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  1. TheSpricket

    Any experience with the Skreddy Animals Rover Fuzz??

    I had some credit from an online store and found myself really stuck with what to buy. I don't need any pedals at all but but everyone knows you can always get a new or different fuzz. So I was browsing all of their used fuzzes and saw the Animals Pedal Rover. It looks like a silicon Tone...
  2. TheSpricket

    AVRI '65 Strat with a...V neck?

    I just picked up a 2015 American Vintage 65 strat. It's white and it came with DiMarzio rail humbuckers in the bridge and middle positions, both with split coil options. It also came with a soft V neck instead of the usual larger 65 C shape. I never liked the large C but this soft V feels...
  3. TheSpricket

    New Marshall DSL1 Emulated Output Cable?

    Just swapped a HT1R for a Marshall DSL1. They both have an emulated output but the out on the Blackstar was 1/4' but the Marshall is 3.5. To connect it to my focusrite Solo I just ran an instrument cable out of the emulated out into the 1/4 input of the interface. It worked fine with no noise...
  4. TheSpricket

    My Experience with the CE2w and the Blue Hippo mkIII, who wins?

    I did quite a bit of research and bought two fantastic chorus pedals with the intention of keeping one. I thought it'd be a service to the rest of the chorus hunting world to share my findings and what I'm left with. I wanted something simple and analog. I was really looking at 2 knob CE123...
  5. TheSpricket

    Chorus and Tremolo in one pedal!?

    I currently use the Keeley Supermod Workstation, which has many cool usable sounds, but I only use it for the chorus and occasionally the trem. I'm finding there are quite a few things about it that I just don't LOVE. And I'm of the mind that if you own a $300 pedal you better love it. I'm...
  6. TheSpricket

    Octave Fuzz pedals that have a blend control and play nice!?

    I've got an Electro Harmonix Octavix and I really do like it! I had a Proctavia by Voodoo Labs but I was annoyed that it was a little more picky about its power supply. I also really like that with the Octavix you can blend in how much of the octave up buzziness you get as well as gain and...
  7. TheSpricket

    Is there a thing that...?

    Is there a thing that acts as a 2 in 1 AB switcher expression pedal? Like two level knobs to control the sweep or position of each expression pedal then a single switch to select each position? I have a chorus that I like to use an expression pedal with to control the speed. To basically get...
  8. TheSpricket

    Chorus pedal for warbly, Scofield, faux Leslie vibes. What you got?

    I've got an old CE3 on the way and I'm really hoping it satisfies my need for that warm fast chorus sound. I like the character of a fast chorus doing the Leslie thing, that's mostly what I'd use it for. There are great roto sim pedals out there but I'd like to try an analog chorus. Any love...
  9. TheSpricket

    G&L Legacy Tribute Pickups Question

    My friend just picked one up. It's got the CLF-100 Alnico V singles which sound great. He's getting hum from positions 2 and 4. I told him that's probably because those pickups are vintage spec and the middle is probably not rwrp, like many vintage fender sets. But that was just my best guess. I...
  10. TheSpricket

    Hall of Fame Reverb giving me grief!

    I have a TC Hall of Fame Reverb and I really like it but for quite a while now it's been making some odd noises and it's almost unusable. The reverbs all seem to work fine and the pedal functions normally but most of the time after I turn the pedal off (sometimes on) I get a static hiss that...
  11. TheSpricket

    Hello TGP, Great to be here!!

    Happy to be a part of this knowledge sharing community. I love gear. I love talking about gear. I love playing gear. Here's a little about me. I'm 22 years old, I recently graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Theatre and concentration in Acting. I'm just starting out my...