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  1. tim boehlert

    (Un)Official Melancon Guitars Thread - Come on in...

    Kevin was G's best friend - they played in a band years ago!
  2. tim boehlert

    Free The Tone Flight Time Delay User presets

    I can't personally, as I've got no Echoplex EP-3, but maybe someone else here can. You may want to contact the manufacturer though...
  3. tim boehlert

    Sold Mesa Boogie Mark Series Head Shell (1-IV)

    SOLD! Mesa Boogie Mark Series Head Shell. Will fit Mk1 RI, and other Mark Series heads - not the Mark V though. It comes with Black Leather handle & Four Rubber feet. Mounts are on the rear for the Mark IV Footswitch, and rear rail supports are both split, but still functional if you choose to...
  4. tim boehlert

    Sold Jet City /Soldano 20W Head

    SOLD! Jet City 20W Head, no loop, detachable IEC. http://s556.photobucket.com/user/tboehlert/media/jetcity_front_zpscpqf0qou.jpg.html?sort=3&o=15 $275 CONUS, PP only.
  5. tim boehlert

    Sold Greer Southland

    I'll take it if it's still available!
  6. tim boehlert

    Sold Suhr Koko Boost - final price drop 8/6

    Got the pedal today. IF you can find the box and the user manual, would you please send them along?
  7. tim boehlert

    Sold Suhr Koko Boost - final price drop 8/6

    Do you have box, dox for the RotoSphere?
  8. tim boehlert

    Sold Fender Blues Jr. w/BillM Mods

    SOLD! Fender Bues Jr. w/BillM mods: (1) Upgraded OT TO-20 [http://billmaudio.com/wp/?page_id=545] (2) Power stiffening Caps (3) Upgraded Tone caps (4) Bias Board [http://billmaudio.com/wp/?page_id=1175] (5) Switchcraft Input Jack (6) Presence Control [http://billmaudio.com/wp/?page_id=72] (7)...
  9. tim boehlert

    Is The Mesa Mark 1 too modern sounding?

    It's definitely more of a Rock or Blues platform, but with the right pedal you can get into heavier territory The BEST part about the amp is that even in 18W mode (60W + Tweed) you're going to be loud enough to kill a Marshall 100W half-stack without going over 3 on the MASTER. Mine has EL-34's...
  10. tim boehlert

    FS - Signa Drive, Spark Booster, DLS MK1 v2 (dirty little sercret)

    I'll take the DLS if it's still available please.
  11. tim boehlert

    Shane Theriot- Twisted Diminished Blues- Fender Champ, barber drive

    Shane: One of my favorite tones that only you seem to work to your advantage. Well done!
  12. tim boehlert

    s2 Jim & Leo combo

    sale pending!
  13. tim boehlert

    s2 Jim & Leo combo

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- s2 Jim & Leo $SOLD! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Deal with Confidence here folks, Tim's a standup guy and knows great tone, we have done many great deals...
  14. tim boehlert

    Your Favorite Boogie?

    Loving my Mk1 RI, and last owned two Mark IV's - great too! I find the Mk 1 RI is solid - built like a tank, not complicated, and reliable. A great pedal platform. Here's a clip of my nod to Santana from Y2k!: http://www.hearditontheweb.com/images/tb_mp3/santana_mix.mp3 A Tom Anderson...
  15. tim boehlert

    What is it about Mesa Boogie Amps?

    Here's a solo that I recorded using my Mk1 RI, in January 2013. I probably used an OCD v1.4 to goose it, but other than that, straight through an Eminence RW&B speaker! http://www.hearditontheweb.com/images/tb_mp3/a_better_place_solo.mp3 One take, in a studio setting, with a great engineer...
  16. tim boehlert

    What is it about Mesa Boogie Amps?

    I've been in the Mesa Boogie camp since my first order in 1979 - a Mark II B. Over the last 34 years, I've only changed horses ONCE for about 6 months, before re-buying what I'd already owned! I too would always keep a Mark I RI. They are built like tanks, are pedal friendly, have many, many...
  17. tim boehlert

    Gov't Mule on Conan last night: My observations...

  18. tim boehlert

    Gov't Mule on Conan last night: My observations...

    I haven't read all of the contributions to this thread, but my understanding was that this album was supposed to be a nod to early punk-style music - ala Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, late 70's, early 80's period music. The focus would be on the song, and not the solo - so having Danny solo...
  19. tim boehlert

    Audley Freed

    ANY Cry of Love CD!
  20. tim boehlert

    Gerard Melancon interview - Fretboard Journal

    tim boehlert - HeardItOnTheWeb.com I was introduced to Gerard back in 2001-2002 timeframe by Shane Theriot, who was the guitarist at that time for the Neville Brothers band. We met via e-mail and phone calls. I began to work for G in 2002, and we have continued to work together since that time...
  21. tim boehlert

    Tommy Bolin

    One of my favorite guitarists - loved his unique style. I have a large collection of CD's, but stopped collecting at one point. James Gang Bang, Teaser, Private Eyes, Alphonse Mouzon, Cobham's Spectrum, Zephyr... lots to love! And I think, Denver, COLO was home... it's been some time, but that's...