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    Dead boss dd3.

    So I bought a dead boss dd3 for $5 in hopes of fixing it up, if I can't fix it, it's to the scraps with the parts and the housing to build other toys with. I swapped the diode in it that protects the pedal from the wrong type of adapter. But it still does nothing. The pedal does power up, the...
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    Almost ultrasonic.

    I found that when one of the channels on my amp is past 6, and the treble on said channel is past 7 then the amp starts to produce a really high pitched noise, an almost ultrasonic noise (my cat goes nuts when he hears it haha). I'm wondering if this is a pot or other component problem? It seems...
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    What strings are you using?

    So what strings are you using now? (brand, model, gage) At the moment I'm using a set of Dean Markley Blue Steel mediums which sound like garbage on my les paul, Really need to stop by a music shop and give them a swap. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, I also want strings that will last me a bit, I'm...
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    Tape echo from a tape deck?

    Anyone know where I can find plans to build a tape echo out of an old tape deck? Or has anyone tried this and made it work? (good?)
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    Does 'mileage' really matter?

    When I see amps for sale I see people put the estimated running time in hours (which I think is usually a load of crap). But does this really matter? I mean, if the amp has 10hrs running time or 1000hrs does it really affect the amp? This isn't a plane and the mechanical parts don't wear out and...
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    "loud Noises!"

    My blackface fender tremolux head suddenly started to make a good amount of noise when I play through it. I'm playing my amp and then suddenly it starts to make a loud screeching noise. I noticed that it happens to whichever channel I'm plugged into and that it sounds like it oscillates faster...
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    Why is it so impossible to sing while playing?

    I've been trying forever, and I just can't nail it. I either screw up the way I'm picking or throw everything way out of timing. Anyone have any tips on how to do this? I know it sounds like a really beginner problem, but this has been driving me nuts for the past few years.
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    Weber Magnetics

    So how are weber's output transformers? They're pretty cheap priced, (one for my amp goes for $28). I thought these were much more expensive? Like in the $100+ range. So anyone use them? I'd like to pick one up as a spare part for my amp to have that assurance.
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    Indicator (My brother bubba lives way up, in the cater')

    I'm looking to either mod my amp or mod the switch I made for my amp to show whether or not the effect (tremolo) is on or not. The only way I check now (during silence that is) is by looking through one of the input jacks (you can see the light shining through a bit from the light sensing...
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    Another damn mismatch thead...

    So would YOU do it? I've just gotten back my amp from the repair shop, it's an oldie and I'm getting really anxious to hear it. It spits out 4ohm on the load, and all I've got laying around right now is two 16ohm speakers (making an 8ohm load if I put them together) So would you do it? I'd be...
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    Leslie in a pedal.

    Anyone know of a good pedal that can emulate a good leslie sound? I know the Line6 MM4 and the Boss RT-20, how do those sound? Do they sound good in mono? or would a stereo rig make this sound work?
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    No Quarter Tone

    Anyone know the fuzz Jimmy is using on the song No Quarter? Always been a fan of the song and for some reason today when I heard the song at work the fuzz really jumped out at me, so I'm thinking of getting one now. Problem is I don't know what it is.
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    Fender Style MOLDED caps

    Found in vintage Fender amps, what is the best type of replacement for this type of cap? Are Hovland MusicCaps a good replacement or are they the wrong type?
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    Rectifier tube question.

    So yes, this is another thread posting that damn tremolux again, yeah I know you're getting sick of it but it's coming along now and I'm almost done. So anyway, I was upgrading the unit from 2prong to 3prong power cable when I noticed that there are two strange looking diodes on the rectifier...
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    Effects DIY books.

    Can anyone recommend me a great DIY book for effects? I don't want one that just has schematics and part lists, I want one that actually goes in depth and explains how everything works, how certain components affect the sound and in what ways to use these components. Essentially a book...
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    Speaker recommendation - first time buyer.

    So I'm on the lookout for a good set of speakers, they have to be 12inch and be able to sound good in a 2x12" cab. Possibly might get 4 speakers to fill out two cabs, or just might fill out the one depending on how tight my money situation is. So since I've never purchased speakers before, what...
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    Broke Reverb

    So if I'm getting a low signal from the reverb channel on my amp, would a cause of this be because one of the brass sleves holding the spring is broken off of the frame? The spring is still holding it back, but I doubt there's any signal going through. Like I said there's signal going through...
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    Signature Everything.

    So, yeah Zakk Wylde is really popular and he's a good guitarist and all but really, having signature everything? I mean, come on, this is just getting rediculous how everything he has is zakk wylde special or black label this. Let's count: Strings, Pickups, Guitar, Distortion, Wah, Amp...
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    EBows kick ass!

    Just picked one of these things up, and I must say, why the hell did I wait so long to get one?! I love running it through thick delay, just produces a huge wall of sound that comes at you like a train. Amazing. It's exactly what I've been waiting for all this time. I'd highly recommend one of...
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    Ext Speaker.

    So if I were to use the ext speaker output on my amp (tremolux) with a 4ohm speaker cab in the regular speaker jack, would I use a 4ohm speaker in the ext out too? The head is rated at 4ohm.
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    4x12 or 2x12?

    So I've come into a roadblock. I can either buy two new speakers at 16ohm and then fix up my existing speakers both at 16ohm and pay out my ass for these things. Or I can just buy two 8ohm speakers for my 4ohm head. I have two 2x12 cabinets already which I would love to see filled up sometime...
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    Amp Tech Advice.

    I recently sent my head to an amp tech, when I got it back the fuse was blown. Someone told me I should check my rectifier tube to see if there was any damage done (brand new tube, and it just has to be the most expensive one too) How would I go about checking this? And should I need to be worried?
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    Anyone use the Fender Blender?

    Or used it before? How do/did you like it? Any way to turn off the octave effect and just have that vintage super crunch?
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    Acrylic as a body material.

    Just wondering here, anyone ever try using acrylic as a guitar body material? If so: How did it sound? How was the sustain? Did it dull the tone at all? Would look cool, probably sound like arse.
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    Nail polish speaker repair?

    It's been suggested to me to fix my vintage speakers using toilet paper and clear nail polish. Anyone try this or know if this works or not?