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Search results

  1. plexirocker 68

    This Poor Danocaster. Oof!

    Looks like a Fender Custom Shop relic job to me .....maybe even better :oops:
  2. plexirocker 68

    Classic 57 and 57 plus output questions

    Rhino nailed it.....Boy ain’t that the truth These are all over the map. I’ve had a few that were spectacular, especially the real early versions. I’ve had too many that are lifeless, compressed to death, and have a very narrow bandwith.... with no dimension to them at all Plexi
  3. plexirocker 68

    Is this Jim Marshalls signature?

    Nope, the inspection sig isn’t his. The stuff he signed is quite obvious, no way to mistake it :) I’ve had a ‘76 head box and a earlier ‘70’s cabinet signed Plexi
  4. plexirocker 68

    Intonation the right way?

    I do the open string then fretted 12 and the Harmonic at the 12th also in that order ...when all those 3 readings are on or very close that’s what I go with .... plexi
  5. plexirocker 68

    tele bridge pickup, classic rock ONLY

    Fender Nocaster I’ve tried about half the above mentioned pickups and the Nocaster is the one for me .... It covers all the classic rock stuff so good, from light overdrive to rock n roll harder style plexi
  6. plexirocker 68

    Did Fender change the way they make 351 picks?

    Get the new Martin celluloid picks .....that’s the closest to the old fenders/ D Andrea in tone and feel. They are a tad thicker in the medium gauge also..... To me the new fender picks are brittle sounding and that’s what caused me to seek out better sounding and feeling versions Plexi
  7. plexirocker 68

    Worst guitar product you remember buying?

    Gas can amp ....what was I thinking EH nano clone...worst pedal ever Any overdrive by Wampler ...I can’t figure it out but I just don’t seem to get along with Wamplers EQ in his pedals .....any other overdrive I can make work with no problems .. plexi
  8. plexirocker 68

    NAD!!!!!!!! Marshall 1971 #1992 Superbass 100W

    Alright alright :) Rock n Freakin Roll right there! Plexi
  9. plexirocker 68

    Cheap Trick Covers "Rebel Rebel"

    I’m a lifelong huge fan, but this track is a amateur hour effort ...egads bad mix, clashing guitar mess covering every inch with no breathing room.....flat and uninspiring ... Plexi
  10. plexirocker 68

    1981 TS9 JRC2043DD

    Nope not in my opinion ...I had a early 81 TS9 that has that chip and it sounds great ....even next to a few 83 9’s with the good chips :) plexi
  11. plexirocker 68

    Some thoughts and advice on '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR ('Chilewich')

    Put a old RCA in v1 slot those stock preamp tubes in the 65 reissue is where a lot of that bright/ harshness happens.... plexi
  12. plexirocker 68

    What year was this Marshall 1960A Cab made?

    Later 70’s small check speakers are replacements as is the wiring harness...... But it prolly sounds killer plexi
  13. plexirocker 68

    Takamine G series. Lag Tramontane. Couple of questions.

    I don’t know anything about Lag.... but I do know the Tak stuff... All the Taks play great with very low action, very comparable to playing a electric guitar ....some of the cheaper models with the cheaper pickup systems use shims that are already under the bridge ......easy to remove to lower...
  14. plexirocker 68

    Played some Marshalls today. Marshall players please give thoughts

    Marshall does a huge disservice by biasing the DSL 40 poorly....get that bias fixed and all the harsh buzzy nonsense goes away ....a speaker upgrade can also really make the amp worth owning plexi
  15. plexirocker 68

    Norm's is apparently in trouble...

    Back in the day we would have called this whole thing “tacky” but I guess “tone deaf” is the word all the kool kids use now ..... I do have empathy for Norm that he can’t be in his business ...but Norm has plenty of dough to retire fine and high dollars in inventory and his collection that...
  16. plexirocker 68

    Anyone tyed the Mojotone WatchTower Greenbacks?

    I think I’ve owned every Greenback version ever made including vintage and all the other guys cloning these things ...IMO the G12C version is thee best of the bunch ...there’s something going on in the lower mids and lows that is beautiful while still maintaining the strong mids and high end...
  17. plexirocker 68

    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    To the OP.... I own both a fairly new D18 and OOO-18 ....the newer models from 2012 to now are really great guitars. You can make great music and hit records with either one. You could also spend more money on something else but you may not get a better guitar... if it was me and you had 4,000...
  18. plexirocker 68

    My vintage Princeton Reverb needs a speaker

    Yep GA10....can’t go wrong plexi
  19. plexirocker 68

    Charvel San Dimas?

    I’m not a expert on these but neckplate dates look right for early to mid 80’s ...neck looks good too body...I’m not sure about ...could be straight ...contact Jackson fender and they may have some info on that build...back in those days they didn’t have a straight line of model specs ..you...
  20. plexirocker 68

    Are you guys buying guitars or holding off till the you know what goes away?

    I believe we are headed into a sell off for sure...I’ve been looking into a entry point for a vintage Tele or a SG jr...so I’m at the ready hopefully for good folks that doesn’t happen but in 08 the vintage guitar market tanked and many guitars still haven’t recovered to those pre 2008...
  21. plexirocker 68

    Les Paul Not So Special

    1. These stop tails don’t intonate well at all. 2. Mojo axe makes a compensated stop tail that is spot on! It’s lightweight and worth the upgrade 3. I would not recommend the harmonic intonation method, use open string then fretted 12th 4. Make sure the truss rod/neck is fairly straight with...
  22. plexirocker 68

    Mesa Graphic EQ question

    Well I use my E.Q. Engaged for my base tone to take some boxiness out of the 1x12 combo... I also don’t jack up the Eq for a boost.. when I solo I disengage the Eq which brings mids into mix to hear the solo and it’s also boosted above my normal volume ..the Eq is used as a base tone and if you...
  23. plexirocker 68

    Confession time: songs that most people like and you're like 'meh'...

    Anything by the Dave Mathews band, Pink Floyd and all Bro Country plexi
  24. plexirocker 68

    Best greenback speaker?

    My personal fave after owning all the above mentioned is the Marshall/Celestion G12C..it’s a great version of the greenback plexi