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    Vintage Marshall JMP info needed!

    Hi, I have a friend who wants to sell a vintage Marshall JMP Bass 20 head. I was looking for some info on it. Mostly the year it was made (I believe it is 1969) and how much it would be worth if they sell it. Here are some pictures. It's all original except for the Marshall logo. Does anyone...
  2. M

    Vemuram Shanks 4K equivilant

    Wondering what else is out there that sounds similar to the Vemuram Shanks 4K? It's based off of the fuzzface and tonebender 1.5 mod. Thanks
  3. M

    Favorite 12" speaker in a Princeton Reverb

    I have an older Princeton Reverb (currently with a Rajin Cajin 10") and have been thinking about an upgrade to a 12" speaker. I like the sound of the 10" in there now but would like it to sound bigger, I hooked it up to a Deluxe Reverb speaker and came close to the same sound as a deluxe...
  4. M

    Seymour Duncan Everything Axe

    I have a Strat and I got a Seymour Duncan Everything Axe pickup set, and i'd like to have more options than the wiring diagram that Seymour Duncan has here, http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=everythingaxe_1v_2t_5w Maybe something that has the bridge...
  5. M

    Bogner Duende alternative?

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a Bogner Duende alternative. Something that has a great 'Fender' clean channel and possibly a second channel similar to a 'Marshall'. Also has to be light weight and not super loud (not over 30 watts). I may end up just getting a Duende but...
  6. M

    Bogner Shiva alternative?

    Hi I have a Bogner Shiva (silver back version) 1x12" combo, what would recommend that sounds similar, just maybe not quite as loud and heavy???
  7. M

    Bogner Shiva - replacement handle

    I have a Bogner Shiva 1x12" combo, any idea where I could find a replacement handle for this amp? Thanks
  8. M

    Zvex Box of Rock - Bad on Vox amps??

    Is it just me or does the Zvex Box of Rock sound amazing on Fender style amps and terrible on Vox style amps???
  9. M

    Vocoder plugin?

    I'm looking for a vocoder plugin that can basically do what a MicroKorg vocoder can do, does anyone know anything that can do that. I'm running Pro Tools too by the way.
  10. M

    Value of Tribute Series Fenders & Gibsons

    Hi I'm looking for some opinions on how much some of these guitars are worth. A friend has all of these and is thinking of selling. I know how to use Google and ebay, but some of these guitars are really limited and its hard to know what they are worth on the used market. All guitars are...
  11. M

    Best Preamp going into Mbox2 around $400?

    I'm looking for a 2 channel preamp that will be going into an Mbox 2. I've been thinking about an ART MPA Gold, does anyone have some other suggestions in that price range?
  12. M

    Nobels ODR-1 Volume Pot Replacement???

    My Nobels ODR-1 (green) had the volume and drive pots switched, so long story short, I tried to switch them and now I think the volume pot is bad. Where can I get a replacement? It's a 50K audio pot, with three pins on the bottom, and two hooks on the side soldered. Are these just feet to hold...
  13. M

    Nobels ODR-1 Reissue!?

    Looks like there's going to be a Nobels ODR-1 reissue (green one) coming out, this looks really interesting. The old one is one of my favorites OD's out therel Wonder how this will stand up against the old one. http://digital.premierguitar.com/premierguitar/201103_1/?pg=7#pg7
  14. M

    DIY Crybaby mods

    Anyone know how I can increase the sweep of my Dunlop Crybaby. Do I need parts to do this?? Any other free mods out there to improve the Crybaby?
  15. M

    Small buzz goes away when I touch pickups or cord??

    I have a gibson humbucker equipped that has a little buzz that goes away when i put my finger on a pickup or the metal part of the cord. Is this normal, or do i have a grounding issue? I had a bigsby installed if that matters at all. Thanks
  16. M

    Power Transformer in a Princeton Reverb?

    What will an upgraded power transformer from Allen Amps in a Princeton Reverb do for tone, headroom, and volume??
  17. M

    Noisy George L's??

    When I tap the heads of some of my George L plugs or wiggle the cable there's a sound coming through my amplifier. I'm thinking this is not normal and I should redo the cables, but just wanted some more opinions. Thanks
  18. M

    Princeton Reverb - low end farting @ 3

    My Princeton Reverb (silverface) seems to be distorting on the low E string above the 2.5/3 mark. Anything I can do to stop this? Right now I have a Ragin Cajun speaker, in it. Would a better Output Transformer help with this issue?? Something like the TO20 from Allen Amps?
  19. M

    Princeton Reverb Circuit - Late 70's vs Blackface/early Silverface

    How close is a late 70's (1978) Princeton Reverb Circuit (with the pull volume taken out of the circuit) to a Blackface and/or early Silverface circuit. What's different? Can this be converted to blackface? Does anyone have the circuit number, or schematic for a late 70's silverface Princeton...
  20. M

    Princeton Reverb breaking up at 2.5??

    I have a silverface princeton reverb amp that sounds amazing until you get it over volume level 2. Then it starts breaking up, way too early for me. Any ideas what could be wrong? Here's the details on the amp. Master volume circuit taken out, paulc and phase inverter mod done, tube sockets in...
  21. M

    Recommend a Blues Guitar Lesson???

    I have a friend who is looking for a Blues Guitar lesson book with tab and audio, or a DVD, or some free online lessons. Does anyone know of a good one to recommend for a beginner guitarist? Thanks!
  22. M

    Ernie Ball Volume Jr Alternatives

    I'm looking for a new volume pedal. I'm sick of breaking strings, so my requirements would be, no string, no tone sucking like the ernie ball, but same size approx to the JR. Oh, and passive would be nice too. Any ideas??? Thanks!
  23. M

    Space Echo - how often do you change your tape?

    Curious how often everyone changes tapes in their Roland Space Echo units?? How much use does it take before you think the tape sounds old?
  24. M

    Delays with tubes?

    Just curious what delays out there have tubes in them besides Replex Damage Control Timeline Fuchs Replay ??
  25. M

    EP Booster making noises at 18V ???

    My EP Booster runs fine at 9V, but I tried to run it at 18V and it seems to make a ticking noise thats faint every 5 seconds or so....Anyone else experience this?? I tried different power cables and outputs, but still the same thing. I'm running a DC Brick. I emailed Xotic about it from the...