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    Top Boost Gear - online gear store specializing in quality-handmade boutique gear

    $200, Bondi Effects Sick As. The Sick As is our transparent overdrive. If you’re looking for a crystal clear, organic overdrive that sounds like your amp but more of it, then this is the drive for you! Features · Hand-selected audiophile components · Two unique voices of natural...
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    Bondi Effects - Sick As Overdrive

    www.topboostgear.com - create a GearPoints account and earn points on your purchases!
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    Top Boost Gear - Grand Opening

    hello gear community, i just wanted to personally invite you to our online gear store, topboostgear.com. we just launched on good friday, april 18th. our GearPoints reward program allow you to earn savings on all your purchases. if we can be of any help in getting you the best quality...
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    Show Your Pedalboard - True Bypass Looper Edition

    show your pedalboards with true bypass loopers!
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    Cioks DC-10 issue

    I just bought a brand new Cioks DC-10 power supply. I'm not sure if I have a lemon or what, but none of the 10 LED indicator lights work except for the one main one located in the "Cioks" label. Also, it will power some pedals but not others. For example, none of the 100ma outlets #1 - #4...
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    Goodrich L-120 Volume Issue

    my goodrich vol pedal started acting very strangely a couple wks ago. the pedal in toe position is full on, but anything less than that the signal is cut with just a slight bleed. ie, 100% on = working, but at 95% - 0% = off. anyone have any ideas? the solder joints look good. the vol pot...
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    Fender Texas Special vs Fender "Custom Shop" Texas Special (Tele)

    my american special tele came stock with fender texas special pickups...but are they the same as the "custom shop" texas specials?
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    Shout out to acmeguitarworks.com

    great customer service and fast replies via email! even got my order shipped today in the nick of time! thanks, george!
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    2 pedals + 1 amp, tone stacking

    last night i was testing out my current pedalboard setup. i came across this stack: ac booster + timmy + goodsell super 17 mark 2 tone sweetness! what combination of two pedals and amp satisfy your tone hunger?
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    man, i wish visual sound would change their enclosures

    maybe that's the look they're going for, but they look toyish. they have some great pedals (j&h, route 66, h2o) and if they switched to square/rectangle hammond enclosures, perhaps it would be easier to place and arrange on pedalboards. your thoughts?
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    technical placement for boost n buff

    technically, where do you think the best place to put the boost n buff should be?
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    Goodsell Super17 Mark 3

    guys, this amp is killer! great cleans, VERY responsive, breaks up nicely...great for blues, rock, indie, country. yeah baby. alright, i have to admit i've only had it for 3 days and it is in a class of its own. any other s17mk3 users out there? your thoughts?
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    Fulltone 69 or Zvex Fuzz Factory?

    which one would you choose? i have a zvex fuzz factory and am finding that it doesnt do 'traditional' fuzz well. maybe i'm not setting it correctly? the only 'traditional' fuzz i was able to dial in was the fuzz face. how would you compare the 69 to the FF?
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    Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory Pedal

    What is your overall review of the pedal? Tried the 'search' but no updated reviews on the pedal.
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    where's the tgp search function?

    i see the google search, but i don't see the tgp search option.
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    Show your ZVEX boards!!!

    Let's see those pedalboards w/ zvex pedals galore!
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    Should I buy the Tim or Timmy?

    seems like the Tim has the added boost feature, right?
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    Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah w/ LED mod

    I have a fulltone clyde standard wah and yesterday when i was playing for church, it was a pain in the butt to figure out if it was on or off. why didn't mike put an LED indicator on the thing??? is there an LED mod for the clyde standards? i love the pedal, but am considering something else...
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    If I already have a phaser...

    would it be redundant to get a uni-vibe pedal? i was looking into the danelectro chicken salad and voodoo labs micro vibe. can i achieve uni-vibe like sounds with my ehx small stone nano?
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    Fuel Tank Junior

    anybody here use this? I'm really considering picking this little thing up...anything i should be aware of before pulling the trigger?
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    RECOMMEND Reverb Pedal

    What options do I have? Bugdet is $100.
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    Modify external tap tempo for DD-6

    anyone know if there is a way to modify the dd-6 for external tap tempo?
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    I've had it with VOLUME pedals!!!

    anyone like me and just tired of how the volume pedal sucks so much tone out??? I can't seem to justify a volume pedal over tone..just me. maybe some of the boutique guys out there will come out with a real nice volume pedal some day!:drool I used mine for swells, but at this point I'm much...
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    How do you power your Fulltone wah?

    I have a clyde standard and when I power it with my 1-spot I get terrible hissing! I emailed Fulltone and they said to avoid using multi-power supplies. I put a battery in the wah and get NO hissing now...but i not going to buy batteries every week for my wah--how do you guys power your...
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    Fulltone Standard Clyde Wah

    does your ft standard hiss a lot when rocking it forward? my hisses a lot and is very noticeable on clean and dirty...anyone know what's up?