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    Whoa! Schematic Heaven?!?!

    Which new one izzat, Hawkeye?
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    Pignose G40V Power Tranny

    Well, you need something that has the right voltage (324 VAC no center tap, full wave bridge) and the right footprint. I suspect something in the Deluxe/Deville family may do the job but you gotta measure for fit and then go shopping.
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    New 5E7 Bandmaster build

    I would probably put a zener diode in there and drop that voltage down to a more tolerable level.
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    What is TECHNICALLY better about a high quality output transformer?

    Kinda reminds me of a philosophy class I had at a small experimental college in New Hampshire. True story, as best I can remember from the clouds of cannabis that hung over the place. The class trooped in and the professor wrote on the board thus: 1. Do you believe/not believe in the bodily...
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    What is TECHNICALLY better about a high quality output transformer?

    Ultimately what is desirable in the way of specifications (dimensions, material) can be a matter of disagreement, depending on what your task is conceived to be. The old man was a metallurgist and I never heard the end of it as a kid. :beer
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    What is TECHNICALLY better about a high quality output transformer?

    That's what I thought you were angling at. :jo Also what is meant by "technically better" is pretty subjective unless you stick to measurable things that are not as subjective as tone and accidents. Show me engineers who agree on anything.:spit
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    High Quality PCB Amplifiers

    A lot depends on how well they're made to begin with. A lot of things that present day PCB amps do you can't stuff into a handwired amp but you have to decide if that's what you want to begin with.
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    Tube Test Question

    I took a new 6L6 one time and burned it in and tested it for gM on my Hickok. Then, for fun, I measured the needle deflection with a protractor and put the same tube in my cheapie Eico 625 and adjusted the load control for the same deflection. I then proceeded to test a bunch of old 6L6s and...
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    Thinking of buying an assembled kit amp...what to ask the seller?

    Mother always said neatness counts. It's a sign of detail oriented-ness that, all other things being equal, points to someone taking the time to do things properly. I've found in my own work that taking the time to be neat and tidy focuses my mind on getting things right. Of course it would be...
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    Horrible amp demos

    A lot of times amp demos are really guitarist demos. Best bet is to road test it yourself if you're shopping and see if it suits your style.
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    Weird hum in vintage amp??

    If you're used to the sound of a forty five year old amp with 45 year old components nearly any change is going to make it sound stiff and sterile to some folks. That's because that's what it sounded like 45 years ago. Old elytics sag a lot even if they're 'working ok'.
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    old Blues DeVille upgrades?

    "Illinois Capacitor" is actually Chinese for "low priced turd of uncertain origin".
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    old Blues DeVille upgrades?

    Dump the Illinois PS electrolytics and replace with some good stuff from F&T and that'll improve tone and tighten up the bottom end plenty.
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    Recommend an affordable yet quality tube tester?

    That 533 is a steal. ;) It depends on what you want to do with a tube tester. The most important thing you can do with one is weed out shorted tubes. These can be amp killers if they're power tubes. The next most important thing you can do with one is check for really dead tubes. Then, you...
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    Best Blackface Tone Under a Grand?

    I had one of those and they are fine amps. It's the same amp as a Reverend Hellhound even thought Joe Naylor swears up and down it isn't. Really interactive EQ section. I put an Eminence speaker and a Bassman style multi tap output transformer in mine. A very underrated amp and well worth the...
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    Tube Warm up vs Tube Life

    I've always thought that a tube amp sounds better after warming up for an hour or so.
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    Master Volume for 5E3

    It's all good, fellas. Mike, I had been on a thirty year hunt for edible pizza ever since I left home in 1977. That was the year Elvis died and these things are connected in some way. So there I am, getting ready to fire up the barby when a section drops out of the paper with a story about a...
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    Is it possible to instal a speaker output with a different impedance?

    Depending on what impedance speakers you have to start with and how they're wired you can do a lot with a 4x12 cab. The main thing to start with is measuring and noting the footprint of the original transformer so that you have to do as little cutting and fitting as you can get away with. Then...
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    Help with a Water-logged Egnater!

    Negatory, sir. I freelance from my home and that way I keep the shop rate loooooooower. The brothers over at the Lutherie shop know how to find me. Des Moines has a pretty good music scene for a smallish midwestern city, most of the players know and like each other. I would say kd2024 you are...
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    Master Volume for 5E3

    Oh Geez. I outed myself. I wonder if I got bus fare to Wis-caaaaaaaaaansin?
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    Help with a Water-logged Egnater!

    With friends like that who needs enemies?