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Search results

  1. hamerman55

    DIY footswitch with 3pdt footswitch?

    It sounds like you want a remote true bypass switch for reverb unit. You’ll need power for the led, for one. You also need to use shielded cable between the switch and the unit. There are actually commercial boxes that do just this, and I’ve seen son diy kits too. The are cost effective with...
  2. hamerman55

    Just ordered an Aion RAT kit

    I’ve built three of his full kits. The Zendrive, the ODR1 and the Bluesbreaker. All top notch quality, well documented and great customer service. I’ve also built many BYOC and GGG kits. Have also used Madbeans PCB and PedalPCB boards As well as built Aion’s L5 sourcing my own parts. The Aion...
  3. hamerman55

    Eventide MicroPitch Delay Pedal

    Does this pedal actually appear in the wild? It seems that everyone is back ordered.
  4. hamerman55

    Eventide MicroPitch Delay Pedal

    Sweet water has a shipment due in any day.
  5. hamerman55

    BOSS Angry Driver JB2 in the house!

    The ability to switch between modes with an external switch is great as well.
  6. hamerman55

    The VERY FIRST drive pedal you ever owned , year, make and quality ?

    For me, an Ibanez TS-9 reissue, when they first came out. Had Analogman tweak it after ten years of use, and still use it. It has mojo.
  7. hamerman55

    Strymon El Capistan vs Skreddy Echo vs Belle Epoch (Deluxe)

    I have all three you suggested, as well as the Dunlop EP. The BED is the most difficult to work with, as it does its thing and you live with it. The preamp, which you can use without delay as it is always on, is one of the best features. Put it in a true bypass loop and you have the option of...
  8. hamerman55

    Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite for Boss TB-2W

    I think there has been definite parts problems. Some outlets have been waiting for Dunlop Hendrix FF since back in November.
  9. hamerman55

    NPD: Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz

    I’ve built and use the BYOC Leeds Fuzz, which to my ear sounds like Pete’s sound on the album. It also sounds like my memory of originals back in the day.
  10. hamerman55

    Which analog delay to get?

    I like the DOD Rubberneck for a versatile TT analog delay. Plus you have the loop for inserting other effects.
  11. hamerman55

    Converting to Stereo -- Spend My Money (Delay & Reverb)

    I’m running stereo right now using two amps. I have the Keeley 30 ms going into a Boss DC-2W, a Keeley Eccos and an Eventide Blackhole. The 30 ms handles the initial stereo split then everything else is stereo ins and outs. If I wanted to add a dry channel I would add a Gig Rig Humdinger before...
  12. hamerman55

    Your favourite delay

    Same here. Got it for a great price. Once I figured out it needed a much higher current power supply than specified, it was a very inspiring pedal.
  13. hamerman55

    Belle Epoch Deluxe vs EP-3

    I managed to get a BED for a great deal over Christmas. I was expected for it to be pretty good as so many said so, but not very different from some other tape emulator pedals I already had (MXR Echoplex, Strymon El Cap). To my pleasant surprise, it was quite different and awesome. One thing...
  14. hamerman55

    Keeley DDR Impressions - 1st Take

    I got one on a whim after seeing it on Eric Johnson’s small board. All the effects are great, IMO. The mid-boost overdrive does a great lead sound reminiscent of EJ’s violin sound or Clapton’s Cream lead. Very inspiring. The plate reverb and analog delay are pretty good. The others are useable.
  15. hamerman55

    Using expression pedal with Deja Vibe

    It changes the speed, just like the big speed knob. It can be handy for dialing exact speeds and is useful if you have a big board and the DV is not easy to reach.
  16. hamerman55

    PlimSoul mkII

    I’m in! Love my Plimsouls. I have a v1 and v2.
  17. hamerman55

    Pedals that lived up to the hype that caused you to buy it

    Keeley Eccos and Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe.
  18. hamerman55

    Strymon Deco / Keeley doubletracker, and alternatives.

    You will have the same problem with the 30 ms. It has a thing where the reverb hits the right channel with a predelay similar to Whole Lotta Love. I would like to see a 30 ms Deluxe with the Abbey Verb and more ADT controls. Plus stereo in.
  19. hamerman55

    Favorite DIY pedal kits?

    I’ve built a lot of kits, including BYOC and GGG. Both are good products. I just built an Aion pedal, and they are terrific. They use a wire harness for hooking up power and I/o which simplified the most annoying part of the build. They also have many standard pc boards with Mouser parts list...
  20. hamerman55

    Keeley 30ms Placement

    Amazing in stereo. The reverb can be set to do the dry left, predelay, reverb right like old Led Zeppelin.
  21. hamerman55

    Anyone own or play an ECCOS yet?

    I recall Robert had posted earlier that the Eccos Mate would be able to switch between looper and delay. Is there a way to do that with a standard normally open dual foot switch?
  22. hamerman55

    Anyone own or play an ECCOS yet?

    Any update on the Eccos Mate switcher?
  23. hamerman55

    Colorsound power boost

    I think it is initially the rarity. No one saw them much in the States.
  24. hamerman55

    Battery Box

    I’m interested too.
  25. hamerman55

    Boss PS Detune Mode In A Stereo Pedal? (solved?)

    You can also do MIDI with the Zoom as well.