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    Are Stand Alone Studio Recorders Obsolete?

    Your info is good, I have the Akai DPS24MKII and with an ADAT add on will record 24 tracks at once. I consider it the best because of signal processing, the VS2480 is the next best machine (I almost bought one of these kick butt machines), hands down. YES! Everyone is dropping out of the high...
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    digital recorder - recommendations

    I'm talking serious quality recording here so you'll have to look for a slightly used one, but the only thing that comes close to tape in a SIAB is the Akai DPS24. I own the DPS24MKII. No drum machine, does have a click track, some effects, 12 ins, all balanced, xlr and 1/4" (up to 24 ins with...
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    Anything wrong with a standlone digital recorder?

    Definately check out any complaints with finished CD volume with any CD machine you buy. You may want to skip the built in CD and set up your computer to di it. I use a SIAB. Went expensive 'cuz I got tired of getting what I'd paid for. I have an old Boss 4 track and a GNX3 (8 track) I still...
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    How crazy an idea is this? Mic bleed recording live

    Portability, ease of use, plenty of channels, long recording time, surround capability and quality sound is why I have a DPSMKII.
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    DAW recording quality?

    I went with the DPS24MKII. Not inexpensive, but IMHO has the best qualoty sound.
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    Computer Vs Portastudio

    I have a DPS24MKII. Love the portability. I also run a computer for the Aksys at home. If I want to 'Frankenstein' the track I can export it to my PC run it through Sound Forge or Pro Tools then back to the Akai to do what ever or burn or burn off the PC. Kinda the best of both worlds.
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    Please explain the pluses of handwired amps

    Now I'm confused, according to Bruce Zinky (Mr. Fender Amp Custom Shop for a few years) my Zinky Blue Velvet is hand wired ( they build each one by hand) but not P2P. Here's what he has to say about it: "We use circuit boards, as you cannot have a truly high gain amp that is noiseless and stable...
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    How Can I Record Raw Tracks?

    I'm 49 and was in the same boat. I got the MKII and I love it, you will too. It's the best sounding SIAB there is. Check out the DPS world forum. It's my home studio center piece. I know the first shipment coming out of China was 300 units and quite a few of those are gone. I waited for over a...
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    A guitar for you medieval knights out there

    Looks like a Dark Star guitar. They look so weird I love 'em. He hasn't made any for a while.
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    Pickup recommendations for a HSS Strat!

    I went with active emg's 85/SA/SA. Amazing tone. Very hot. Very quiet.
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    Zinky Blue Velvet is a heck of a grab-and-go

    Mine (as you can see) is the Back Tolex White Face. I love the actual blue velvet covering but there wasn't one due in for a couple months and I could have this awesome tone now. That was two years ago. It's not PTP. All tube, hand wired, analog circut, Celestion 12" Zinky Designed Custom...
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    best small fender tube amp

    Although not available at just 'any amp shop' Fender Custom Amp Shop guru Bruce Zinky has his own amps. I have a 25watt Zinky Blue Velvet 1x12 combo. All tube, hand wired, analog, custom Zinky designed celestron speaker. Two channels, clean and gain (hi-gain). If you ever have a chance try one...
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    Zinky Clips?

    Yep and Bruce guarantees the amp for life, not the owner, so even if you buy one used it's covered. No one else does that that I've ever heard of.
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    Zinky Clips?

    I have the BV 25 watt 112 combo. I'll try and post some clips. If you call or email you get to talk to Bruce most of the time, that's customer service. I emailed Bruce and he told me you can't hurt the Blue Velvet mismatching impedience, and a lot of people like the BV on four ohms at lower...
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    Zinky Blue Velvet clip

    Great clip. Nice clean. I have the BV112. Sometimes I use a Mesa Recto 212 in a 312 combo to get that dep bass resonance. What do you mean the gain is dimed? I don't have a gain knob on my channel one but get great tones cranking the volumes. You know , it only goes so loud, then gets that great...
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    A short Zinky Blue Velvet review

    I use a 212 Mesa Recto cab with my Zinky when I want really heavy bottom. You know, in 312 combo. There's an impedence switch on the back, you can mismatch the impedience to alter the tone, you can't hurt it by mismatching the impedience either. The 4 ohm setting gets a little mushy at high...
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    Best LITE WEIGHT Blues Amp

    Although it's forty pounds, give the Zinky Blue Velvet 25watt 112 a try. It's THE Blues amp. Bruce designed a lot of Fenders amps and Custom Amps. You know how good his Fender Customs sounded. Not too expensive for a boutique amp. 750.00 to nine hundred, depending where you get it from and if...
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    GNX4 or GT-8?

    I have (and love) a GNX3. All the current processors are pretty awesome. But to step on a button and be able to record on the fly is too great to pass up. It exports as .wav files too. I run it in stereo to the PA in addition to using one of my amps.
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    Any McNaught/Bogner owners here?

    My next amp GAS is the Bogner 212.
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    Why dont amp makers listen to us?

    I agree with ya, butnoone listens to me, ever.
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    What 2X12 Cab should I use?

    If ya can, take your head around and try them. I did and there's a huge variety of 212 tones to be had. I like a bit more bass response in my cabs so I paired my Zinky 25watt Blue Velvet with a Mesa Recto 212 cab, 140watt capability. The Mesas V30s, oversized cab and closed back perfectly...