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  1. deadhead

    Vintage Peavey wiring question

    Hey all, I've got a pretty old Peavey Standard 240 that I am going to replace the 2-prong power cable on. Looking at the current wiring, I believe this will be a simple swap but wanted to get confirmation on a couple things.... Peavey Standard 240 Referencing the photo linked above: 1...
  2. deadhead

    Ultimate Chorus Repair - What is this?

    Hey all, Snagged a Fender Ultimate Chorus over the weekend for a great deal. Had a busted reverb pot so I took the board out to replace that. In the process I noticed that this metal sheet is no longer held up by the glue and folding over. See photos below: This is fairly new territory...
  3. deadhead

    Wiring schematic for DPDT switches

    I am trying to re-wire an old Japanese guitar I have but unsure about the way I wire the two DPDT on/off switches with the pickups. The switches are the slide style on/off with six poles. Does anyone know how I would wire the two single coil pickups to these switches and out? I can’t seem to...
  4. deadhead

    Teisco ET-200 wiring question

    Hey all, Snagged a Teisco ET-200 and when I looked into the wiring, etc. I noticed it had been re-done to omit the two pickup switches. I am assuming the pickups are wired in series, both working off the volume and tone pots. Still learning about all this stuff and was wondering if anyone was...
  5. deadhead

    Advice for latency issues

    Hey all, Finding that I am experiencing latency issues with my current setup and hoping someone can provide some insight. Set up: Suhr Reactive Load > Presonus AudioBox USB > Reaper > ReaVerb for IR files I’m running my cans from the Audiobox. Noticing when I am attempting to play using the...
  6. deadhead

    Need Advice! Guitar Recording Software

    I'm looking for a very basic, free program that I can download to record my acoustic guitar playing. I don't want anything fancy, just want to record when I play so I don't keep forgetting riffs and things that I come up with. Anyone have any suggestions? p.s. I've been searching the forum...
  7. deadhead

    Free RatDog Broadcast Tonight!

    Hey all, Bob Weir and RatDog will be broadcasting a free show tonight. 5pm PST, 8pm EST. http://www.tristudios.com/ratdog
  8. deadhead

    Europe 72 Volume 2 Vinyl

    Just picked up a copy of the Europe 72 Volume 2 vinyl at a local record store. Didn't expect to come across a copy but when I did I jumped on it (an impulse by if you will). Anyone else snag a vinyl copy of this release? Store owner asked if I was going to keep it in the packaging to...
  9. deadhead

    Gibson "Robot Guitar"

    Ran a search and didn't see any threads about this, so if it's been discussed then sorry in advance. Has anyone else seen this thing?.... http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1m0l4i/www.gibson.com/robotguitar/robotguitarvideovoting.aspx%253Fplayvideo%253Dtraining