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Search results

  1. J

    Ibanez GB vs Godin 5th Ave CW Kingkin 2 ?

    im seeking a Jazz Archtop for 1000 I hear these are two of the best in my price range. Has anybody owned both and can give there opinion on which one they prefer?
  2. J

    Who makes big muff

    with mids switch that cuts thru a lould live band mix
  3. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    since they are 1] very accurate 2] save room on your pedalboard 3] less cables and one less pedal possibly causing any tone suckage 4] less lights flashing up at you as you perform 5] playing outside in sunlight. 6] cheaper to buy. Do the new generation of clip on your guitar tuners make floor...
  4. J

    New Hand Wired Eternity with Dumble mode

    Looks like Sean at Love pedal is building his first Dumble style pedal. In a Burst Eternity. Just when i though i had enough D style pedals, here we go again. Anybody hear one yet?
  5. J

    Pat martino at 24

    Every jazz Guitar Player's should take note. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqWd_ZM-QeQ&feature=player_embedded
  6. J

    Whats the best mike for recording guitar

    im using a vocal senheiser but was wondering if theres a mike just for recording in front of my guitar amp? thanks
  7. J

    Whats the top rated custom Strat?

    D'Pergo, Sadowski, Xotic, Suhr, Buscorino or any others? I wanna buy a Strat on this level? One thats so good, it will blow my American Fender ones away. Im sure there all good, but whats the difference between them?
  8. J

    Legato single lines-what do you practice

    ala Holdsworth, Bill Conners, etc, I practice with lots of hammer ons and more left hand then right hand picking, whats your Legato practice routine?
  9. J

    Who makes the best custom Strat

    Suhr, John Cruz, Xotic, Sadowski,?. Your Opinion?
  10. J

    What Guitar players are great at playing pedal steel licks on Guitar

    any examples?. Id like to add more to my playing. Even jazzer Bill Frisell seems to know allot
  11. J

    placement of my dd-3 on my pedalboard

    i have it before my zen, eternity, keeley rat and mayo, when i engage it, and then step on one of my gain pedals, its sounds like s____. im i setting my dd-3 wrong, or do i need to move my dd-3 in front of my gain pedals. i just read some delays are only good for clean playing and dont work with...
  12. J

    eternity and Zen Drive

    anybody own both? do they compliment each other or do they overlap at what they do?
  13. J

    Zen Drive or Jetter gain stage red?

    on line for a Zen, considering a Jetter since they seem to cover simular territorys. Anybody have both? or anybody ever do a a/b test on both? Whats your thoughts. I play blues, jazz, fusion, shred and more
  14. J

    Whats the ultimate strat?

    I have usa strats love em, wanna go to the next level, chapin?, suhr?, a noiseless pickup system would be nice but not the most important factor?, please let me know your opinion?
  15. J

    Live Fusion solo with Guitar Synth and o/d

    Song is called End zone, performed by fusion band I toured with called Airtight in and around Florida, this is just a segment of the entire solo, enjoy. http://www.kathyandpaul.com/audio/endzone.mp3
  16. J

    anchoring with your pinky

    seems like most people who use a plectrum either 1] anchor with there pinky resting some where below the strings or 2] dont anchor at all with there pinky tucked in. I believe these different right hand picking styles influence over all sound and technique. Personally, i anchor with my pinky...
  17. J

    whats the best a/b switcher for two amps

    I wanna set up my two fenders live and need a a/b or switcher to go from one amp to another and maybe even have them both on at the same time, whats the best way to achieve this?. If seen the Keeley Framptone switcher but its very expensive, are there any others you can recommend?
  18. J

    Anybody still like playing clean

    maybe a little reverb and compression but still enjoying the sound of basic clean playing. Heres a song I wrote for my wife called 'Song For Kathy', soon to be featured on my first guitar c/d featuring the great synth player Neil Larson and the great sax man Warren Hill with me playing nylon...
  19. J

    KR Mega vibe vs the Mojo Vibe

    I know there both great pedals but what is the differences between them i like the fact that the Mojo looks alot smaller and would take us less room on my pedaboard. does anyone have both ?. whats the deal?l