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  1. Jason_77

    NGD! My first SG!

  2. Jason_77

    What modernized features on a Les Paul would you not be against?

    SS jumbo frets Contoured heel Maple neck
  3. Jason_77

    china sx strat, more observations.

    Oh, good... Eugene Wallace is back.
  4. Jason_77

    Jaguar - String pitch is too high after using the vibrato

    The strings are not returning to the zero point on either the nut or bridge. I would assume bridge, first.
  5. Jason_77

    The Theme from "Friends"

    Sorry for the spoilers, @JoeB63 :oops:
  6. Jason_77

    The Theme from "Friends"

    Indeed. And you think things are going great but then she totally gets back with her ex played by Greg Kinnear. I mean, what's up with THAT??
  7. Jason_77

    The Theme from "Friends"

    Well, Ross did date a black woman in season 10.
  8. Jason_77

    NGD: Heavily Worn 1971 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

    Stunning! For me, gold tops show off wear the best.
  9. Jason_77

    NGD 2020 Gibson SG 61 Standard

    Congrats on buying one of the best guitars known to man! :aok
  10. Jason_77

    Is a pedal tuner more accurate than a polytune clip on?

    Yes, but unless you're REALLY scrutinizing over intonation during setups, it's not going to matter. I have a mini Turbo Tuner pedal and a Uni-Tune clip on. The Uni-Tune is more than accurate enough to do setups.
  11. Jason_77

    Action on guitar keeps changing

    Your neck is moving due to changes in temperature and humidity. That's why your action is constantly changing. Anybody who is telling you otherwise has no idea what they're talking about. Think about it - how could your bridge move up and down on its own? How could your nut slots keep...
  12. Jason_77

    Polyester finish thickness effect on guitar weight.

    Still sounds firm and tight, though my abs aren't as visibly dewey and glistening.
  13. Jason_77

    Polyester finish thickness effect on guitar weight.

    It's interesting how a poly coating can rob the tone but the combination of holding it against your body, resting your forearm on it, and holding the neck doesn't.
  14. Jason_77

    Les Paul connoisseurs: is this authentic?

    Obvious fake.
  15. Jason_77

    Going down a gauge

    Don't overthink it.
  16. Jason_77

    Question re: flatwound string intonation

    Someone I know bought a Squier, intending to learn to play during all this downtime. I went over there last week and saw the saddles were in a perfect line going straight across. I thought "Oh, crap... This intonation is going to be waaay out". I checked it against my Uni-Tune (which I've...
  17. Jason_77

    Fretboard Oiling; your one-stop guide!

    Did you even read past the thread title?
  18. Jason_77

    JTM/JMP Four Holer Marshall Circuits Appreciation #4

    Indeed. I use Svetlana el34's because they're one of the few current production tubes (three, I believe) that can handle 500v on the screens. I'd be just fine using JJ's if Svets weren't available.
  19. Jason_77

    DiMarzio Air Classic - The bargain PAF clone?

    So how 'bout those Air Classics?
  20. Jason_77

    So apparently the JCM 900 Dual Reverb sucks

    I vaguely remember doing it and thinking it didn't make enough of a difference for me to keep it hooked up like that, especially considering I was already using effects in the loop.
  21. Jason_77

    IMO Big Bends Nut Sauce is not a good deal

    I use the applicator to put the tiniest amount in the slot. The, I use some unwaxed dental floss to make sure it coats the surface inside the slot and remove the excess. It only take the thickness of a molecule to keep the string from making contact with the nut material.
  22. Jason_77

    So apparently the JCM 900 Dual Reverb sucks

    Mine is the 5881 version, too. I remember in the early 2000's (before I knew anything about working on amps), I took it to the shop to have JJ 6L6's installed. I'll never forget taking it back home and turning it up. That clean channel on the edge of breakup was so full and round and just...
  23. Jason_77

    So apparently the JCM 900 Dual Reverb sucks

    Every time I hear this story, I wish it ended with the guy putting his ear to Chet's fingers and saying "I don't hear a damn thing".
  24. Jason_77

    So apparently the JCM 900 Dual Reverb sucks

    I have a 100w 900 DR. It was my first Marshall and first tube amp. I think one of things that worked against it was it was paired with cabs that had the 75 speakers, which attenuated the punchy mids. It sounded much better with v30's. One day, I'll have to hook it up to greenback 4x12 cab...

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