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    Boss PS-2

    So someone on my local craigslist listed a Boss PS-2 for $40. Is this worth it to try out for a harmonizer pedal? Could I sell it for the same thing I bought it for, or should I note waste my time?
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    Effects Loop Help

    So I have a love hate relationship with my TSL60. I love the sound I get out of it, I just wish I could use my delay and modulation in the effects loop. Right now I have them out front and then that inhibits me from using them with the TSL's built-in crunch and lead channels. FWIW, the lead...
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    Effects Loop Help

    So I'm trying to hook up my pedals with my new TSL60 head and it's not playing nicely. In front of the amp I have: Wah - Dynacomp - OCD - TS9 - DS1 - BBE Sonic Stomp - EB Volume Jr Then in the loop I have: MXR Chorus - DD20 And for some reason, I guess it's mixing the wet and dry signals...
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    What would you say...

    makes the biggest difference in overall sound/tone quality? How important would you rate: -Guitar build quality (ie Standard Strat vs American, Epi LP vs Gibbo, etc) -Electronics (ie pickups) -Pedals (Boss-type vs Boutique) -Cables (patches and guitar cables) -Amp -Speaker/cab I've got a rig...
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    Gibson's New Brainchild

    Sorry if this has been posted before, saw it on another forum and thought it's pretty damn cool. http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/ Basically Gibson's response to the VG Strat, what do you guys think?
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    DS-1 mods

    So I got my DS-1 last summer, and it was my first pedal. Also a gift from the girlfriend. So now after being here a while I know there are better distortions out there, but I can't bring myself to replace the DS-1 on my board simply because it was a gift. So out of the known DS-1 mods, does...
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    BBE users

    So I'm getting a Sonic Maximizer and I'm just wondering where you guys place yours in the chain. Before everything? After wah? End of the chain before amp input? Effects loop? Just curious what configs work for you guys. Also what kind of amp you have would probably help in interpreting your...
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    attenuator question

    If I'm going to dime a 40 watt amp, will a 50W rated attenuator work ok? Or do I need a 100W attenuator?
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    Sorry to beat a dead horse here, I bet there have been tons of topics on this but as I'm new I don't want to revive old ones. So I've got an apartment-living situation this next year, and of course since I'm renting it's kind of infeasible to apply soundproofing foam to the walls of my place...