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  1. atallen

    Help me fill a hole on a gift pedalboard

    For as long as I can remember my dad has used nothing but a TS-808 or TS-9 in front of Fender amps. Now every time he visits he wants to go through my pedals and try out all sorts of combinations and check out anything I bought since his last visit, but he'll never take anything home with him...
  2. atallen

    SKB Injection Molded pedalboards?

    I keep seeing this when browsing through Sweetwater and wonder if anyone has any experience with it? It looks like right now SKB only has the one size option, roughly 17" x 12". SKB 1SKB-PB1712 For the hard case option pricing is right in line with the similarly-sized Pedaltrain Classic Jr...
  3. atallen

    Dark World - talk me out of (or into) it, please

    I have always used my amps' internal reverb, and have felt little reason to explore reverb pedals, but now I find myself most often playing via headphones (music room is right outside the kids' rooms) or playing my amps that don't have reverb. I'm happy with the analog spring reverb on my large...
  4. atallen

    How often do you use more than one reverb sound?

    We all have several flavors of dirt pedals, and maybe several delay options, but how many here use multiple reverbs? I've always relied on my amps' reverb, but now that I'm spending more time either playing amp-less or through my amps without reverb, I'm exploring my options on reverb pedals...
  5. atallen

    Another new Spaceman release?

    Could this finally be the delay that so many have been hoping for? There was a comment from them on an Instagram post a few weeks ago that seemed to indicate a delay was imminent. The footswitch looks to be the same as the momentary/tap switch on the Mission Control and this is perhaps the new...
  6. atallen

    Remote-controlled 2-loop options?

    I'm familiar with the GigRig Remote Loopy 2, the JHS Switchback, and the Champion Pedals Tap Dance, but what else is out there that can switch between 2 loops & is controlled by a remote switch (not MIDI)?
  7. atallen

    Glou Glou Pralines

    Well I’m interested: 4 PARALLELIZED resonant BAND PASS FILTERS PRALINES is comparable to a double EHX Bass-Balls (which is 2 band-pass filters in parallel), or a quarter of a vocoder (which is 16 band-pass filter in parallel). It could also be referred to as a comb- filter The frequency range...
  8. atallen

    An open spot on the pedalboard - suggestions for filling it?

    Below is the Pedal Playground mockup of my in-progress board (still waiting on the MD-500). The plan has been basically unchanged for months, but that open spot/loop has been driving my senses a bit nuts. What does TGP suggest for filling the hole above the MD500? I bit of further info for...
  9. atallen

    Can the MD-500 do the ZVex Instant Lofi thing?

    Can the MD-500 do the warbley, compressed, worn-out-tape thing? I know the compressor is a big part of the ZVex's sound, so not sure if the Boss would be able to achieve the same.
  10. atallen

    NPW - First klone & others

    I had a gold Centaur back around ‘98-‘99, but being a teenager into punk and hard rock, traded it in on something with higher gain, probably more MIAb-like. I don’t even remember what it was. I’ve never bothered with any Klones since, but decided to give one a try. I’ve not had a chance to try...
  11. atallen

    Mobile, AL area - 335, LP, Wolfgang, Martin

    Sorry for the very basic info, but all I have to go on is a text from my wife. One of her coworker's friends had the following instruments stolen from his home in Bay Minette, AL: Gibson ES-335 Rich Robinson model, # 15/500, Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1997, sunburst Peavey Wolfgang, dark...
  12. atallen

    NGD - This one will Stay With Me

    Just a teaser pic at the moment, I'll get the rest uploaded this evening. I've been waiting to get this one in for a few months now. I bought it from a friend of my dad's, so when dad came to visit for the holiday weekend he brought it in town for me. Most of my guitars are already packed away...
  13. atallen

    Another "which modeler is right for me" thread

    I am looking to get into a modeling rig and having a very tough time deciding which route I want to take. I've always been leaning towards the Torpedo CAB, but lately have been wondering if the Kemper or Helix would be a better option for me. My only real experience with any sort of modeling...
  14. atallen

    NGD - checking another one off of the bucket list

    After about 15 years of wanting one but never acting, I can finally check the older LP Custom off of my bucket list. This 1974 was A/B'd against a '68, an '82, and an '84. Though my dream has always been a '68-'72, the '68 was out of my price range and it really didn't stack up to this one. The...
  15. atallen

    What pickup is this?

    What is this in the bridge of this Fano? Looks like a tele-style bridge pickup in a humbucker casing? I was looking for something similar recently.
  16. atallen

    WTF is this? ESP content

    A shop I hang out at occasionally took this in on consignment. What the heck is it? It has a flame maple top with light glitter over it, two switches only, and is labelled 03/20. The back is signed by a band from Japan... assuming it's a sig model from one of them? I can't make out any of the...
  17. atallen

    Greeting from the Gulf Coast

    Good Morning All - Greetings from the Alabama Gulf Coast. I've been lurking here long enough, it's time I finally said "hello." I began my playing about 18 years ago, but am just coming back to it after a few years off. I crushed some fingers on my fretting hand between some Mesa/Boogie...