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    Ampeg 7020 schematic

    I've got a recently acquired Ampeg 7020, 1957 vintage, 20w, 1x15", power supply in the basement and tone garage upstairs. Anyone got or know where I might get a schematic? Thanks all.
  2. P

    Harmony amp covering

    Anyone know where i can get some material to recover a Harmony H322 amp? It's a sort of dark grey oilcloth. The amp's worth restoring-2 7591s and 4 8 inch Jensens. I just finished the chassis today and road tested it....tasty! Thanks everyone...
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    VHT 100w Pittbull head bias question

    I've got a VHT Pittbull C100CL head in the shop for some love. The problem that brought it here was a shorted preamp tube. Doing my usual bias checking I found out that the power tubes were running way hot-a couple were 61 and 65 ma so I got a set of JJ EL34s and it still ran hot. In desperation...
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    Paging Billm

    Anyone seen Bill Machrone around or have a current email?
  5. P

    US Masters TVA30 schematic anyone?

    I've got one of these that belongs to a customer and it has low volume issues. I've done all the usual external stuff with no results. I have heard that the folks in Middleton Wisconsin who imported these amps and made some nice guitars are no longer in business. If anyone's got any technical...
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    Anyone here bias an Engl Sovereign 100?

    I've got an Engl Sovereign 100 here for some love and a general wellness exam. I have not had any luck finding info on the subject of this thread which is the bias procedure-if there is any. Any love out there?
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    Favorite tweed cabinet builder

    Who do you like for a 5E7 bandmaster kit built? Who don't you like?
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    Lead bender, anyone?

    I was leafing through a 1957 copy of Electronics Week and in the "products and processes" section not only is there a nifty coil winder but a nice component lead bending block which is for "...bending leads on components during assembly to register accurately with their holes in printed circuit...
  9. P

    El cheapo EL34s

    I just ordered four quads. http://www.pssl.com/!-IpFsl7teMakK6xDICQ4lQ!/Bugera-EL34-4-Brit-Style-Pwr-Pentode-Tubes-4-Pk
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    HR Deville tube board pics anyone

    I've just acquired a HR Deville on the cheap-two Franklins-working pretty well. When I opened it up afther I schlepped it home I found that there'd been a bit of a cookout in the PI area of the tube board A common enough thing) that had been repaired with flying leads. I've heard of people...
  11. P

    Schematic for Vox AC30C2 anyone?

    Or is this going to be more "you can't have it cos you're stupid" BS from Korg? I've got one with a defunct top boost channel and I'd like to know how to troubleshoot it. Thanks all
  12. P

    Blackstar service center?

    I've got an amp that has to go back for board level repairs. Any recommendation as to a good reliable factory approved service center in the midwest? Has to be factory approved because of the proprietary nature of some of the parts and restricted access to service information for independents...
  13. P

    Traynor YGM3

    I've got a recently acquired Traynor YGM3 Guitarmate. I'd heard that they ran awful hot and had a history of eating power tubes, so I was not surprised that the power tubes were toast. While I was inside doing some debugging and remedial work (cathode and bias caps, debodgering previous ham...
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    Deluxe Reverb noise in normal channel

    I've got a Deluxe Reverb on the bench right now that's giving me fits. It's an AB763, 1965 vintage, and hasn't been hacked. But it's got a deep basso profundo hum in the normal channel only that I haven't succeeded in locating. I've done all the usual stuff-tubes etc, and plate load resistors...
  15. P

    C54 panel art request

    Somebody asked for this a few days ago. It's an early fifties Monitoradio VHF receiver.
  16. P

    Moldy smelling Deluxe Reverb

    I have a recently acquired Deluxe Reverb that has the smell of mildew. I suspect it lived in a basement. Since i became aware of it I scrubbed it with 409 and it's been running for the heat and I've got a box of baking soda open in the back. Any other suggestions?
  17. P

    Any 5F4 love here?

    If the planets stay lined up I may be coming into enough money to cough up for a Weber amp kit here pretty soon. I have a friend who brought me a 5F4 Super for some work recently and I was entranced by it. Now. I realize that the 5F4 and the 5E5 are similar with the exception of speakers and...
  18. P

    Marshall MV control needed

    I am in desperate need of a master volume pot for a Marshall JCM2000DSL401. It is a Piher-d*** those people, I'm still trying to locate pots for my Kittyhawk-A200k dual number. Here's the pics-if you know where one can be found please let me know. Thanks In case you were wondering, when the...
  19. P

    Gibson GA40T Les Paul amp gutshots

    This is a circa 1960 tweed GA40T amp. Anyone got any pics? I've got an amp on the bench right now that I think was bodged by the owner with the result that the vibrato doesn't work. I mean, if you have some, or an amp that you can take some close detail shots of the board and wiring in the...
  20. P

    Super Reverb white noise

    I've got an AB763 Super Reverb in for service, and for the most part it was pretty routine-biased very cold and mismatched. It has had all the 100k plate load resistors changed not too long ago by the looks of it except for three which I did. So in going over it I checked the caps-pretty new-and...
  21. P

    Is there such a thing as a consistently good, reliable 6550 around?

    I think it's a problem. I've worked on a number of SVTs of various configurations and they seem to be pretty tough on power tubes. I'm afraid of them, and every time I fire up a new repair job I just look in there and see all that money. I'm in the middle of building a tube matcher with some...
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    Reverend Hellhound street price?

    I've got a line on a Reverend Hellhound in a custom professionally built head/4x12 cab configuration with 4 Naylor speakers. Any idea what they're worth?
  23. P

    Judybox amps-any experience with?

    I'm trying to locate one because mi esposa's name is Judy. Anyone ever play one? I know about the ruckus that went on, kinda sounds like Blues Pearl refried. Do you know where one is? What's it sound like?
  24. P

    Lowering B+ in Ampeg V4

    I've got an Ampeg V4 on the bench that measures about 535v on the plates. It came equipped with 7027As that are pretty badly mismatched and I've got some good matched Sovtek 6L6GCs that I want to use. The sockets will accept them as pins 6 and 1 are not wired. I'd like to lower the plate...
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    HR Deville Thermistor

    Anyone ever change a current inrush limiter, a/k/a thermistor on one of these? I've got one that went open after a strange excursion. One of the power tubes shorted out and the two 100 ohm resistors on the filament string cooked themselves. After repairing the board and replacing the resistors...