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Search results

  1. NoahL

    Here's what a Fender Heavy pick looks like after a few weeks on the road

    Belongs to the fine roots-rocker and Austin favorite Jon Dee Graham. Well, here's the URL since as usual this site won't render a Flickr photo. What a drag. https://flic.kr/p/TYMcZP
  2. NoahL

    Gibson Nighthawk pickup question

    On the original Nighthawks with the slanted bridge humbucker, is it a conventional humbucker or just two Fender-style single-coils in series? I know the Duncan reissues offer JB or 59 "voicing," but I wondered about the original. I've seen these called both M Series and NHT Series, but one of...
  3. NoahL

    Is there a pick like this?

    Thumb picks position the plectrum just like if you were holding a regular pick. But fingerpicks create a claw. Is there a pick you can wear on your first finger that puts the plectrum in the same spot as a thumb pick would? I've tried various odd thumb picks, even have heated them up to try to...
  4. NoahL

    First Act "Alnico 52" pickups?

    I know the company put out a ton of cheap stuff and some custom shop stuff. But I can't find info on these pickups. Anyone?https://flic.kr/p/PSytfp
  5. NoahL

    Ybarra pickup wiring question.

    I opened up a strat with 2011 Custom Shop AY pickups. They meter at 5.2 each. Found a 500k tone pot (literally meters 504k) and a treble bleed. The guitar sounds more Stratty than any I've played. Real stringy and acoustic, super-quack, all that. But it IS trebly (maybe that explains the magic?)...
  6. NoahL

    G&L bi-cut neck with hairline crack at the seam

    35-year-old bass. G&L used to make necks with a seam longitudinally slightly off center. Supposed to strengthen and prevent warping. Well, the neck had too much relief, and I had to add a washer on the truss rod to get it right, and maybe I had to tighten it a lot to finally get the relief...
  7. NoahL

    Bass scale question

    would a 25.5"-scale bass be playable without stringing it with piano wire? I ask because a guy here is selling a failed Tele>bass experiment and I assume he discovered the geometry was impossible?
  8. NoahL

    I have I have a theory

    Correction: hypothesis:). The more you crank the truss rod, the more tension that wood is under, right? SO: the more you have to crank the truss rod to achieve the right relief, the more "alive" the neck is. Let's explore. Sometimes people feel a guitar has a "dead" neck, right? Are these often...
  9. NoahL

    Why is UPS always so much more than eBay calculates?

    I'm so done with fleaBay and so mad at myself. Yet again eBay "calculated" the postage on a guitar I sold ($28) and yet again when I hit "print mailing label" it takes me to PayPal where the cost FOR THE EXACT SAME SPECS I PUT INTO EBAY is $48. I always thought I was doing something wrong. Now I...
  10. NoahL

    Question about worn saddles

    I'm fixing a Korean Hamer for a friend and it's a fabulous guitar, just like every Korean Hamer I've come across. (Thanks, Jol. Sup?) But the tuneomatic saddles are those pot-metal-looking things that have the letter A stamped on half and B on the other half. And they are grooved unevenly, so...
  11. NoahL

    Cheap Neck vs Expensive Neck?

    Let's say you removed all the variables: same nut, same tuners, same finish. Two maple necks, both old enough not to warp from greenness. Basically two identically cut pieces of maple, but one is from a 2010 US Tele and the other from a 2010 Squier. What's gonna be the difference? Harder maple...
  12. NoahL

    Any guess on value of these vintage Altec 605a speakers etc?

    Not sure if the enclosures are original. They work fine. Hard to find a critical mass on eBay. https://flic.kr/p/BRxwBr
  13. NoahL

    Value of these Altec 605A drivers, etc.?

    hard to get a read just from eBay, etc. With crossovers Are the enclosures original? https://flic.kr/p/BRxwBr
  14. NoahL

    Which Guitar Term Best Describes You?

    And we don't mean your guitars; we mean YOU. Who ARE you?? Think hard, then pick one! :rolleyes:
  15. NoahL

    Wiring question

    I wired a bridge humbucker in parallel and with a coil split. The neck is a P90. When I have the humbucker in the regular parallel setting, its tone is weak and thin. The split position sounds good. Should I reverse the wires on the un-active coil of the humbucker? Gonna try that but any advice...
  16. NoahL

    Very small truss rod access hole?

    friend brought me a US G&L bass that had had its neck replaced with a non-G&L neck. The luthier shaped the headstock G&L style, and there are no markings at the butt of the neck. The hole in the headstock to access the truss rid nut is barely bigger than the hex wrench necessary. And the nut is...
  17. NoahL

    Coil-split question

    This guitar has a humbucker with three leads, not four. The two "inner" leads have been joined inside and a single jumper wire emerges. The pickup splits fine with a simple switch, but the coil that is active with the split, the one closest to the bridge, is kinda shrill. I would just flip the...
  18. NoahL

    Need quick touch-up advice

    This neck is now securely glued. In a few places the thickish poly is chipped away and there's a gap you can feel. It's pretty random as to where these show up. Would you first drop-fill with CA and then scrape with a razor blade and sand before shooting a little more poly? Or does poly...
  19. NoahL

    Switch vs. two volume pots in a bass?

    Just a basic question. My old G&L SB-2 has a switch, volume and tone. Have most basses today gone in favor of two volumes, for blending? If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (what are they?), I'm tempted to wire it with two volumes and use positions 1 and 3 on the switch to employ a...
  20. NoahL

    A question about neck tension and tone

    i just got a bass neck to have the right amount of relief by adding a pretty-darn-thick set of washers under the truss rod nut. I was able to turn the nut enough, and I noticed how hard it became to turn at the end. So much tension! Then I remembered the G&L owner's manual saying that the neck...
  21. NoahL

    Why are good pickups better than bad pickups?

    I realized that I don't know why a Fralin (e.g) PAF sounds better than a cheapie. And one thing pickup makers almost never do is tell you what they've done (or used) to make a pickup sound "better." If a standard HB is a baseplate, bobbins, magnets, screws and wire, are there more "toneful"...
  22. NoahL

    Swollen nut?

    guitar is suddenly pinging when I tune it, for the first time. Can a bone nut possibly swell in hot, humid weather?
  23. NoahL

    About grain-filler

    More a story than a question. I went into a Chicago hardware the other day looking for grain filler and they had none. But the guy told me had worked in the Washburn factory back in the day and that all they ever used was the regular water-based wood filler (for the big holes) diluted with more...
  24. NoahL

    Bass setup question

    I have an old Lotus L760 neck-through bass that I'm wrestling with. Small washers under the truss rod nut got the neck very straight, and the nut is slotted right. But the action is still crazy high. I sourced this bridge on eBay, assuming it was the original stock. It dropped in fine. But the...
  25. NoahL

    Is this wiring assembly worth much?

    Pots turn nice, measure 478k (volume) and 428k. From 1976. I took it out of a partscaster Tele. I can't imagine it sounds better than new versions but what do I know? Cap reads a stout .052mF. https://flic.kr/p/w1NZCt