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Search results

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    Wah ?

    very happy with my Dunlop 535q. Great sounds all around and beeing the anniversary model in brushed steel the stunning look make it sound even better ;)
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    Pedals that can be easily modded via a simple wire snip or other act so simple a brain damaged chimp could do it?

    The older Boss TR2 Tremolo, where you simply clip a component and it brings the volume up to unity when engaged
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    Pushing dirty Marshall

    Prescription Electronics Overdriver or the original Colorsound
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    Using Hudson Broadcast as Treble Boost?

    Well put! Try a Treble Booster into a Fender Twin and your ears will bleed...into a cooking Vox or Marsall your ears will be very pleased The Broadcast is a stunning pedal, but more of an overdrive type dirt pedal, for sure no treble booster
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    Did any of the Nashville Nobels ODR-1 players switch to the reissue?

    I have the reissue and had an original in the 90‘s. clearly I cannot do a direct comparison, but I really like the new one just like I did the old one, plus with the bass cut switch it helps to get rid of the woofiness if played with humbuckers or darker guitars. If you like it, play it and...
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    Holy freakin Moly Dunlop ffm6 Gypsy

    Was looking at this since it came out esp the chrome version they did...just for looks...but rarely have use for fuzz these days
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    Billy Gibbons-inspired pedal compendium

    I dug out my 76 Tone Bender lately, and it sounds VERY similar to Gibbons tone on the phenomenal 1980 Live at Rockpalast
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    1976 Sola Sound Tone Bender price check

    Yes it’s silicon, but sounds huge also....not very dynamic, but I believe that‘s the nature of Tone Benders
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    1976 Sola Sound Tone Bender price check

    It‘s just like his one https://www.tonehome.de/colorsound-sola-sound/tone-bender-mk-iii/
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    1976 Sola Sound Tone Bender price check

    I almost forgot I had it and plugged it in today...raw, uneducated and fuzzy...works like it should I suppose:) I don‘t use it but it‘s not for sale at the moment, was just wondering what these units run for these days as I see prices all over the place And did someone think of a more...
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    Simple Spring Reverb, small box

    Yesterday I spend ten minutes and tried all the spring options...never tried it, I‘m just too lazy for certain things :) and yes there are indeed some nice ones that get the job done. Robben Fords,Steve Morse etc have some nice ones.
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    Want to pick up a Blues Breaker Style Pedal

    Having owned a few originals that I stupidly sold before they went through the roof price-wise, I have a Cmatmods Butah that‘s REALLY nice, but also the Mooer BluesCrab nails those classic tones. But you have to accept the fact you like a 40$ pedal, which is hard here on TGP ;) :)
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    Simple Spring Reverb, small box

    Great tips so far...really I just use reverb on my old fender amps for just a little ambience, generally between 2 or 3...so nothing surfy or etheral...
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    Simple Spring Reverb, small box

    Thanks, the Wampler sounds nice! How about the Malekko Chicklet or Spring? In the demos they also sound nice, but so do nearly all pedals...
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    Simple Spring Reverb, small box

    looking for a substitute for my HOF mini as spring sounds could be better I think...Just need to add a little reverb as always on to my amps that are without, nothing fancy. Love the spring reverbs on my bigger fenders. Small boxes preferred What are good options?
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    Good OD pedals with a Gibson into a Fender blackface.

    Enjoy my Cmatmods Butah which I think is Bluesbreaker based, and my Nobels ODR1 quite a bit in that scenery. Also a Fulldrive works great
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    Why is it some guys say that "All overdrives sound the same"?

    It depends heavily on the situation. Put overdrives in front of a clean amp and they will sound different, because you hear more of the pedal. Put them all in front of a cooking amp and they will sound very similar, because you hear the amp. At least that‘s my experience with overdrives.
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    Treble Booster Recommendations?

    BSM is the s§€t when it comes to Trebleboosters https://treblebooster.net/
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    What Guitar Picks do you Really Like?

    Not so picky.... generally something like standard fender heavies on electric or mediums for acoustic. Or the Hercos 75 for electric and the 50’s for acoustic, have hundreds of different picks but after a while of honeymoon I tend to switch back to the tried and true
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    best transparent low gain OD for fender blackface amp

    Really enjoying a Cmatmods Butah and a Nobels ODR1 for this at the moment
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    How often do you change strings.

    Before every gig, otherwise when they break
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    Whitesnake - Ain't No Love In the Heart Of The City - Which effect on the Intro guitar?

    I think a slight chorus and Marsden and Moody almost exclusively played LesPauls, SG‘s and Gibson Doubleneck