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Search results

  1. Cerpin Taxt

    NGD: Reverend Sensei 290 in Korina Burst

    I really wanted a double cutaway with p90s. Never bonded with SGs. Maybe could've gotten on with a double cutway LP, but found me this here Reverend and I'm very happy. Fills a hole in my collection in the best way. Neck is feels fast, great.*BASS CONTOUR* is dope. NO RAGRETS.
  2. Cerpin Taxt

    NCD! (New cab day)

    Not sure I really needed it, but I happened across a pretty sweet deal on an original Peavey Classic 115E to match my Classic 50 4x10 so I picked it up. They're pretty hard to find for sale, at least locally. Dude only wanted $100 for it, and I couldn't resist. It's got a little tear in the...
  3. Cerpin Taxt

    Seeking some mini expression pedal advice

    So after getting my board finally at a place where I'm feeling really good about its completeness and diversity (pic below), I had a spot still open near the end of the chain. I couldn't really think of anything "sound-shaping" that made much sense there -- particularly since the end of my chain...
  4. Cerpin Taxt

    Pulling tubes from my 100w amp to make it 50w

    My amp is a Carvin X100b. It has 4 EL34s in the power section. It's frickin' LOUD. Like WAY KILLER LOUD. It's got a lot of headroom, consequently, but that tasty power tube distortion seems like it's always out of reach. I know that it's possible to pull 2 of the tubes to net only 50w output...
  5. Cerpin Taxt

    Good starting platform for DIY pedalboard like IKEA Gorm?

    I built my current board out of the wide IKEA Gorm shelving. Works great. Love it. Now I wanna build a little brother to it, and it looks like IKEA has discontinued the Gorm line. Apart from building from scratch wood, does anyone happen to know of some similar readily available shelving that...
  6. Cerpin Taxt

    Random pedal board layout question/survey

    I've been thinking about my board layout and thinking of re-organizing things a bit. I'm happy with the order the pedals are in as far as the chain goes, but I'd like to make the layout a little more user friendly for myself as far as the stomping goes. My board is setup with two rows, and...
  7. Cerpin Taxt

    Not really bonding with my Dyna Comp. Some thoughts.

    I've had it for maybe 6 mos now. I realize compression is a subtle effect, and I've never used one really in the past so i thought the DC would be a good "beginner" comp. I'm at a crossroads right now trying to decide whether to swap in a better comp or just forget about it altogether...