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  1. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    I'm trying to track down a problem with a friend's Vibrolux (the newer custom reissue). It's been blowing fuses. It's been pretty mysterious so far- it doesn't appear to be bad tubes, filter capacitors, carbon trails. I did some simple checks on the PT and choke and they both checked out...
  2. K

    Installing a ground wire to an ABR-1 bridge

    I recently put a bigsby B7 put onto my ES335 and subsequently realized that I had no simple way to ground the electronics to the bridge/strings. The original ground wire came up to the stop tailpiece. I read something about running a ground wire to the treble-side post of the ABR-1, but I'm...
  3. K

    Bad rectifier tube in a Deluxe reverb?

    I was experiencing some crackling and fuzzing noises in my 67 deluxe reverb, and trying to track it down. So today I swapped the rectifier tube which seemed at first to fix the problem. Sounded better on the first power up. However, the next time I fired it up, I got a strange buzzing sound...
  4. K

    noise when guitar is unplugged

    I just finished my first real build and I noticed a strange problem on (only) one of the channels. When the guitar is not plugged into the jack of channel 1, but the volume is up, I get a loud hum (that inceases with amp volume). It goes away when I either plug the guitar into that channel or...
  5. K

    6550's- a direct replacement for 6l6?

    i'd like to replace 6l6GC's with 6550's in a 70's Ampeg V4. Can I just swap and bias them? I apologize if this is a stupid or beat to death type question. The amp is used for bass and my understanding is that 6550's will be louder, fuller and cleaner than 6l6's. This would be pretty useful...
  6. K

    5e3 mods to try

    I built a 5e3 kit about a year ago and for one reason or another I haven't really bonded with it. The kit itself is top notch and I'm really happy with the way it turned out, but still, I haven't managed to love it. It sounds good cranked up but VERY loud. A little too loud for use on stage...
  7. K

    DR with 450V on the plates. Problem?

    My 67 deluxe reverb seems to run the tubes pretty hard at 450V. I haven't had any problems with tubes overheating (brimars and JJ's seem to be handle it ok), but I'm wondering if this is a problem that deserves attention. I definitely don't want to do any major mods, but it seems to be a...
  8. K

    modern production AC30s?

    I've been desiring an AC30 for a while and I'm wondering what there is in the market place at the moment. Any great copies with reverb? Opinions on the AC30CC?