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  1. asintoras

    Gibson bridgeplates

    Yes, we have more chances of finding good ones from the golden era - as expected- and that was my whole point. Unless you can afford a good vintage example from Gibson, I would rather look for a newer Martin. I have no doubt there are great acoustic Gibsons out there, but like you, they are out...
  2. asintoras

    Gibson bridgeplates

    That is why on acoustics steel string guitars I always tend to stick with Martins, as they were always much more consistent in their build quality (and tone). As I am now back again into acoustics- specially after acquiring my Michael Thames classical guitar - I became much more appreciative of...
  3. asintoras

    Gibson bridgeplates

    Very informative! Thanks for sharing...
  4. asintoras

    Do you own a nylon string guitar?

    This is my new toy... Always had a classical guitar with me but never had a "proper" concert level guitar: Now I only want to play THIS guitar. Lot's of pressure from work is distracting me from doing more recordings with this, but I have plenty on the TO-DO list.
  5. asintoras

    yeah, yeah I know... It's a norlin...

    Looks great! Chances are that it has Tim Shaws in it. Are you able to take them out and post photos? And it might not need a new nut after refret. Why do you want a new nut?
  6. asintoras

    George Harrison's Last Gig - Royal Albert Hall 1992

    I have watched the part with Gary Moore, who killed it! Great show...
  7. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    Forgot to include Lagrima as well! One of the first pieces I learned.
  8. asintoras

    Prelude to a tree - an instrumental on my Duwe Acoustic guitar

    Beautiful tune, and the guitar sounds great too. Thanks for sharing!
  9. asintoras

    Finally joined the vintage SG club!

    Awesome!! Congrats, and now it's time to enjoy it.
  10. asintoras

    Show me some cool looking vintage amps - the weirder the better!

    It reminded me of my Bogen Challenger 10, where I did an embelishment work... Before: After: It was a cool little amp that would could scream and feedback very easily, or compress really heavily and sag.
  11. asintoras

    Foreplay/Longtime My LLB Top 10 - #6

    Excellent! Wow...
  12. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    It's funny how I have been listening to it for quite some time - it's a classic of the guitar repertoire - but never managed to learn it, until two weeks ago. Such a beautiful piece! Thanks for checking it out!
  13. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    Thanks, and I am planning to include many more: Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Alborada (Cajita de musica), and maybe his transcription for Chopin's Nocturne.
  14. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    Many thanks! Well, the literal translation of tornavoz in Spanish is turn-voice. The tornavoz is that cone/cylinder projecting from the soundhole, which was a common feature on Torres' designs. What it does is actually quite dramatic: it lowers the frequency harmonic response of the top (which...
  15. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    Thank you very much! Cheers...
  16. asintoras

    NGD: Michael Thames classical

    So this is the first video and recording with it. Next will probably be Chaconne (Bach), or maybe something by Albeniz or Barrios. Hope you enjoy it!
  17. asintoras

    Capricho Arabe - Tarrega (classical guitar)

    I will be posting a lot more videos with this new (well... 2010), petite but wonderful and powerful little classical guitar. Hope you enjoy it and if you like, please subscribe! Cheers,
  18. asintoras


    They look great! Enjoy...
  19. asintoras

    Ok SG experts how’s this look to buy???

    The strap buttons do not look original to me, but am no expert in 65's (I know more about 67 onwards). Other than that and the obvious lack of the original tuners and the installation of the stop tail (does he still have the rest of the Vibrola??), the guitar seems to be in pretty good shape...
  20. asintoras


    I am not very knowledgeable on vintage strats, so why the difference in headstock (truss rod plugs) on the sunbursts? I understand one is a 54 or maybe both, and fiesta red is obviously a 60's. What are the details you talk about that makes them so identifiable?
  21. asintoras

    Amps for Acoustics?

    Like the video title says: £50 (second hand, and in need of some TLC that was given by me). Thanks for the kind words...
  22. asintoras

    Amps for Acoustics?

    I believe the consensus is that the AER are considered the best acoustic amps, other than pluggin in directly to a nice PA. I have one (AER Alpha 40W) and love it. Prior to this I had a Fishman Loudbox, which was quite decent but the AER is vastly superior, besides smaller. Tommy Emmanuel also...
  23. asintoras

    NGD: Michael Thames classical

    Thanks! My guitar has worn out a bit on the top (some fingernail marks I presume), but on the sides is mostly fabric marks from the past when cleaning or something. I am a bit worried that one area of the side where the guitar rests on the leg (closer to the waist rather than the shoulder) is...
  24. asintoras

    Ferdinando Carulli - Waltz - Op. 121, No. 1

    Beautiful, and the guitar sounds very pretty!
  25. asintoras

    NGD: Michael Thames classical

    Finally a dream come true: a proper classical guitar! I have had an Alhambra 5P since 1991 and although it was/is a faithful and useable guitar, it was a student level instrument and I couldn't really enhance my interpretations. The guitars I wanted were all out of reach, but those days are...