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    When you sell/trade/buy your guitar, how do you ship it?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in how you all ship your guitars when you sell or trade them? what kind of packaging and protection do you use? interested in all opinions please!!
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    all of you that play thru these, what is your input? i'm possibly trading my landgraff, but is it worth the tone difference? any advice would be great!
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    Anybody have a Dunlop Tremolo?

    Anybody have a Dunlop Tremolo? If so, whats your feedback?
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    Running a Vocal Mic into a DL4?

    Need some help with this.... Anybody running a microphone thru their DL4 and using the Looper? if so I need some help setting that up... thanks
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    Post Your Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Settings!!!!

    Hey, I was curious to see what everyone's settings on their Hot Rod Deluxes were..... Post your pictures of your Fender HRDs settings!!!
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    Pedal Order Arrangement Help!!!!

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a new order for my pedals and I would love your opinions. Heres my pedal list for my pedaltrain: Boss TU-2 Tuner Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal Vox Wah Pedal Boss DD20 Delay Boss DD-5 Delay BossCE-5 Chorus BossOC-2 Octave Keeley Compressor EH Holy Grail Reverb Fulltone...
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    DD5 vs DD6?

    Hey guys, what is the main difference between the DD5 and the DD6? also what is the setting on the DD6 to do dotted eights? or can it do dotted eights? The DD5 has the option on setting 9 i think, but what is it on the DD6?
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    Landgraff vs. Timmy Pedal???

    I would love to hear the main difference from those of you who have had experience with either the Landgraff or the Timmy Pedal, or both.......