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Search results

  1. J

    Chick's Spain - Great Lesson

    Barry is a great musician educator and guitarist. He’s doing his own version of this song. He is more of a plectrum player so comparing him to a flamingo player who traditionally only use thete right hand fingers is Not comparable. Barry is a jazz based player so he is coming from a different...
  2. J

    Ibanez GB vs Godin 5th Ave CW Kingkin 2 ?

    im seeking a Jazz Archtop for 1000 I hear these are two of the best in my price range. Has anybody owned both and can give there opinion on which one they prefer?
  3. J

    Name the Smoothest OD Pedal you've ever played. Even if you didn't like it.

    My two favorites are the zen drive 2 and the original Jetter GSR After comparing I sold the Zen 2 I think getting that smooth sound is partially based on how you set your rig up and your playing style
  4. J

    Vertex's Dumble pedal

    I bought one what a great pedal I’m using it all the time. Thanks for a great product
  5. J

    Tell me all about Skreddy fuzz pedals...

    Great pedals. I owned the Mayo and it was my favorite fuzz ever. Needed the money so sold it but wish I could have an other.
  6. J

    Played a sweet RAT 2, and now I'm confused...

    I had a keely modded rat which was my favorite wondering if the fat rat is similar?, I have a wfr and it sounds good but no led and it's cheaply made
  7. J

    Keeley Neutrino Demo by Mike Hermans

    Great sounding pedal great demo as we'll hard to believe I'm the first comment on this wow tough crowd. Great job Robert Keeley
  8. J

    Headstock/Clip On Tuners vs. Stomp Box Tuners

    I've had em all the biggest problem with clip on tuners is they run on battery's as the battery gets older and starts losing power the displays get dimmer and they lose there accurate and quickness of tuning. Then if you don't have a backup battery you have no tuner.I use em on acoustics and as...
  9. J

    RIP Jimmy Ponder

    I got to know jimmy from his days playing the jazz clubs around New Jersey and New York got to take a couple lessons with him when he was living in orange New Jersey he made amazing Ly strong right and left hands from playing that style .rip to a great player
  10. J

    Fender Bassman Heads - Am I missing something?

    Whats your opinion on this current deal on craigslist. Is this a fair price or ? http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/msg/3719912206.html
  11. J

    Playing my new McNaught strat

    Congrats on your new strat. Sounds great and cant wait to hear ya play er live. An other family air heirloom. Shread on Brother
  12. J

    Jetter Pedals - Why Not So Popular?

    i have a/b'd a Zendrive 2 and a GSR. Both great pedals but i preferred the GSR voicing response esp in the lower 3 strings. Every drive pedal could be considered a rip off of an other sound, in this case a amp that produces that particular sound. Maybe Brad was going after a D tone in his GSR...
  13. J

    Hermida Zendrive vs Jetter Gain Stage Red

    ive owned and gigged with a Zen 2 and and a Jetter Red. Compared them side by side and preferred the Jetter Red. Liked the e/q better but both world class pedals
  14. J

    Love for Herbie Hancock

  15. J

    Tech21 Blonde users - help needed!

    whiteface reissue rat sounds fat with my Blonde
  16. J

    4 Obscure Jazz Guitarists You Need To Know About

    Please dont forget my ex teacher and friend Harry Leahey from New Jersey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbPjxAD6b7o
  17. J

    Who makes big muff

    with mids switch that cuts thru a lould live band mix
  18. J

    Jetter Pedals

    my fav dumble styled pedal and ive had ethos zen 1 and 2, dumb bell,
  19. J

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III (HRDX)

    call me crazy but i like em un modded. mods change the cleans and i like the un modded cleans. Mods are great for these amps but then they become different sounding.these are great gigging and beat around amps and great pedal takers.use the amps od channels along with od pedals and you have...
  20. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    Yea the snark is obtrusive looking but the new generation of clip on tuners are not as noticeable.
  21. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    HaHa, i see what your saying, Thanks
  22. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    I have used my clip on tuner, tuning in sound checks and in the middle of songs in everything from duos to 30 piece orchestras and because the tuner tunes on direct vibrations from the neck of my guitar, i have encountered zero interference from bass, drums,sax,tuba,etc. I guess it comes down to...
  23. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    Mute function? just mute naturally by using the volume knob on your guitar. Ive had TT, TU-3, Pitch black and others. this thing works great, try one
  24. J

    Have Clip on tuners made pedals obsolete?

    my Korg pitch clip is invisible when placed correctly. I had a TT and thought it looked like a on going video game starring up at me My pitchclip tunes my guitar perfectly. your guitar is either in tune or not. I can pretty much tune my guitar by ear. I use my tuner for slight fine tuning. I...