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  1. K

    Help me decide on my delay situation.

    I really like the Tech 21 boost DLA myself. It sounds great and has all the features I wanted out of a delay. I also own the MP deep blue delay which is nice too, but I tend to use the DLA. A friend just lent me the Malekko 616. Can't go wrong there either...
  2. K

    Delay shopping ........Help

    another vote for the Tech 21 boost D.L.A with tap tempo. Tap tempo, trails, modulation and a tone knob that actually works. Buffered bypass, but it sounds just fine to me. Great pedal.
  3. K

    Adding a Bigsby

    I recently put a B7 on my 335 and couldn't be happier. I didn't change the nut or install a roller bridge. no problems with tuning stability. One thing that suprised me was difficulty grounding the bridge and strings with the new trem- depends where your 555 is grounded. I had to get a hole...
  4. K

    Octave pedal: Micro POG vs. Foxrox Octron 2

    I'm a little confused by this. I've been running the micropog off of one of the L6 outputs with the switch in the normal position. Seems to work ok, but I haven't compared it to the wallwart. Am I underpowering the thing?
  5. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    when I opened up the amp I found a loose ceramic cap and a big piece of dried solder that were bouncing around the inside. Maybe they're somehow related to the diode failing. I'll check the other components in the area as you suggest, Adam. Thanks
  6. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    I just found a shorted rectifier diode. TGP comes through! Hmm, pads under the board eh? Dammit Fender. It'll be miracle if I don't cause another problem getting under there to solder the new diode. :messedup
  7. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    Thanks Adam. If I'm still stumped in a day or two I'll give you a call!
  8. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    Thanks for the replies, really appreciate the help. The amp doesn't have a rectifier tube, and blows the fuse with no tubes installed so it's not a tube problem. I didn't realize that the silicon rectifier diodes were a probable cause of the problem. What's the right or best way to test...
  9. K

    blowing fuses- OT short?

    I'm trying to track down a problem with a friend's Vibrolux (the newer custom reissue). It's been blowing fuses. It's been pretty mysterious so far- it doesn't appear to be bad tubes, filter capacitors, carbon trails. I did some simple checks on the PT and choke and they both checked out...
  10. K

    EHX Micro Pog vs. Foxrox Octron

    Another big difference- the pog is polyphonic. The octron will get glitchy with chords. I had a POG and recently downsized to a microPog since I was only using the suboctave and a little 1 up. The micropog doesn't sound quite as good to my ears, but it tracks and comes close enough for me to...
  11. K

    Installing a ground wire to an ABR-1 bridge

    Checked this morning and unfortunately there's no ground wire hole at the butt of the guitar. Anyone here ever drilled a hole to the ABR-1 post? Seems like it will be tough to get the drill at the right angle in the pickup cavity. Anyone here ever do it before? Was it difficult?
  12. K

    Installing a ground wire to an ABR-1 bridge

    huh, I had no idea. I'll go check to see if I can find that hole. Thanks for the response!
  13. K

    Installing a ground wire to an ABR-1 bridge

    I recently put a bigsby B7 put onto my ES335 and subsequently realized that I had no simple way to ground the electronics to the bridge/strings. The original ground wire came up to the stop tailpiece. I read something about running a ground wire to the treble-side post of the ABR-1, but I'm...
  14. K

    Your most used overdrive

    Hotcake my fave in conjunction with an AC30
  15. K

    Please recommend upgrades for my new R8 Les Paul.

    R8's probably come with the correct/good pot values (500k volumes). I think I read that somewhere. I was a little ticked at Gibson for putting small value volume pots in my 335. I measured them and they both measured less than 250k. Took me a while to get up the courage to pull the harness...
  16. K

    Stacking KOT and NTK275..

    I love the sunface to death but I don't find that it stacks all that well. Except with the pog- Good lord that's a killer combination. In my experience, whenever I turn a dirt pedal (like the KOT) on behind the sunface it takes on a completely different tonal character and usually loses...
  17. K

    Distortion Pedal For AC30

    Hotcake is my favorite OD pedal with an AC30, but really only as a low gain OD. Sounds rad. With the gain cranked it gets very squashed and fizzy- not so great. I have an OCD (v3 at 18V) on my board too which i use for the more distorted sounds. Sounds good. I don't think you'd be...
  18. K

    String Tension Kit - No drilling the body of your gibson when installing a Bigsby

    argh, a few months too late for me. I just had a bigsby put on my 335. I love it by the way, but the empty bolt holes look kinda dumb. I plugged em with some little black plastic hole covers, but still looks a little hokey.
  19. K

    JMI amps

    A while back I found this picture of the JMI AC306. Indeed they are impressive reproductions. $3k is pretty steep though. I have a friend who bought their AC4. It sounds great.
  20. K

    HW AC-30 Issues

    I had a problem that sounds identical to yours in my AC30 (a homebrew). I tried swapping tubes and changing the speaker but couldn't get rid of a weird fuzzy undertone in one channel. It was too loud to be the subtle ghost notes that people accept with AC30s and it only occured in one of the...
  21. K

    Good Vocal Mic?

    +1 Sure SM7. It's one of my favorite vocal recording mics. Sounds awesome. An SM57/58 will do a decent job tho too and it doesn't get much cheaper than that. PS- Michael Jackson recorded "Thriller" with an SM7. How cool is that
  22. K

    Best ambient/drone pedals & setups for true drone

    maybe it's obvious, but an ebow into a loop pedal makes a pretty good droning tool. Mixed with some delay and swirly effects it's really fills up space in a subtle, non-rhythmic way. The fact that it's non-rhythmic is probably the best part of the ebow. It doesn't require the loop to be in time...
  23. K

    Les Pauls with Bigsby

    I recently put a bigsby on my 335. IMO, it did something fairly noticeable to the general tone of the instrument. More resonant like you're getting more of the wood resonating due to the extra length. There's less sustain I supose due to the reduced break angle, but I think it sounds way...
  24. K

    Loop pedals with a small footprint (Akai, Zvex, etc.) - options?

    The RC-2 works great for me too. For a while I attached an FS-2 switch to it, which makes it as easy to use as any other looper, but I've since gotten pretty good at double tapping to stop the thing. I love how small it is, huge plus, and it stores 11 loops.