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  1. hamerman55

    Anyone tried the EHX Cntl Box?

    I just ordered one and the idea looks brilliant.
  2. hamerman55

    "Quick" overdrives

    I was recently looking at an old TPS episode on Tube Screamers, and was reminded of a description Mick and Dan often use - quick. In particular, they were characterizing the Walrus Audio Warhorn as a quick overdrive in the uncompressed mode. This comparison was in a batch of Tube Screamers...
  3. hamerman55

    Some pedals really change with voltage - Fulltone GT-500

    On an impulse buy, I picked up a Fulltone GT-500 for $65 on Reverb (crazy deal, but there's not much demand it seems). I had one when they first came out and couldn't use it (I didn't know how to handle something that put out that much output and generally was less experienced). First out of the...
  4. hamerman55

    Switch for Carl Martin Headroom

    I just put an order in for a Carl Martin Headroom after checking out the reviews. One thing I have not seen is a specific statement about what switches to use for remote use. I'd like to have it on my amp, and not on my pedal board. Pete Thorn mentioned some of the switching units that did amps...
  5. hamerman55

    Battery Billionaire Outlets Isolated?

    I was hoping to use a Battery Billionaire from Danelectro for those effects that do better with batteries, as it is very easy to change them. However, when I hooked up my Ge Sunface the power was not delivered to the other outlets. It could power the Sunface alone, and can power an Si Sunface...
  6. hamerman55

    Better switch for a Dunlop wah

    I have a Joe Bonamassa signature was that I love, but the switch got so it wouldn’t switch reliably. I’d step on the thing and get nothing. I put a new Dunlop switch in. Same problem. Has anyone converted a Dunlop way to a relay switch, and could anyone recommend a good kit or parts?
  7. hamerman55

    Disaster Area MIDI Controller shipping times

    i placed an order for a DMC.micro on the 8th, and it is still listed as “Processing”. Do they make these to order, or pile up a bunch of orders before shipping? I did order a white one (just to change things up a bit) but there’s no info on it being out of stock or back ordered. Just “processing”.
  8. hamerman55

    Wet-Dry Mix Using Both Channels of a Two Channel Amp

    I have a modded Bassman, where one channel is a '59 preamp, and the other channel is a Bandmaster preamp, giving them quite different character. I want to try a wet-dry mix with the dry going to the '59 Bassman pre and the wet going to the Bandmaster pre. Will I need an isolated transformer type...
  9. hamerman55

    Stacking Mythical Overdrive with Lovepedal/Hermida Dover Drive

    I recently got an "Old School" Dover Drive in an excellent deal on Reverb, and was integrating it into my pedal board. With it just into the amp (through the pedal switcher - BYOC Super8) it sounds just as wonderful as I hoped, but a needs to be cranked up a bit to get over unity level. I put my...
  10. hamerman55

    PSA - 20% off at ProGuitarShop

    Just got the email about the Memorial Day sale, and pulled the trigger on a Digitech FreqOut. I'm hopeful it will handle the Robert Fripp lines like in Starless and Heroes. My band seems to be gravitating half toward Pink Floyd, and half toward King Crimson.
  11. hamerman55

    Current jazz player who use flangers?

    I've been listening to a lot of Brand X lately, in preparation for seeing them play live in a month. One thing I noticed is John Goodsall used flanger a fair amount. There are several players that use chorus, like Landau, but I haven't heard any modern ones using flanger. That and phaser used to...
  12. hamerman55

    I'm getting a lot of low ball offers on Reverb.com

    It seems like in the past couple of weeks there have been a number of bids that are well below the range for a pedal. In fact, it seems that the magic bid is around $40-45 for a pedal listing for around $100. Are these guys just looking for a fool, or bargain hunters or what. I'm selling pedals...
  13. hamerman55

    NPD: SA Stingray and Orbital Modulator

    I needed an envelope filter for my jam band, and my EHX Q-tron XO crapped out on me (I'm getting it fixed). So I thought I'd try something very different as the EHX will be coming back, and it suited me fine. Boy am I impressed. There are so many chewy sounds in there, and digital or not, its...
  14. hamerman55

    Source Audio Neuro Hub - Black or Silver versions different?

    I'm looking to get a Neuro Hub to control my Stingray and Orbital Modulator, and noticed that some places show a silver version, and some show a black version. Black is what is on the Source Audio site, but the manual for the Hub shows it to be silver. Is there a difference? I'd like to get the...
  15. hamerman55

    Source Audio Orbital Modulator Users - Envelope Modulated Flange?

    I'm looking to get the MicMix Dynaflanger sound that the Zappas use. This is where the sweep of the flanger is controlled by the envelope of the note like an envelope filter. Has anyone with the SA third this? I formerly tested the Line 6 Liqua Flange which supposedly has an envelope modulation...
  16. hamerman55

    Delay pedal that can do the Soulful Terrain/Cliffs of Dover sample and hold

    I've been looking to downsize some of my delays, including an Eventide Timefactor. I prefer tape delay emulators (love my El Cap). The Timefactor really does one unique thing for me, and that is the sample and hold like the old MXR racks. Any suggestions?
  17. hamerman55

    Best pedal for clean and slightly dirty plexi sounds

    Greetings: I've been interested in pedals that will give my Princeton and Bandmaster amps a Plexi flavor on the cleaner side of things. I don't have much need for JCM 800 sounds. I'm considering either the Wampler Plexidrive Deluxe or the JHS Charlie Brown (with the three band EQ). Any thoughts...
  18. hamerman55

    Weird deal on Reverb.com

    I listed two items on Reverb.com last night (a Boss PQ-4 and a Stamps Drive o Matic). Within an hour, I got an offer from someone a dollar over my asking price, and a request to exchange emails directly. The email was: "Thanks for your prompt response, My Name is (I removed the name), i want...
  19. hamerman55

    Pickups for mid-90's Epiphone Les Paul

    I was given a mid-90's Les Paul that was basically brand new. I've played it, after I cleaned it up and did a bit of work on it. It has a great unplugged sound, and is generally a great built guitar. But the hardware and wiring leave much to be desired. I took it into my tech of 30 years, and he...
  20. hamerman55

    Mythical Overdrive vs Wampler Tumnus

    Since both of these pedals have been out a while, I was curious if anyone had done a comparison. I've been reading a lot of praise for the Tumnus, and like the form factor. I find that the MO really enhances the sound of my Hamer, particularly with both pickups on. I don't want to give up the...
  21. hamerman55

    Dealing with over loud "I only plug straight into the amp" band mates

    I jam with some friends once a month, and one of them is a pedal adverse straight into the amp guy. The jam is in a largish living room with high ceilings and an open floor plan. We both use Blackface Princetons (reverb for him, non-reverb '63 for me). I use pedals and a compressor at the end of...
  22. hamerman55

    Good hard case for an iPad Air 2

    I've been switching over to an iPad Air 2 for lyrics and chord charts using Onsong, which works fine. However, I was starting to worry about properly protecting the iPad at practice and gigs. The reviews for hard cases give conflicting comments. Some say a given case is fine, others claim there...
  23. hamerman55

    Speaker Recommendation for an Egnater Rebel 20 Cab and Fender Bandmaster

    I have a modified Fender Bassman/Bandmaster (one channel was modded to '59 Bassman specs, and the other to Bandmaster specs, and the power amp section is '59 Bassman) and an Egnater Rebel 20 cab. The problem is that the Egnater is 16 ohms, and kind of bassy. I'd like to get the ohms closer with...
  24. hamerman55

    Folding multiple guitar stand

    I'm looking for a good portable folding guitar stand for 3-5 guitars for jams and gigs. The Warwick stands shown on GC web page look good, but get mixed reviews. I would appreciate any suggestions. I figure I've got the guitars - it would be great to have them at hand without having three or...
  25. hamerman55

    Are the TC Electronics Nova Repeater and Delay being discontinued? Tore?

    I was just checking at several online vendors, and these are no longer available at Sweetwater, Musician's Friend and zZounds. Are they being discontinued?