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  1. cj_wattage

    NAD - Phaez Jube 8W 6V6

    I had a Phaez a couple years back and sold because I got gear lust for...well, I forgot by now (I'm a whore). That one was a 14w Daisycutter and sounded awesome. This one is an 8W Jube, which is a single-ended 6V6 with a clone (modified, but pretty close) of the Marshall Silver Jubilee for the...
  2. cj_wattage

    Sold Red Witch - Titan Delay

    Three delay lines (and an effects loop) in one pedal. Wow, such echo! $120 shipped in the US. Couple nicks in the finish on one side (see pics), but otherwise it's in great shape. Demo:
  3. cj_wattage

    Fender under "new" ownership

    Sorry if this was posted and I just didn't see it. https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/fender-announces-change-in-ownership-servco-tpg-growth/
  4. cj_wattage

    SG Supreme Owners: Need some input, please...

    I had never even played an SG until this year (not a Gibson, anyway), and I instantly fell in love with everything about these guitars. It just feels like "home" when I play them. Crazy that it took me 20+ years to figure this out, but at least now I know. So anyway, I have a new 2019 Standard...
  5. cj_wattage

    Guitar made entirely from popsicle sticks

    Not exactly my kind of guitar graphics, but you have to admire the raw talent that went into this process. I mean, to the body is one impressive thing, but to make the neck too? Crazy.
  6. cj_wattage

    Guitar.com interview shows Gary Clark Jr is using our pedal!

    https://guitar.com/features/interviews/interview-gary-clark-jr-from-having-his-power-cut-to-sharing-a-stage-with-eric-clapton/ Link to the Cannon dual fuzz (Octavia + Astrotone in one box): http://function-fx.com/site/the-cannon-dual-fuzz/
  7. cj_wattage

    Sold Digitech Trio+ and FS3X Footswitch

    This isn't getting all that much use at the moment, so she's got to go. Dead mint with box and all original case candy. The power supply hasn't even been taken out of the box. I also have the Digitech FS3X footswitch that adds extra functionality on the fly with the Trio+. I'm happy to sell...
  8. cj_wattage

    Function f(x): Gate Crasher Octave Fuzz - DEMO

    Product info / purchase page: http://function-fx.com/site/gate-crasher/ $169 for all wacky, gnarly, synthy octave you can handle. :phones
  9. cj_wattage

    Sold 2012 Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature "Blackie"

    This is a very nice specimen of the Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton "Blackie" model guitar. There are a few very small marks on the body (see images), but the finish is in excellent shape overall. Frets are beautiful and the neck is straight. All original hardware and electronics. The neck plays...
  10. cj_wattage

    My thoughts on the MonoPrice / Stage Right 5W Combo ($100 tube amp)

    Had this thing for a couple weeks now and have done some tube swapping, so I thought I'd share my opinions and observations on the MonoPrice Stage Right 5W 8" combo amp, which can usually be found for about $100 USD. This is essentially the same amp as the Laney Cub 8, with a few minor changes...
  11. cj_wattage

    Sold Peavey 6505 MH Mini Head - 20W - Price Drop

    This amp was used as a bench testing rig for pedal prototyping and circuit development. It has not left my bench from the moment it was unpacked as new. The tubes are stock, and the amp has not been modified in any way. Physical condition is excellent, and the amp is fully functional. The...
  12. cj_wattage

    Marshall DSL20HR vs Peavey 6505 Mini: Headphone Output

    I own both of these amps currently. And while I didn't buy either of them because of a headphone jack, it's sort of a cool feature for a tube amp to have. I've had the 6505 for a while, but the DSL20HR I got quite recently. I'd never tried either amp's headphone jack, but tonight I figured I'd...
  13. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) Newsletter

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that Function f(x) is fired up an opt-in email newsletter. We'll be using it to announce new products, do giveaways, share coupon codes, and also give subscribers first dibs on b-stock and blemished pedals (at discounted prices, of course). We only...
  14. cj_wattage

    Sold AC15CH - 15W Head with Attenuator - Price Drop

    Basically an AC15 in head form with a handy built-in attenuator. It's got the typical AC-15 appointments: spring reverb, tube tremolo, Normal and Top Boost inputs ("channels"). This one also has a built-in attenuator for 15, 1.5, and 0.15 watts. It has a hookup for footswitch, but it didn't...
  15. cj_wattage

    NGD - My First PRS (custom 24 Se)

    I fought a brave fight against making use of Sweetwater's 48-month 0% financing, but alas, I was overcome with the GAS. Been eyeing PRS guitars for ages now, but always found a reason to go with another brand. Ran out of reasons this week. I liked the look of this one Custom 24 SE, and there...
  16. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) - Accufunkture (envelope filter) - Mike Hermans Demo

    http://function-fx.com/site/accufunkture/ The Accufunkture is an envelope-controlled filter effect (auto-wah). We started with the classic Mutron Micro V circuit and added the features we think modern music makers deserve.
  17. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) - The Cannon (dual fuzz) - Mike Hermans Demo

    The Cannon is now shipping to dealers! It's an Octavia and modified Astro Tone Fuzz in one box, with our three-mode bypass switching system: On/On, Flip-Flop, and Momentary. http://function-fx.com/site/the-cannon/
  18. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) - Clusterfuzz Jr. - Mike Hermans Demo

    Clusterfuzz Jr is shipping to dealers now! (and for sale on Reverb in our shop) http://function-fx.com/site/clusterfuzz-jr/ https://reverb.com/shop/function-f-x-outlet-store
  19. cj_wattage

    Sold Skreddy Rover

    $145 shipped. Pics posted later.
  20. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) - Third Rail demo - by Ariel Posen

    Not much talking, but when you can play like Ariel, less talking is a good thing! http://function-fx.com/products.html https://www.facebook.com/arielposen/?fref=ts
  21. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) on The Ruffian Show podcast

    @RuffianPedals Podacast has been available for a while, but I thought I'd post it: http://theruffianshow.podbean.com/ We are Episode 33. Yours truly is interviewed. :) Also don't forget to check out Brian from @smallsnd/bigsnd on Episode 28.
  22. cj_wattage

    Function f(x) - Third Rail - Mike Hermans

    Mike cranks out another great demo. Thanks @MHermans !!
  23. cj_wattage

    Guitar Paradiso / Andertons - Clusterfuzz + Third Rail OD

    Nice lengthy run-through of both pedals.
  24. cj_wattage

    Question for G&L ASCARI GTS owners...

    I have an ASCARI GT-90, and generally really like it. The neck, to me, is fantastic. So my question is: Is the neck on the GTS the same general profile as that on the GT-90?? That is: sort of flat and thin. The GT-90 neck is halfway to an Ibanez Wizard neck. I love it, but would rather have...
  25. cj_wattage

    Sold Buzz Saw - One-off Gnarly Octave Fuzz

    I built this about two weeks ago. This is a personal build and not related to my work with Function f(x). It's a crazy-ass octave up fuzz. Glitchy, gatey, synthy noise machine it is. And it's an all-original circuit that isn't in any commercial pedal. The PCB I got from Parasit Studios (project...