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Search results

  1. TheSpricket

    Underrated Pedals

    The Boss PS6 is my favorite pitch altering pedal for lots of reasons. I mostly just use it for adding a low octave but the harmonies are very easy to dial in. You can get that Brian May three part thing and it always turns heads when I use that sound. The S bend mode is even great for...
  2. TheSpricket

    Best SuperLead MIAB?

    The SL sounds pretty great, has a great sizzle. I use the Zvex Distortron which is mostly the box of rock and a Timmy in front to add the extra gain and sizzle. And for Jimmy Page vibes you gotta get your echo going.
  3. TheSpricket

    Why do I keep seeing the BOSS CH-1 on boards of the pros?

    Lots of people just don't care. I've got the CE2w because I care.
  4. TheSpricket

    Any experience with the Skreddy Animals Rover Fuzz??

    Dude sounds amazing even with that phone recording! Love your playing as well, that's where it counts haha.
  5. TheSpricket

    Any experience with the Skreddy Animals Rover Fuzz??

    Hey thanks man! I've currently got a Fuzz Factory and Rams Head muff on my board as well. I'm having the same tone bender itch, even though those two fuzzes can cover so much ground!
  6. TheSpricket

    Wah wah, “seminal” and “definitive“ tones, what wah?

    The intro to Dazed and Confused has a great wah tone and you get a great idea of the sweep. I don't know what was Jimmy Page was using, I think a Vox. Comparing all the vintage wah tones is hard because they were all so slightly different. Then they would often have a different unit in the...
  7. TheSpricket

    Any experience with the Skreddy Animals Rover Fuzz??

    I had some credit from an online store and found myself really stuck with what to buy. I don't need any pedals at all but but everyone knows you can always get a new or different fuzz. So I was browsing all of their used fuzzes and saw the Animals Pedal Rover. It looks like a silicon Tone...
  8. TheSpricket

    Uni Vibe vs Chorus

    I don't think of a Univibe as being versatile. It is an effect you can use a lot but it definitely sounds like a Univibe no matter what. A good basic chorus pedal can do so many different seemingly different sounds. Sounds that often make people go "What's that? Oh just a chorus?!"
  9. TheSpricket

    Another Marshall in a box question

    Big fan of the Zvex Distortion! It's pretty much what you're looking for in a low gain Marshall type of sound. It's super dynamic and has a very amp like sizzle. And it stacks great with other pedals, I use it on all the time.
  10. TheSpricket

    Lush chorus pedal

    The Boss CE2w is a fantastic benchmark recreation of the original CE1 and 2 chorus pedals. If you want a very simple chorus pedal that sounds fantastic and nails most classic chorus tones I can't recommend it more. The CE1 setting is much warmer and deeper. If you're recreating tones from the...
  11. TheSpricket

    School me/help on the best dual overdrive

    The Bogner Lagrange takes the cake for me. I guess it's not two overdrives in one but it's got a boost switch and even an expression out for the gain control. I've taken the more is more approach and I like using separate pedals. But I just like having lots of pedals to be totally honest. So...
  12. TheSpricket

    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    I'm really loving the Dm2w right now, especially for leads.
  13. TheSpricket

    What strings have the best tuning stability?

    I agree with above. You might come across a bad pack here and there from any brand. But just change the strings, make sure you string them up the right way, give them a good tug. Is it the whole set? Even the wound strings?
  14. TheSpricket

    Boss PS-6 Harmonist Trouble

    Yeah boss usually has a 5 year thing. This saddens me because I really love my ps6. I've always thought it was pretty underrated in the pitch shifting pedals out there.
  15. TheSpricket

    My RAT to RAT PACK

    Wow, he should totally make a Muffeletta style Rat and call it the Rat Pack. You listenin' Joshie?
  16. TheSpricket

    Dimarzio is back!

    Wow funny to see this pop up. I live in Brooklyn NYC and I just looked at a covid testing map and Staten Island has been hit really hard and still has some pretty bad numbers. I've also noticed their inventory with retailers has dwindled. So it's not surprising that they're just now getting back...
  17. TheSpricket

    Need to start playing through headphones...

    You're in luck because there are so many great options. I recently picked up an ADA GCS3 cab sim DI box. It has a headphone out and I'm really impressed with the transparency and room like feel it gives me. It's even a great way to record! I like the ADA box that I have but there are lots of...
  18. TheSpricket

    What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

    I just got a Wampler Terraform the other day and I'm totally loving it. The sounds are fantastic and the options and design are very functional easy to use. I also got a Boss DM2w and for a very simple analog delay I really love how it sounds. Really not much to say about it other than the...
  19. TheSpricket

    What's the best, most versatile and longest lasting bargain guitar related thing you bought?

    I've got a 1st gen Mustang I amp that I've had for about 7 years. I just use it in my living room when I went to plug and play. A long time ago I customized a few presets and dialed things in just right and it sounds pretty fantastic. I'm remembering now that I found that the Supersonic 2x12 cab...
  20. TheSpricket

    True bypass pedals before Fuzz Face?

    That's one of the big reasons I landed on the EVH Wah to go in front of my Fuzz Factory. Buffered pedals make it sound very different. However with the wah in front of the fuzz the two cannot be used together or else it sounds terrible and makes a lot of crazy noise.
  21. TheSpricket

    I need to hear more about Wampler Terraform

    I also need to add that the design and functionality was what actually made me want to buy this pedal. I knew it was able to operate pre/post but I didn't think I wanted to reroute my whole board. But then when I heard the Univibe and Envelope Filter I decided to try it. I put all of my drive...
  22. TheSpricket

    I need to hear more about Wampler Terraform

    I just picked one up yesterday! I kicked off my totally decent Dano Tremolo and Boss Aw3 and made room for it. I spent a bunch of time with it last night and today and I'm very pleased so far! The sound quality and design are very impressive and incredibly usable. I still have an MXR Phase 95...
  23. TheSpricket

    What pedal do you "struggle" with the most, to dial in to your liking...

    I've been a long time user of the Timmy and I'd say, compared to other drive pedals, I find myself tweaking it more often. I usually use it as a transparent gain boost to my main overdrive so sometimes some guitars, amps, or rooms might need a less more or less treble.
  24. TheSpricket

    A case for the Nano Big Muff

    I'm a massive fan of the new Rams Head RI. I got one pretty early when they came out. I had a BYOC Rams Head clone that I thought sounded good. I did an AB not thinking there would be much difference but the EHX RI was clearly the winner. It totally nails those The Wall and other Gilmour tones...