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Search results

  1. D

    NGD! Thorn Grantura

  2. D

    Jane's Addiction Another Soul Mate.

    "Suffer Some" from Strays is killer. Been a fan since the early days. See them when they come around. they still kick ass live.
  3. D

    Show your ARTINGER!

    Very nice!
  4. D

    New 7 build - Morgan Guitar Works

    Terrible looking quilt, Q- :drool:omg Good luck with your build, Dave
  5. D

    New Randy Rhoads Documentary

    The box set is great - especially like the live show. Amazing playing and tone. Absolutely kills Tribute. The book that was published this year, "Randy Rhoads" is worth the price of admission particularly b/c of the interviews with his friends.
  6. D

    30 Years Ago-Randy Rhoads

    Well stated Todd. I still miss Randy all these years later. Where has the time gone? Tonight, I'll rock the hood w/ Blizzard and Diary and my kids ( 10, 8 & 8 yrs old ). :dude
  7. D

    Which TGP`ers get a real kick out of playing Randy Rhoads` guitar parts ?

    Wonderful description. So much great writing and guitar work in those two albums. "Revelation" solo.:bow Thanks Randy!
  8. D

    Ian Anderson Build Pictorial

    Killer. Love the top!!!!:omg
  9. D

    The new Grosh strat bodies on Facebook...

    The top on the dark sunburst ST look sick. Grosh = great guitars!
  10. D

    NGD....Gustavsson Korina Bluesmaster

    Top and color are killer! Congrats!
  11. D

    NGD:) Grosh Set neck

    Shane! Hope you're well. Man, your ST's are top nothch! All your gear is. :rockin I still have the P-90. It would be a tough guitar to replace at twice the $! Peace, Dave
  12. D

    NGD:) Grosh Set neck

    Too much light, but you get the idea. :) [/IMG]
  13. D

    The lighter side of Sabbath - Ozzy Years

    "She's Gone" is excruciatingly, painfully softer side. Fortunately, they quickly found their way to "Dirty Women." Great tune. That's a T.E. curveball.
  14. D

    Grosh Sunsent '79 - Anyone played one?

    Very nice demo! :aok:dude
  15. D


    Thanks for the hands-on description!
  16. D


    Please update the thread if you play it. Thanks.
  17. D


    http://www.quincysguitars.com/instruments-collings-at16_06-13-11.php No affiliation. Just lusting!
  18. D

    Ozzy Remastered cd's = WTF?

    I deeply disagree with the "holding back" of Randy's playing from Randy's fans for three decades in the name of $. I purchased so many tapes and vinyl bootlegs back in the day...many much sicker than "Tribute." I ordered the set in hopes of finding an undiscovered, to me, Randy fill, riff...
  19. D

    Larrivee P-09

    Anyone have experience/opinions they'd share? Thanks kindly!
  20. D

    Budget, good quality 000 sized guitar?

    I have two MDGR GCC Goodalls. Wonderful guitars. This is for my son. $1K +/-.
  21. D

    Budget, good quality 000 sized guitar?

    Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  22. D

    Collings AT-16 Archtop

    Super! Thank you!