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    Old Shoe -- Up on Cripple Creek

    With all these amazing, ultra-awesome video production band vids posted up here, I thought I'd post our ultra-awful, low production, one camera vid from a gig in Davenport, Iowa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x31Xl5Qngzg&feature=share&list=UUwEXu-efwUMlYfYAXc_Gv5Q
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    Old Shoe (band) in central Illinois

    Been forever since I've posted a clip: here's a little ditty played last night at a little outdoor festy in central Illinois, in case yer interested what's goin' on in that part of the world. http://www.priestunes.com/audio/Tunes/Old_Shoe/Putnam/07_Goin.mp3 (First gtr, (moi) is an standard SG...
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    Keeley Phaser Tap Tempo Demo

    In anticipation of Keeley's new Overdrive, I got inspired to make this vid to demonstrate the tap tempo feature of his new Phaser. Yes....:D can't be helped! am a Keeley gear phan, and 2010 is a great year with the latest custom pedal releases. I'll do another Phaser video with the OD when it...
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    Watermelon in Easter Hay

    Late night everyone-sleeping-but-me notes: www.priestunes.com/audio/Watermelon_in_Easter_Hay.mp3
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    Loop w/ '72 Vibrolux Reverb

    Just picked this up, and it's by far the best amp I've ever owned. The volume at which this clip is played does the amp no justice. EDP and Eventide TimeFactor following the midi tempo: http://www.priestunes.com/audio/Loop_w_Vibrolux.mp3 New guitar: McNaught Jr. with third p/up, with its own...
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    Latest Video--People Saving People

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kUsboYJKLw Shot with a Panasonic DV and edited with Final Cut Pro. Chock full of minor suggestive indie subliminal footage. (It's long.):jo YouTube sums to mono.
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    Retro-Sonic Distortion Clips

    Here's a link to some Retro-Sonic Distortion clips if you're interested in hearing what it sounds like. The Blues Jr. amp was set to apartment levels and recorded with a single CAD ribbon mic right on the speaker. Guitar is a Baker. Tim's hoping you'll dig his newest invention. I know I do! Say...
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    Interstate Twist -- Hommade Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4JerJplDYM Just a fun vid for track two off the CD The Keeley Effect. ...
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    Preview of The Keeley Effect for TGPers

    Thought I'd share this with the good ol' folk of the gear page first. It's to be released the first week of January 2008. I worked for about a year on this (full- and part-time) and RK co-produced it. It was a blast to make and I learned a TON! I met some great players and Robert was the best...
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    Off to See Joe Satriani

    I've been floored by Satriani since 1987 when Surfing was released. I happened to be nineteen, away from home for the first time, and living in California when it was released, so for me the whole California vibe was completely cemented by the sounds of this album. Satriani I will never be, but...
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    Native Instruments Guitar Rig Demo I

    This was made using the loop function on Guitar Rig: the free thirty-minutes-and-off download version. This clip is a combination of three different presets (with a fourth tossed in at the end during the fade. Presets were chosen at random). I think the sounds are nice for clean passages...
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    Shop Talk--1991

    Hurrah to the historical review currently underway. Can I play? Never was I destined to be a jazz player, and though I certainly can listen with a great degree of pleasure (and envy), and have even tried my hand at it here or there, it's never taken off. Anyway, this clip was done with two...
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    The Gnomes of Oden

    ... then, when the ceremony was finished, we wandered into the forest and stumbled upon a ring of corybantic dancing gnomes... http://www.priestunes.com/audio/The_Gnomes_of_Oden.mp3 ~~~ large file alert!! is in the ballpark of 10 megs ~~~ (Am posting this for those who may have possibly if...
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    Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Well, not really... but I think I'd have to take mine with cream and sugar... http://www.priestunes.com/audio/Cream_and_Sugar_Please.mp3
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    Retro-Sonic Delay--Run Like Hell ...

    Hello... to those of you who may be interested in the upcoming delay from Retro-Sonic, this a very quick version of Run Like Hell using the prototype pedal (and his 808). The amp (a Fender Blues Jr.) has more than a touch of 'verb on it, so I plan to do this again... not to mention I was in a...
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    Riff Swap

    Hey... Here's an idea I had that may already have been tried here, but I was thinking that a thread in which players could trade riffs might be interesting. If you want to post, please feel free to get your riff across any old way: video, pdf tab, chart it out, describe it in the post...
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    Slo Blues -- Take 2

    The slow blues backing track that circulated a week ago was sweet. That day I did a few, but posted the subdued version. Here's a more vigorous one, where I switch pedals a few times, thus the obvious fade ins/outs. Wish there was a de-clammer plugin...
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    Preliminary Mix--So Deep

    Here's a short, preliminary mix of a tune that is probably going to be near the end of my upcoming "album." I'm pretty excited about it and will have more details as the summer moves on in.... http://priestunes.com/audio/More_Like_It.mp3
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    Gone 4 Ever

    I read the news today. My wife alerted me to the story of Madeleine McCann yesterday; I hadn't heard anything about it.... Hit me hard. Can't imagine what every remaining day of life would be like for a father in this situation. Sort of constructed this tune in the icky stupor of thinking about...
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    Gypsy Crown

    This is a rough mix of track 5 (or 6 or 7...?) of my 1st forth coming real album. Out of context, it may not have much sonic relevance, but maybe it does, or maybe it wouldn't anyway.... It's not particularly complex and I have to tune the vox (people saving people) and touch up a ton of other...
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    Pedals In Front of Modeling Amps

    How does this perform? I know most come with their own effects, but would boutique choruses, ODs, whatnots work before them? (Not boosts.) Looking at the Sansamp GT2
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    Is This Young Lady a GP Member?

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    Tricky Trout

    Remix... http://www.priestunes.com/audio/Deep_Fuel_and_Funky_Trout.mp3 thanks for listening if you do... many thanks.
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    A Love Supreme Variation

    http://www.priestunes.com/audio/A_Love_Supreme_Variation.mp3 (The Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar-esqe riff wasn't intentional.) (10 meg. file) Some notes out of my recent guitar. After a couple of years of searching through Suhrs and Gibsons and McNaughts--all fine instruments--I've filled out...
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    Own no bass. Still... this seems workable as a kind of something or other. http://www.priestunes.com/audio/Sumthin.mp3