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  1. K

    Just had my first jam session with my Supro Blues King 12 and I was bit disappointed

    Not all 15 watt amps are created equal. I have relied on my Bad Cat Cub IIR unmic'd to gig in clubs on Beale St. and at outdoor venues and festivals with a single efficient 12" Celestion speaker in everything from trios to quintets. My Fender EC Tremolux on the other hand doesn't keep up when...
  2. K

    Celestions in a Super Reverb?

    I would stick with 10" speakers, as you would need 4 ohm speakers if you went with two 12" speakers. I think that would eliminate Celestions as an option.
  3. K

    Celestions in a Super Reverb?

    I have a pair of vintage Celestion G10-S50 reconed speakers in one of my Tremolux cabs that sound phenomenal. So anything close to that would get my vote.
  4. K

    Help with Audacity

    Without knowing what interface you're using, I can say that I ran into recording and playback problems in Audacity if the wrong windows sound option was selected. Direct sound works, but I think it was MME that didn't work right. The options are in a small window at the upper left of the main...
  5. K

    Gibson P90's or Fralin hum cancelling P90's?

    I should clarify that my Fralin dog-ear noiseless P90 is +5% overwound.
  6. K

    Gibson P90's or Fralin hum cancelling P90's?

    I replaced the stock P90 in my Gibson CS '58 RI LP Jr with a Fralin noiseless dog-ear P90 about five years ago. The noise from the stock P90 was untenable in too many venues. The Fralin is completely noiseless. I hear very little loss of classic P90 tone besides the noise. The Fralin is slightly...
  7. K

    Humbucker-S-S Stratocaster: Why or Why Not?

    I have owned several Strats, and still own three CS Strats along with G&L Legacy models. All have been traditional SSS configurations, sometimes with a twist, but I recently picked up a mint Legacy HSS with JB Trembucker that is outstanding. I've played other guitars with JB bridge pickups and...
  8. K

    Anyone lowered string gauge?

    D'Addario has a string tension calculator that shows 9.5-44 with a 25.5" scale is very close to the tension of 10-46 with a 24.75" scale, as is 10-46 tuned down a half step with a 25.5" scale. I use those combinations and have dropped down to 11's on my acoustics.
  9. K

    Fralin Split Blade vs Wilde/Lawrence Blade Pickups?

    Check out the reviews at Fralin's website. I only have experience with the Strat split steel pole bridge pickup. It's not quite as satisfying as his noiseless P90 that I have in my LP Jr, but it has some of that flavor and retains equal Strat flavor. I like it more than most single coil size...
  10. K

    Anyone prefer SINGLE COIL bridge rock tones over Bridge Humbucker??

    Check out the late, great Tommy Bolin.
  11. K

    A little experiment for the Stratocaster players

    If there is a difference in tone with a screw removed from the Treble side of the pickguard, then I would look at whether the pickguard lifted enough to raise the Treble side of the neck pickup closer to the strings. That seems more likely with the original single ply 8 hole pickguard style.
  12. K

    Boost advice (Fire Bottle vs Bad Bob vs...?)

    Xotic Super Clean Boost. I own an original Bad Bob and an EP Boost, and have owned a Diamond Marquis and a LPB clone. The SCB rules them all with great EQ options and a great buffer to boot. Bad Bob is first runner-up.
  13. K

    Fender trem decking, or...

    No, it was with modern block saddles, but I'm not sure that the type of saddle is the issue in terms of the break angle. BTW, I have used a similar approach with a G&L Legacy with an adjustable bolt on the face of the trem block, but with the G&L the bridge is fixed parallel, but above, the body.
  14. K

    Fender trem decking, or...

    I don't know about current Fender 2-point trems, but decking the older American Series 2-point trem results in a bad string break angle over the saddles. My experienced luthier at the time installed an adjustable bolt on the neck side surface of the trem block to fix the bridge at the proper...
  15. K

    For those with Blackface/Silverface Champs, what is your speaker of choice?

    I boxed up the original alnico 8" that came with my '69 drip edge Champ and have tried the Jensen RI P8R, the Eminence 820H, and back to the RI P8R. The 820H would rub against the cap can after awhile, causing noticeable auditory artifacts, which is why I pulled it. The P8R finally has broken...
  16. K

    Pedals that respond well to guitar volume knob...

    Rockett Blue Note and MP Sweet Honey overdrive, and pretty much any boost pedal. The Keeley GC-2 that I got recently can be set to compress at full guitar volume but not trigger when you back off the volume. I'm still figuring that one out, but the Threshold control is the key.
  17. K

    NGD G&L Legacy

    They usually list dates on the spec sheet, if not on the certificate of authenticity.
  18. K

    Wiping UNDER the strings to clean?

    Yep, after a gig or long practice/rehearsal session.
  19. K

    250k with humbuckers to tame highs - just vol or vol and tone?

    I don't know the answer for sure, but the treble pot in the G&L PTB tone controls is 500k with 250k volume pot. The DiMarzio rails in my S500 work well with it. The Chopper bridge pickup is not brittle at all. The FT1 middle and Cruiser neck pickups can get a little brittle at times. It makes...
  20. K

    Fralin Split Blades for Strat - config advice, please.

    I ordered a split steel pole for Strat last month, and Lindy called me to follow up with questions about my order. They are still winding and delivering on schedule -- my pickup actually came a few days earlier than expected. Lindy said that the Vintage Hot version of the split blades pairs well...
  21. K

    How do you guys use the series position (if you have one) in a Telecaster?

    I think the reality is ultimately that the more switching options you have for different combinations of pickups, the more you will find yourself having to compromise certain single pickup tones to achieve some sort of balance.
  22. K

    How do you guys use the series position (if you have one) in a Telecaster?

    Perhaps because of differences in relative pickup heights?
  23. K

    Would you trade? Need feedback on a G&L Legacy

    I own two Legacy models from recent years and picked up a used S500 from the mid to late 90s. They are excellent guitars that see at least as much playing time as my Fender CS Strats. If you want a great Strat instead of a Tele, make the deal. Just note that the Legacy neck will likely be...
  24. K

    treble boost(er) that works after buffer(s)?

    The Xotic Super Clean Boost can approximate a Treble booster with high mid boost on and high cut on, and it has one of the best buffers I've used and lower noise than most treble boosters. The Mad Professor Sweet Honey overdrive can get close to a Treble booster and is ok after a buffer.
  25. K

    Gibson ES-137 extreme makeovers *NOW WITH PROCESS PICS!*

    I own one of the first two ES-137 Classics that hit the Memphis GC back in 2003(?). It's in blue burst with nice flame figure. I eventually replaced the pickups with Seth Lovers, had a new bone nut installed with top wrap at the bridge. It's a great guitar, and I would gig it more often if it...