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  1. Jeff Scott

    Squeeze fans?

    A couple bands I was in did Tempted.
  2. Jeff Scott

    Has any classic band ever done a farewell tour, and then stopped touring?

    Yeah. I went to their Farewell Tour in 1983! :banana
  3. Jeff Scott

    Long post: Who else ditched the pick in favor of thumb and fingers, particularly for lead/improv?

    I did, not sure why, but it came very naturally. For sure, I don't lose pick, anymore. :p
  4. Jeff Scott

    At what point do you consider yourself a talentless hack and give up your dream?

    Post some recordings of your playing and we'll let you know. Hope this helps. :)
  5. Jeff Scott

    The Simple Joy of “No Phones Allowed”

    This is/was a real phenomenon in Japanese culture, from something I witnessed back in 1986. I was in Yosemite Valley making a photograph with my view camera when a tour bus of Japanese tourists pulled up and they all came flying out of the bus, quickly took pics of the general scene I was...
  6. Jeff Scott

    Will concert PA systems be replaced by WiFi/earbud systems?

    Why imagine it? They started doing that in the mid 1960s. ;) :D
  7. Jeff Scott

    Simple knowledge leading to annoyances from other musicians

    The two are very different from each other.
  8. Jeff Scott

    Which band have you seen live the most times?

    Genesis, every time they came to town, from their first tour of the US in their Spring of 1972, though their 1977 W&W tour. Seven times, IIRC. Yes comes close at six times, from 1974 through 2013. Brand X/Tunnels (all with the great Percy Jones) matches (or might exceed, don't recall)...
  9. Jeff Scott

    Think a "hit" like We are Spirits in The Material Word would be a "hit" now days?

    This song wouldn't even register with todays younger folks; probably way above them on some spiritual/sociological/intelligence level.
  10. Jeff Scott

    I wish I had heard this when I was starting out - Dave Holland

    :confused: :eek: Nice to see the link has been restored. Here is some pretty ferocious all-acoustic music, even more so than the DH example IMO. :aok
  11. Jeff Scott

    Frank Zappa tapping in 1976

    I worked for and was a partner with the photographer who did all the Mike Douglas shows when he was in Cleveland in the '60s. Hundreds of black & white negatives that I printed over the years for various shows and clients.
  12. Jeff Scott

    Original stickers on guitars, what do you do with them?

    Different types of plastic used by RIC and FMIC.
  13. Jeff Scott

    Original stickers on guitars, what do you do with them?

    That's probably not what will happen; it just might get a bit more difficult to remove the adhesive residue. On new Ricks that I have bought over the years I remove the sticker and put it on the back of the pickguard or control cavity, as the case may be.
  14. Jeff Scott

    "It's just Blues.....it Don't Matter"....True or False?

    That only works if you play the same mistake once again. Then, everyone will know it wasn't a mistake, as, surely, you wouldn't make the same mistake twice in a row, right? :p
  15. Jeff Scott

    "It's just Blues.....it Don't Matter"....True or False?

    But, since we are talking about blues.............it don't matter! :D
  16. Jeff Scott

    Humble Pie, Performance Rockin the Fillmore (Frampton)

    When I saw HP in 1971, Pete, and Steve, were running through three full Marshall stacks, each. Their tone was triple ungodly. And, Ridley was using four full 360/361 rigs. :dude
  17. Jeff Scott

    Blatant screw ups they decided to leave in the music video for some unknown reason

    There are at least a couple in this classic.