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Search results

  1. tubetonez

    Catalinbread DLS, Quality, and Customer Service

    Shortly after the lawsuit rumors, my DLS quit working - when engaged, almost no output and what sound came through was distorted in an awful way. Bypassed, signal was fine. I emailed them, took a few days to get a reply. After verifying my receipt I got an RMA. Sent the pedal in, got it back in...
  2. tubetonez

    Captain Coconut NOS

    Just noticed this on FoxRox site, I am really tempted: http://www.foxroxelectronics.com/CC2988.html
  3. tubetonez

    EJ's Echoplex hack

    I just saw this for the first time, around 11:00 EJ talks about the Echoplexes.... he's had them modded with a send/return loop and using a Belle Epoch at 100% effect for the delay, removed tape completely.
  4. tubetonez

    SOLD:Strymon El Capistan and custom Fav switch

    Very good condition, early V2 model. Custom made fav switch with Purple LED, Purple cable. Original box & power supply. $250 shipped/PP CONUS I like using the fav in this postion:
  5. tubetonez

    Rare Marshall cab question

    Out of curiosity, I've been searching for info about an old Marshall cab I owned back in the 80's. It looked old when I got it, and had checkerboard grill cloth. It was pretty much exactly like the photos below, except the 2x12's were mounted vertically. It appeared to be factory, i.e. the cab...
  6. tubetonez

    Speaker break in video

    Since I was in process of breaking in some new drivers, I made a little video of the process. veMQRQh8Ffw
  7. tubetonez

    Custom Pedalboard Build

    Just starting a new build, incorporating some various ideas. I'll explain more as we go along, just started glueing and clamping parts - not sure how I want to finish it, if I decide to stain/varnish there will be no nail or screw holes. Using 1/2" and 1/4" Baltic Birch, roughly 26" x...
  8. tubetonez

    Nose Pedals experience?

    I sent an inquiry about a custom pedal, followed up after a few days and still no response after a week or so. Anyone have experience with them, I don't find a contact email just a form on the web site? Thanks
  9. tubetonez


    Ok, I couldn't resist the sale on this thing - $50 with free shipping. Even if the built in amp is crappy, the battery operation is attractive for a jam around board. But I'm hoping maybe to mod it into a talkbox. I have it on order, will report when it arrives...
  10. tubetonez

    Boss Tera Echo TE-2

    Looks interesting, according to brochure it has freeze function. UxpiIuoq0Lo http://cms.rolandus.com/assets/media/pdf/te-2_brochure.pdf
  11. tubetonez

    Flashback/Alter Ego Looper help

    I just got an Alter Ego, and running it in mono using the mono in/out. Everything works as expected but the looper output volume. In loop mode, bypassed, with Mix (FX Level on Flashback) fully counter clockwise there is no direct signal. Full on clockwise, the direct sound is close to the normal...
  12. tubetonez

    EJ & Cornish?

    From ericjohnson.com: I'd like to know more about the routing he's using now - impossible to tell with all of the spaghetti. I know he'd been using one TB looper for the DMM for several years. What is the other TB looper for? Where are the flanger and SS-3 in the chain? Is he still...
  13. tubetonez


    Now, if he would drop the price to $66.66 I might buy one....:dude
  14. tubetonez

    Vox Lil Looper?

    Anyone play with one of these? -u1DUPNBVHg
  15. tubetonez

    NPD's: Giggity, Animal, El Cap, EP Pre + Custom

    I got 4 pedals in recently within a few days, some impressions: Giggity - Works pretty much as the demo's show, I wanted a Marshallesque channel for Fender amp. It seems a little harsh with the drive cranked, into a clean amp with no other pedals, when I dig into the strings. It smooths out...