it, the bolt-on top...
  21. J

    When will Marshall replace / update the JVM

    I personally love the JVM410h. I still tout the TSL100 as being the best Marshall ever made and ready to wear that flame suit! I'm interested, to be honest I have more Marshall than anything else in my arsenal. And if they are working on a new flagship series, I can't think of any reason why I...
  22. J

    Which EVH head?

    I owned a 50w and a 100w, both ivory. Overall I much preferred the 100w. I moved it on though, it wasn't for me in the end.
  23. J

    Helix HX Effects saves serious money

    Ah it may be because I use EMGs.... though my mate doesn't and has the same issue.
  24. J

    Helix HX Effects saves serious money

    Oooh eck, one at a time.... I'm using either D'Addario or EVH cables, depending on what happens on the day. I have no idea the settings on the HXFX, it's been six months since I looked at it. I have a full pedalboard with about 8-9 effects that I was hoping to swap out for the HXFX for live...
  25. J

    Helix HX Effects saves serious money

    I have one sitting in the box waiting for eBay. I have no idea why, but it just sucked the living hell out of my tone. Even with no effect blocks configured, the mere presence of it in the circuit just killed the top end something chronic. This was 4CM with the JVM410h and Peavey 6505+. So yep...