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    Popping, crazy buzzing... power tube looks like it's about to explode

    Posted this over at the Splawn forum... (link) I have a Quick Rod with KT77s. thought I'd post here too, seems to be more busy here. Earlier today at practice I noticed some weird popping. The kind you hear when you step on a true-bypass tuner or pedal of the like. It started only doing it...
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    Custom scalloping?

    Where can I send, for instance, a Warmoth/USACG/Musikraft neck to be scalloped? Are there any luthiers out there that offer professional level scalloping? Are there any companies with websites that I could send it to? I know Warmoth does but they limit it to "Warmoth Pro" construction and that...
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    Where can I do this?

    Are there any custom shops that would do this? I emailed Warmoth and they don't do set neck or neck thru designs. I believe that also rules out Musikraft, USACG, etc. Here are my proposed specs: Neck-thru mahogany body Flying V, (set neck would be my second alternative) mahogany neck, ebony...