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  1. K

    Input and output impedance specs

    Does anyone know the input and output impedance specs for Rockett, Wampler, and Diamond pedals? I can find the specs for Xotic, Mad Professor, and Fulltone among others, but I can't find specs for JRAD, Wampler or Diamond.
  2. K

    10" Celestions for a 2x10 closed cab?

    I have a '63 blonde BF Tremolux and I would like to replace the stock Oxfords. I found a second (black tolex) Tremolux cab and installed a pair of rehab'd Celestion G10-S50 speakers in it. They sound great and have a 97 dB sensitivity according to original specs (not sure about now, but they're...
  3. K

    Rockett Blue Note vs. Fulltone FD2

    Just a quick note to say that I spent some time comparing my recently acquired Blue Note OD to my old pre-MOSFET FD2, using a Strat into a Bad Cat Cub IIR. With some tinkering, I was able to get very similar tones from them with: (1) the Blue Note in normal mode (tone at 1:00, Fat at 11:00...
  4. K

    OD/Distortion/Fuzz that increases mids as guitar volume increases

    I'm interested in hearing your experiences with OD/distortion/fuzz pedals that respond with a lead-friendly increase in mids and cut at full guitar volume but a flatter, rhythm-friendly EQ as you roll back the guitar volume. I prefer pedals that I can control from the guitar without stomping on...
  5. K

    Is there a pre-built version of this Jack Orman amp-like buffer available?

    Does anyone know if there is a commercially available version of the Jack Orman amp-like buffer described in this link? http://www.muzique.com/tech/buffer.htm If not, then can anyone suggest a good place to get the components for the pc board described in the link? This buffer sounds like...
  6. K

    Modifying a PRS McCarty to get a forearm contour?

    Has anyone modified a PRS McCarty or similar model to remove the sharp-edged reverse carve and form a Strat-like forearm contour? Can it be done without a complete refin and still look good? I can't tolerate the sharp edge on my forearm anymore, so it's this mod or get rid of the guitar. It's a...
  7. K

    Guitar exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville!

    If you find yourself in Nashville this month, then take an hour or so to see the special guitar exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum. It's well worth the trip!
  8. K

    What tweed Fenders used a long-tailed pair phase inverter configuration?

    The title says it. I assume the Twin and Bassman, but what else?
  9. K

    Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD)

    I picked up a Sweet Honey OD last week after struggling to find an OD that I liked with BF/SF Fenders. I wanted something that would add some grit without sounding artificial or fizzy, and without adding hard sounding mids. I got that and more with the SHOD. It works much better than my...
  10. K

    Live vocal microphone options

    I'm looking for a vocal mic for stage performance. I've been singing on my own demo recordings for awhile, and have settled on a Shure SM7B as my preferred vocal mic. About a year ago, I started singing seriously for live performances, using whatever mic was available at a venue. Now I would...
  11. K

    What are your favorite 10" speakers for a closed back cab?

    I just put a pair of reconed Celestion G10S-50's in a 2x10 Tremolux cab that had been trimmed to fit 4 mounting holes. They sound superb, so now I'm wondering what to put in my other 2x10 Tremolux cab with stock 8-bolt mounting scheme. Should I get the tired old Oxfords rehab'ed, or would you...
  12. K

    Hey kids, I'm on the Youtube (PRS NF3 content)

    I just found a 2:40 clip of me playing my PRS NF3 at a local blues jam here in Memphis, so I thought I'd pass along the link for anyone that might be wondering what an NF3 sounds like in a casual band setting. I think it was recorded on an iPhone, and the video is very dark, but the audio isn't...
  13. K

    What type of Strat bridge pickup do you prefer?

    I have a couple of SD Antiquity I Custom Strat bridge pickups in the drawer, and I'm toying with the idea of putting them to use in my Fender CS 56 and/or 60 Strats. What kind of Strat bridge pickup do you prefer? I am not going to rout either guitar to make room for a different size pickup...
  14. K

    6V6 vs. EL84 Power Tubes for gigging

    Which is your favorite for gigging? I have used both, but I've had some trouble keeping up volume-wise with dual EL84 configurations in some situations. Would a dual 6V6 amp hold up better, or would I have to go to a dual 6L6 or a quad of 6V6 or EL84's? In your experience, does one hold up...
  15. K

    Attaching a Fulltone FD2 to a Pedaltrain board

    How do you guys attach a Fulltone FD2 or other Fulltone pedal to your pedal board? The rubber feet are nice for using the pedal on its own, but I'd like to attach it to my PT mini or Jr as well. The machine screws are embedded in the feet, and I'm doubting the wisdom of removing them after doing...
  16. K

    Your favorite effect to add depth/space

    Just curious about whether folks prefer reverb, delay, chorus, Leslie-type effects, etc. to add some space or depth to your tone, clean or dirty (please specify which).
  17. K

    If you could only choose one, would it be Wah or Delay?

    Odd question I suppose, but what if you could only afford to buy one or the other, or only had room on your pedal board for one of them? I'm interested in the new PluToneium Chi-Wah-Wah or a delay pedal, so either would fit on a board -- no "put it on the floor" answers allowed here...
  18. K

    What is the midrange center frequency of popular OD pedals?

    I've been doing some critical listening to OD pedals lately, especially my Catalinbread DLS and SFT. Different ODs have a single tone control to roll off highs or T/B tone controls that may be either active or passive, but I've been wondering about the midrange center frequency of different ODs...
  19. K

    Duncan 59s in a PRS McCarty

    I have a set of SD 59s in a LP Classic that I like, and I'm thinking about putting a set in my PRS McCarty Standard with IRW neck (or perhaps a 59 neck with something a little beefier in the bridge). Will the standard 59s with long legs fit in a McCarty, or do I need the version with short legs...
  20. K

    Has Xotic changed the EP Booster?

    I bought an Xotic EP Booster when it first came out (Serial # in the mid 2000's), and I have been very pleased with it. In fact, I like it so much that I decided to buy a second one for a smaller board and other uses (Serial # in upper 5000's). However, the new one sounds different -- not as...
  21. K

    Cannabis Rex in a Brit-flavored amp?

    Has anyone tried an Eminence Cannabis Rex in a Vox-style amp? I'm getting tired of the stock Vintage 30 in my Bad Cat Cub, so I'm looking for an alternative with balanced tone and good efficiency. I know some folks put British speakers in Fender amps, but has anyone tried the opposite?
  22. K

    Bad Cat Cub tube swap heads up

    Just a heads up for anyone who owns a Bad Cat Cub, and perhaps other Bad Cat amps: the only power tubes that are certain to fit in the tube sockets/shields are JJ's. My Cub IIR needed new tubes, so I bought a matched pair of Mullard RIs from a local shop, but they would NOT fit in the...
  23. K

    One slot left to fill with... what?

    I have a PT Jr with one slot left after I remove a Spring Chicken (I'll put it on top of an amp if I need it later). Right now, I have Turbo Tuner > EP Booster > Nebula phaser > Dirty Little Secret > SFT > Radial JX-2 ABY> Faux Tape Echo. I use a variety of guitars (primarily Strats) and amps...
  24. K

    Why are compressors noisier than overdrives?

    I have a nice Orange Squeezer clone with a JRC4558D opamp and a couple of ODs with the same or similar chip (FD2 and BB Preamp), but the background hiss of the compressor is significantly higher than either OD. Is my compressor faulty, or have others noticed a similar difference in noise between...
  25. K

    Has anyone compared the Fulltone Fat Boost 3 to the Xotic EP Booster?

    I'm interested in these two boost pedals. They seem to share some features (bass and treble control), but there are differences in output impedance that would likely make the EP Booster a better buffer, and of course the FB3 has a gain control. I suspect that there are differences in the...