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  1. crxshdxmmy

    Fancy a little reading? Check out thegearconfessions.com

    Hello All! If you're into tl;dr content, I'd love for you to check out my blog -- The Gear Confessions. Here are the pieces I've published recently: 10 Years of El Capistan: Pete Celi | Strymon Engineering Spaced Out: Christian Colabelli | Eventide Tactile (R)evolution: Chase Bliss | Empress...
  2. crxshdxmmy

    New Interview with Tom Cram from Spiral Electric!

    Hi all! There’s a new interview up on the blog featuring our very own @Tom Von Kramm from Spiral Electric FX... go check it out! https://www.thegearconfessions.com/post/spiralelectric
  3. crxshdxmmy

    New interview with Joel Korte from Chase Bliss!

    Hey all! I’ve been endlessly fascinated with Chase Bliss Audio’s steam of collaborations, so when the Bliss Factory surfaced, I reached out to Joel Korte for interview ... which just went live on the blog, so go check it out! https://www.gearconfessions.com/post/bliss-factory
  4. crxshdxmmy

    Twin Bender or JHS Bender

    I’m looking for a new fuzz. Think I’ve got it down to these two as I’m looking for a classic fuzz tone that will stack well with my Timmy. Which of these would you recommend?
  5. crxshdxmmy

    New Interview w/ Jim Colella from Pedaltrain

    Hey everybody! Like most of us, I love Pedaltrain boards. I've used them for years and was delighted to have an opportunity to interview the owner/operator of the company, Jim Colella. That interview is now live on my blog, so go give it a read! https://www.gearconfessions.com/post/pedaltrain
  6. crxshdxmmy

    New Interview with Ryan from Dr. Scientist Sounds

    Hi all! Just posted a new interview on the blog that features my old friend Ryan Clarke from Dr. Scientist Sounds. I loved his Radical Red Reverberator for a very long time and have wanted to share his story for many years. And if you know Ryan, you know how proud he is to be a Canadian -- so...
  7. crxshdxmmy

    Interview with Matthew Farrow from Alexander Pedals

    Hi All! Just published a great interview with Matthew Farrow from Alexander Pedals and Disaster Area Designs on my blog. In it, he talks about the polarized response to his recent Tone Sanitizer pedal project. It's an interesting read, so I hope you enjoy. LINK
  8. crxshdxmmy

    1981 Inventions DRV Demo

    I haven't made a proper demo in 5+ years — so this one has a few wrinkles — but I'm really happy with how the tones came out and wanted to share. Also, if you're interested in the story behind 1981 Inventions and the development of the DRV, check out this interview with Matthew Hoopes on my...
  9. crxshdxmmy

    POD Go Interview w/ Eric & Frank from Line 6

    Hi All! Just wanted to give you a heads up about the new interview I just published on my blog. In it, Eric and Frank from Line 6 talk about POD Go, how it was developed and how they plan for it to co-exist with the HX platform. Check it out here: https://www.thegearconfessions.com/post/podgo
  10. crxshdxmmy

    Interview with Matthew from 1981 Inventions

    Hi All! Just published a great interview with Matthew Hoopes from 1981 Inventions on my blog. I know there are lots of DRV fans around here, so go give it a read and let me know what you think: https://www.gearconfessions.com/post/1981-inventions
  11. crxshdxmmy

    Interview with lovelytheband's Alex Strabala on Helix, Kemper and Touring

    Hello Friends! As some of you know, I launched a new blog a couple of weeks ago called The Gear Confessions. I've got a lot of great modeling-related content up, but I just published a fantastic interview with lovelytheband's touring guitarist Alex Strabala where he talks about Kemper, Helix...
  12. crxshdxmmy

    Started a Blog: gearconfessions.com

    Hi All -- This was a long time coming, but I recently started a gear blog. Previously, I've written for Tone Report, Distortion LTD and Reverb, so I'd love for you all to check it out. (Link is below in my signature.) My style tends to be more narrative and journalistic -- so if you're into...
  13. crxshdxmmy

    Everlast Acoustic Strings?

    At Winter NAMM I stopped by the Ernie Ball booth and wound up talking about acoustic stings with one of the reps. I used to play Earthwoods almost exclusively, but felt like they would go dead super fast, so I've since tried some other things like: D'Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic...
  14. crxshdxmmy

    Helix your Pedalboard

    Posted this over on Facebook, but I know there are a few guys who don't go over there, so i wanted to share it here. When I first got the Helix and was trying to find my way with it, someone suggested that I simply try to recreate my pedalboard. I remember trying, but I also remember it being...
  15. crxshdxmmy

    Consensus on Headrush FRFR-108?

    I've got a pair of Powercabs at home, but ... I mean, a 19lb floor monitor? I like the sound of that as a tag-along personal wedge for live use. I don't do anything crazy loud, so what's the consensus on this thing? Worth the $200?
  16. crxshdxmmy

    Your Pedalboard Journey in Pictures

    I was messing around with Adobe Spark and a pedalboard-of-the-year collage only made sense. So, here's what 12 years of pedalboards looks like... Of course, there were lots of in-between steps that I didn't include, but this gives you the gist. I do feel overly nostalgic about a few of them...
  17. crxshdxmmy

    Thornbucker Split or Series/Parallel?

    Hi all -- Recently picked up a Suhr Antique that's great, but I bought it knowing I wanted to put a Thornbucker in it. Now I'm wondering... 1. Should I add a push/pull? 2. If I do, should I wire it to split the humbucker ... or is series/parallel better? I think Pete is on the record as...
  18. crxshdxmmy

    [HELIX CHAT] Reviews of Presets & IRs that You've Purchased

    I've recently made the plunge into paid content for Helix. Slippery slope, it seems. But I wanted to share and acquire some first-hand knowledge... so here's my journey so far. A few weeks ago I bought the Rectized patch from Marco Fanton. I was hesitant about paying for a preset I couldn't...
  19. crxshdxmmy

    Sold One-of-a-kind Paul Cochrane Tim (THERE'S A FUZZ IN IT!!)

    This custom Paul Cochrane Tim is a real wonder. It has a Fuzz Face circuit inside of it, which is activated with the Boost switch. So instead of a gain boost... you get fuzz. The high-gain Tim tones are still in there, too, accessible via the mini toggle on the left side of the pedal, with the...
  20. crxshdxmmy

    Selling a complete pedalboard?

    I see these pop up from time to time, but I'm curious: has anyone here actually sold (or bought) a complete pedalboard? Asking for a friend.
  21. crxshdxmmy

    MiaB For A Vox Ac10?

    Curious about your thoughts on which Marshall-in-a-Box pedal would be an ideal match for my Vox AC10. My frontrunners right now are the Zvex Box of Rock and the Xotic SP Drive. I've had both in the past, but not with this amp. I recall the BoR being a little bass heavy... which worries me a...
  22. crxshdxmmy

    Marco Fanton Helix Patches?

    Anybody have experience buying presets from Marco’s site? http://www.marcofanton.it/helix-patches.html I’m digging a couple of his setups, specifically the Rectized preset. Worth $14 a pop? Or is there a better resource for stuff like this?
  23. crxshdxmmy

    Zvex Instant LoFi Junky.... too dark?

    I've found myself increasingly interested in the IFLJ lately, but I've received two reports that it's "unusably dark" sounding. Can anyone else corroborate this information? What's the consensus around here?
  24. crxshdxmmy

    Sold Ramble FX Twin Bender V3

    Mint. Comes with box and all the goodies. Sounds awesome, I'm just overloaded on fuzz right now. $165 Shipped.
  25. crxshdxmmy

    Bro — do you even Metro?

    Who here rocks a Pedaltrain Metro 16 or Metro 20? I’d like to see how they look. Bonus points if you’ve got a couple of small-box Strymons. Thanks!